Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My first panel quilt for Aishah's first newborn

I enjoyed working with this baby panel fleece fabric although the fabric( due to its nature )gets a little bit out of shape while sewing.This 8 pieces baby set was done in 3 days ..Here they are:Bumper pad,toy bag,pillow,2 bolsters,baby quilt,fitted sheet and bed skirt..

8 pieces baby set
The baby quilt and pillow/bolsters
Toy bag which can also turn into a smart casual dump-in-everything bag
Bumper pad and the baby quilt is beneath it.
Fitted sheet and bed skirt for the baby cot but at the moment it is on my buffet table

This is also my first try at making the toy bag.What a marvelous idea.This is how you fix the bag onto the cot.

I am delighted to be able to complete this little project in time for the baby's arrival.I hope Aishah is happy to receive this order as much as i enjoyed tremendously sewing them..

Thursday, July 25, 2013

When pieces of hexies meet an old worn out curtain...

Sometimes you just need a little bit of creativity to recycle old curtains and pieces of scraps...Look at this beauty...

The frills,pipings and bed skirt is from old curtain from bygone days while the hexies are from little scraps of various color and patterns..The only fabric bought for this project  was the hexies in cream plain cotton .

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Already on the 11th of ramadan....

Updates are getting slower.I have definitely good reasons though. I have too many things on my plate.My hands are full.Juggling sewing,marketing.customer's service an not to mention the quran classes i need to attend(food for my soul).And in the late evenings i am a chef.No ready made food from bazaar ramadan are allowed in this house.This is the time of the year when i spend real quality time in my kitchen trying new recipes.Minutes before the cooking storm sessions i religeously lurk at this blog for inspiration...You should also try his recipes.They are all easy to follow and taste perfecto!

And back at the office,its a curtain making marathon like always during this time around.My studio is also at the most untidy mode.

The messy work-station
Curtains and beddings
Some cusions
More curtains awaiting

Besides sewing curtains,i also manage to make some cozies for my good friends just to break the monotony on my cutting table.Here are some tafsir quran cozies ready for my usrah friends...

Marhaban ya Ramadan..Selamat berpuasa di bulan ramadan to all my muslim friends..

Friday, July 5, 2013

Diamond studded bumper pad..

I think i have gone overboard with this bumper pad...It has 165 pieces of  buttons in sparkling diamond.....

Haha...what do you think?Who is the precious baby ehh??