Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tie back your drapes with ribbons

While going through my old posts(which i always do when i am missing my work-station) i stumble on this blue ribbon tie back which just make me smile..

Funny how a simple accessory can make a bit impact on an otherwise clumsy drape.

Two more days to enjoy before i hit back the peddle...a well rested week long holiday............

Friday, January 27, 2012

Small decorative bolsters.

This post is specially for Ms Susanah Ng who is interested to order a neck roll aka small bolster...
I am showing off a few small bolsters which were made about 2 years ago. They were made to compliment a wedding bedroom set at that that explain why the shiny glimmering material was chosen.....

 The bolsters when reduce in size (14inch-lengthx19 inch-diameter)is good to use as neck rolls too.All the bolsters above have zippers as closure.

This is the traditional bloster with ties at  both ends (no zippers)for infants and toddlers.Very simple and practical.Lace embellishments or ribbon ties and borders will make these bolsters more adorable ...more inspiration here and here

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More baby talk..

The two baskets are ready.Both owners wanted a simple cover  and to be ready within a week.So here they are..

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby basket from MOTHERCARE

This baby basket was brought in today during lunch..It is a little bit longer and narrower in size than the normal mosses basket..

It is for an aqiqah ceremony on next week end..

Monday, January 16, 2012

Another baby basket to dress up..

Last saturday this basket was brought in and its going to be a present for a newly mum to be..The owner wanted a cover which is quilted on the inside and just a short frill on the edges of the basket.I can understand why the short frill...the basket is already in  cheerful happy color.Just look at it...

Today i did the baby matress which is light and fluffy.The cover will be in green..
I have chosen this 3 combos to doodle with..

Will keep you posted when its ready......

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Triple layered frill curtain

This curtain is hung in the changing room area.The curtain track measures 135 inch with a drop of 36 inchs..This is the only angle shot i could get as the petit room is packed to the brim  with boxes and clothings hanged in single file of two rows..hmm does it sound complicated..?Can you vizualise the condition of the room..Sometimes it is just impossible to show off my work as the surrounding does not compliment each other..

And back at my work station i have been arranging my mountain of  scraps .Also a sore sight!Is there such a word.I really miss my own bibik....she seems to have an extended holiday..

Today a customer brought in this girly,sexy looking chair..

She was not able to choose the right colour fabric and need my advice.So i will be visiting her place at Puncak Athenaeum..Aduh!seram nye nak ke sana..
If i get to choose the material i need to view the dining area baru dapat feel ape color yang mesra....looking forward to meet this friendly lady...

Selamat bercuti di hujung minggu friends..

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ready to post..

These cozies are flying to PUCHONG....Hope the owner likes it..

With the tea pot and toaster covered beneath the cozies..

With stripes lining on the inside.

Even without the tea pot and toaster both cozies can stand upright..

Friday, January 6, 2012

Minggu ini pulun buat tea pot cozy and the like....

Tetiba dapat sambutan hangat untuk runners,tea pot cozies and latest toaster cover.Ini sebahagian dari work in progress

Ade yang ready....

This runner is made from remnant curtains..The owner request me to make do with whatever remnant scraps that is left..The actual curtains were ready last Hari Raya..So that explain why  the flowers are not centered in the middle.
I really enjoy making all these cozies.After a month of curtain making this small project is very therapeutic..By the way i use 6mm sponge for batting for all my cozies.Easier to handle and less bulky than fiber...also a good pratice for my new staff...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cupcakes and tea pots..

For Zafira who wants to order a toaster cover in cup cakes or tea pot design here are some fabric in my collection ya.






So just pick your choice and e-mail the dimension of your toaster and full addres if you want it to be posted...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The peach colored bed skirt for a king size bed..

This sweet salmon bed skirt belongs to Pn. Hajah Norlizam from Bandar Tun Hussein Onn.. The skirt is double layered ..the first layer beneath is box pleated at both front corners and the second layer is machined pleated organza ..both materials are sourced from nagoya...

Today and for the past few days i feel very pissed off(my eyes have bulged off and i could feel my ears letting off steam)....sorry for the not so polite word being used...i need to let off steam lah!Last friday  i made a business call visit to a couple's home at their request..measured the whole house...ground floor looks like a double storey bungalow still under renovation as i could see the mess surrounding the house.And on the same day i made a quotation for the amount of material needed for that area being measured also at their urgent request as they wanted to go shopping to utilze the end year sales..E-mailed the quotation on the same day...rasa macam kene dera pulak..tapi takpe...sabar aje...kene hormat customer kan....But they did not respon to my e-mail,my calls...tak kuasa pulak nak sms...looks like they are not interested lah pulak..tapi beriya-iya lah sangat  siang tadi nak sesangat quotation..To my surprise two days later received sms from lady of the house wanting me to resend e-mail sebab dah terdelete..Haiyah!!!masa da dapat takde pulak nak acknowledge receipt..And yesterday i e-mail two more quotations for the costs of railings and roman blind and also the stitching...Hmmmm senyap jugak !!!Tapi semua nak cepat..elok lah camtu jahit sendiri kan!!!!gerammmmmmmmm!!saya benci kalau orang tak jawab my calls.That shows you are not interested and so why bother kan!"So black list  them aje mama"..saya telah di batu api2 kan olih anak saya...Patut ke saya ikut cakap anak saya?

Not a nice way to start the year..being mad at somebody over something so pathetic ..there are many more nice appreciative people out dear me...hold your temper...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Going into the 12th year

I am happy to be here still after 11 years..Eleven years ago all these achievements were merely in my visions..But thanks to my inner strength and resilience..well all woman are strong genetically...couple with  some creativity,talent and of course a tiny wee bit of intelligence..and not forgetting zillions of doas and prayers and top up with the moral support from hubby dearest  i am able to uphold my humble hobby cum business to keep me busy and sane ..

And may allah bless me with many more productive years ahead ,a healthy life  and a happy family.....Ameen