Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pink and green combo...a unique combination

Trying to figure out what is the best color to match a loud pink wall.Found some nice color combo in the net at...Shoshana Gosselin

Rupa2 nye mesra jugak warna pink and green...unsangkarable..But since the wall i am working with is a bright hot pink,maybe a softer shade of green will be more agreeable?

And also bump into this simple scallop edge piped valance..Rhymes well with the roses in the fabric..

Tak tau kenepa suke sesangat dengan bebunga rose ni....Why am i liking roses so much..may be because my name is ROSNI...aha aha 

Jalan2 cari project..

Renovation works almost ready at this two and the half storey house Bukit Setiawangsa.For starters,  measurements on all windows  were taken yesterday.

The Master room with pink featured wall

The Pink room

The blue room

Window at main living

A small door to the balcony

Wet and dry kitchen
And then back to my work station to choose the materials and prepare quotations....

Friday, October 28, 2011

Madelyn Fancy valances

Found these patterns while on the usual blog hopping

 ade skirt pulak di belakang...dainty nye

No skirt at the back...but equally sweet

I am on a mission .....  how to modify the header to suit the normal humble alluminium track without having to install the expensive mounting board..

mission possible ke impossible ekk...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top priorty.......

Today's agenda:

1) Renewal of business registration at SSM...Putra Place..8.15am

2) Hearty breakfast treat for me self at TANG LING

3) Gantung curtains and siapkan Bilik Pengantin...Puan Zaharah

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh..Hello there..long time no blogging

Well ...since it is a public holiday today i have more time on my laptop keys.Lets say i have been busy always..And its extra busy when you have to cut and sew as well.. and giving tutorial every half an hour...can't rely much on my snail seamstress...she definitely have to go or else i have to close business..

So thats how my days seem to past so quickly til  i forget i have a blog to keep..But when you are too tired its no fun seating in front of the screen..

But the best part of having to do everything is i got the chance to recollect those early years of business when $$ was tight and i was doing every thing on my own to cut cost...i was able to cope at that time with one assistant.But now ..about 10 years later ..and a longer customer list to attend to ...i am screaming  HELP!
stock photo : Very angry woman
stock photo : young cute woman

comel  kan dia orang ni menjerit..i look more like the first icon...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cusion manggis to do

This tutorial is long over due.I have kept the uploaded photos for so long but did not have the time to sit and blog about it...model yang menjahit tu pun dah letak jawatan......Sorry i am bad at explaining but hope these photos suffice... wordless tutorial....almost

A..take two fabrics 25 inch diameter

B....Two linings 25 inch diameter

C....two sponge 25 inch diameter

D....divide the circles into 6 equal parts will have two sets now

E.....attach the fabric,lining and sponge..and machine stitch on the lines

F....draw the scallop using a large plate..but this lady did free hand..terror ke malas nak cari pinggan??

G.....join both sets by machine stitch at the scallop lines,but leave one side open for turnover two buttons ,each on one side..nice even scallop..she definitely has a good control of her hands.

I.....stuff a lot of fiber as much as you want..

J....close the openinig and sew..hand stitch.. the piping,cording or any kind of embellishment that you like.

4 cusion manggis ready...but all already sold a couple of months ago.....punya lah long overdue post..
I am happy to answer any just shoot ok.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A simple A,B,C baby changing mat..

for starters to warm up the still green seamstress...she is getting better from day to day...i won't be surprise if she quit after 6 months and operate her own home-base business... tinggal lah  daku dalam kerugian....

Bagi kain murah2 dari kamdar for her to belasah..tak lah rasa rugi kalau bias binding jadi tebal macam bibior negro.hohoho.By the way she only did the daughter did the quilting.Since i use a thick fiber batting for this baby mat i am still not confident of the unskilled green seamstress fingers although she did quite well with the strawberry place mats with thin layered sponge as batting.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Strawberry cozys ...

These strawberry material  has now turn into several cozies for my dear sis..What took me so long to complete is that i was preoccupied in intense teaching a group of very green seamstress...mereka ni suka duk menetas aje.Kalau kain tu bole bercakap dah lama disumpahnye tukang jahit ..ape tak nye sampai nak hancur kain dibuatnye..

Even after several re-dos,the job completed still did not reach the quality level expected.Here's a peek...tengok jauh2 le ya..kalau tengok dekat2 bole nampak bibir(bias piping)yang tebal macam bibir negro...oops no offence ya !Tak pe rasa nye takde blogger negro masuk blog saya nih..hihihi

And in the meantime i have been barking at the machine sewing 6 pieces of runners for a wedding bedroom coming up end of this week.Ingat nak bagi si tukang jahit green buat,tapi takut hancurrs pulak runners ni dikerjekan nye..udah le kain licin and berbulu..nescaya rosak di deranye nanti.

So daku pujuk lah diri ku ini untuk menjahit.Siap 6 pieces of runner ..tingaal nak embellish aje dengan lace.

And for those who follow my blog..just to update about the male seamstress who left without a goodbye note..well he drop by this afternoon pleading me to give him a second chance..Hmm i just paid him for the 8 days work at my work station and told him that his bad attitude will not get him far in any kind of job..Adious mancho man...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The story of the male seamstress.....continuation

Lets take a look at the cusions that was done haphazardly even after redoing for the second time...mila ,this is for your eyes hihihi...yang french pleat kak tak tayang cos they are purrfect

notice the material twitch at the zip..
This is what happen when i attempt to pull down the zip....the zip gave away..

That was done on day 6..On day 7 he did a great job on this red curtain,.well french pleats are his favorites i guess...kain teramat licin but job was beautifully done  and i am quite happy..

Come day 8,9 and 10 ...there was no sign of phone calls,no reply to my smses ...i was away holidaying on those days and dear daughter was assign to keep a watch on Mr.Seamstress.Daughter was happy as Mr.Tough  guy was not around to be supervised.So dear blogger friends...if you are in my shoes what would you do ehh?dah kojol two quitters in a week..hmmm.Life is definitely not getting better or even worst,i hope not...

And yesterday another seamstress (lady)reported to work.Easy come easy go ..Today is her second day....I rest my case for awhile and keeping my fingers cross and hope her fingers don' get into the needles while she get acquainted with the bulwark...i even showed her where i keep the first aid kit box..just in case if the need arise.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What i did last week-end...

A rather short visit but a memorable stay indeed...i had such wonderful time there.................. recluse from the bustle busy kuala lumpur town,
..........leaving behind all the headaches at the work-station,
Pack our bags...dear hubby and me.. and headed on for a three days and two nights stay at the beautiful Lake Toba Medan Indonesia...

The boat ride to Pulau Samosir

One night stay at Toledo INN -first day

Morning stroll around Toledo Inn,Pulau Samosir

At the room front.

One night stay at Hotel Sinabung-2nd day

The beautiful cosy king-size bed
Shopping at Simarjunjung

Shopping at BERASTAGI,Pasar Medan
Breathtaking view at Air Terjun Sepiso Piso..thats dear hubby in brown sweater sharing  some happy moments with the boys.

We each had a cup of strong teh halia here to keep us warm from the chilly wind outside.
More shopping for telekung and batik sarung..pening,pening...
Nak cari telekung untuk mak...mana satu nak beli ni????

A small garden at Hotel Sinabung....posing with hubby's office mates.