Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Satin baby bumper pad done..

I have been working on this order since end of december.Due to the slippery satin fabric, progress was quite slow and since customer wants it ready in february there was no need to rush.Besides this bumper pad  the request also calls for 2 sets of baby is done and the other consists of a 3 layered multi colored frill,also in satin fabric..oh yes very challenging and a good test of patience.I will start on this real soon as the dateline is coming pretty close.Have a look at the bumper pad.

It has 16 ribbon ties 
2 bumper pads each measuring 201 cm x 10cm..
This is my first time doing a bumper pad for a big size cot ..Its not like the ordinary pad where you just quilt and done in a day.About 60% of job calls for hand stitching which includes hand stitching 16 pieces of ribbon ties.3 kilos of fiber were utilized to get diamond look like effect and they weight like a ton...hahaha a bit exaggerating but its really heavy though...Ok  will update on the upcoming bed skirt soon.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a bright,sunny ,windy tuesday morning...

i went home after 3 hours at my work-station.Brought the laundry out to dry,watered the plants and  gazed forlornly at the quiet pond where my 3 beautiful koi fishes used to swim happily(for almost 3 years) until the stupid neighbour hungry cats end up their lives and took half of my happiness..anyway let bygones be bygones...

When i left my work - station this morning,sewing activities were at the the making are 10 cusion covers,2 queen size comforters,1 huge baby swing,curtains for a living room and not forgetting some spring cleaning job at my store..

10 cushion covers...5 pieces are done..
A set of queen size comforter
An iron baby swing...
Sponge and fiber remnants to be disposed..4 more bags being filled..

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A quiet blogging week...

but not so at my work station.I just got back on my feet after a long illness.There were notes piling (from customers who drop by while i was away)to digest.Materials waiting for my perusal  before its being cut.Suddenly my head went spinning..must be the last traits of bacteria still lurking in my system.I rush for the wonder pills.Two pills are enough to keep me sane for the next 6 hours.No photos to post till next week.Stay tune....

Have  a lovely weekend friends.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Feeling much better after a viral infection

What  i like about being sick is my taste buds goes hay wire and my appetite goes *yukk* for every  menu.The only food consumption was just plain porridge,oats,vitagen ,lots of plain water and reciting the surah al baqarah(food for my soul) ....And today i could slip into my tight denim jeans with no struggle at all..Yay!!

And while i was cuddling myself in bed.,dear daughter had to take charge of work at the office.

Job done ready for collection

Baby bumper pad in progress...this is probably the hardest bumper pad to make..The satin fabric  is not very kind...and customer's request for thick batting makes the process even meticulous requiring extra careful stitching..
Thank you Allah as i am getting better judging from my food cravings this morning.Lets hope i can get back to work in full force next week.Have a happy weekend friends...Stay healthy!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pretty laces from china

Received this order from a customer who sourced the fabric form China.Good quality cotton polyester..

2 pillows size 25 inch x 25 inch....

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A jumbo size quilt to welcome the new year..

I was struggling to get this hexy quilt done..The piecing of the hexies was not done well.And the required ready size of 124 inch x 84 inch to fit a king size bed complicated the sewing process even more.So i chose to quilt only the borders and abstain from putting any stitch on the hexy pieced in the middle..( i did try machine stitching the hexies but decided to unpick as the final product was an eye sore,handstitch would solve the problem but dear customer could not appreciate hand quilting)..So this is the final jumbo sized quilt for a king size bed...
This is on my humble queen size bed..
The backing is in plain cotton.

Already collected by customer...Quilting cost is RM220...cost of backing and fiber included..