Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sepagi di Taman Botani Perdana (TBP)-Bgh 1

Hari ni nak bercoloteh dalam bahasa ibunda ku sepenuhnye...

Pagi ni teringin pulak nak mengimbau kembali zaman muda semasa hangat bercinta. Waktu tu TBP lebih di kenali sebagai Lake Gardens.Sekarang dah banyak betul perubahan,Landscaping sudah semakin matang dan professional.Tahniah kepada Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur yang telah menbiayai sepenuh kos penaikan taraf taman ini.Bangga jadi anak Malaysia.

Jom kite menikmati keindahan sebahagian taman ini yang sempat anak dara ku merakamkan dengan kamera kesayangan nye.

Sampai2 aje panas terik..Payung pulak buat hal..wakakaka
Campak aje payung tu dan pakai specs dan bergambar dengan  my daughter.
Lihat air terjun dibelakang..sejuk sikit dan bunyi deruan air memang  mengasyikan..bergambar pulak dengan jantung hati ku....kalau ade sesiapa nak termuntah dengar...telan aje le muntahn tu ya...
Bunga heliconia besar dan sehat.
Sempat jugak mengambil close up gambar bunga-bungaan....

Pukul 11,cuaca semakin bye Taman Botani...akan kembali lagi dalam masa terdekat..masih tak habis menjelajah sepenuhnye...gambar pun ade banyak lagi nak tayang ...tapi biar lah dulu...til the next post........kepada kekawan somua....


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fancy tie backs for September Wedding.

These sheers are for a wedding bedroom which will be on the 9th of September...But mother of the bride wants it ready in two weeks time..Oh yes ...good thinking..I will be on long leave for Aidil Fitri..That means assuming that Aidil Fitri falls on  the 1st of i will be on leave till the 10th.I am happy to say that they are all ready and now we are working on the bed skirting..Lets see the ready sheers.

The tie backs are scalloped at the edges..Take a closer look below.

Monday, July 25, 2011

More cream sheers for french pleat...

Another 39 meters of sheers in off whites....

These sheers will go with the goblet valances and french pleated night curtains which are all ready a week ago.

All are for Puan Ton..She dropped by this morning and was so happy that her new curtains are almost ready .And now she wants me to cover her six dining chair as well..Oh dear!......She has chosen the materials and i told her i need to check my work  list and get back to her soon.....hmmmm...sempat ke tak sempat nih..the money is good is so boring to talk about...never can get enough of it....and so so hard to live without...adeh!....ohhh.the devil in me...give it a rest!

And on to a different note.. .. i made some pillows to throw on the sofa.Nothing like a sofa full of pillows to invite customers into my show room cum work station.

I like these duo...particularly the lace..

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I am back to my normal self and now lets enjoy some good homemade meals..

And since the ramadhan is peeping soon..just a few days away.,better polish up my cooking skills ..might as well check my pantry along the way.I don't want to be in a long que just to pick up belacan or kunyit ....a big NO!..not in the puasa month when time is just too precious to be wasted on unnecessary chore..

Today i treated myself and dear Hubby to a hearty brunch..Come lets go into my kitchen..

Hubby's favourite...beef steaks ( cut in big chunks )cook in thick black pepper sauce with cauliflower,carrots and green beans all thrown inside.This will be serve with garlic bread and some french fries....Memang selera mat selera...not for me though.

And for my goodself.....Sweet and sour gravy with all my favourite vege...

All poured onto  little miss siakap.... which was deep fried  earlier.

And not forgetting chicken pieces cooked in turmeric and daughter's favourite. Three favourite family dish whipped up in under one hour.Pergh!......

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot Friday afternoon...Lets dig in.....

Pure indulgence......chocolate,vanilla and strawberry ice cream....sorry for the lame photos...but it is truly delicious and cooling...

I am pretty sure that the flu is gone.....lalalalala

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am getting better..

Thank you friends for all the well wishes....special thanx to the wonder pill...PANADOL  and not forgetting clarinase (for my running nose),breacol(for my cough)..Who says you can't be a doctor...huhuhu....

But the weather is a scorcher..Keluar aje rumah rasa nak pitam..So i stayed indoors and the sewing machine kept me company...but don't let me bore you with the curtain talk and the photos of work in progress..tetiba rasa nak muntah menengok langsir yang beratur panjang tuh...Naseb baik my seamstress is in good health and she is the anchor  person at the moment and keeping the ball rolling..

Still not in the mood to upload photos...the flu is still lingering and reluctant to leave i am going to hit the sack early.Toodle peeps...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Falling sick at the wrong time..

Ini lah nama nye demam nak raya...or is it nak puasa...?? kedua2 nye lah kot..Every year just before ramadhan ade aje catastrophe yang menimpa ..Sounds like a big disaster pulak kan..It is to me..First my seamstress took long maternity leave ..Of course i am aware of that since early this year.But if you are in my kind of business an experienced seamstress is of utmost importance.Tak bolih main ambil any tukang jahit..So i am short of staff.Added to this i am down with the flu pulak...Back up seamstress  ramai ade tapi cukup tak berkenan kalau  tukang jahit mintak jahit kat rumah.Payah nak control quality..So jawab nye terpaksa turn down a few tempahan..Tak guna terima job yang belum tentu dapat di selesaikan ,betul tak..Kene hamun lah jawabnye...

So as at today i am officially closing penerimaan tempahan for raya.Tapi kalau dalam sehari dua ni dapat tukang jahit yang performance nye hebat,i might consider.Wish me luck..Insyaalah semua kerja dapat disiapkan on time..

Monday, July 18, 2011

Majlis resepsi Dato Yahaya Chin and Datin Hayati Yahaya.

Semalam menerima undangan minum petang bersama pengantin senior di Kelah Darul Ehsan,,Ampang Jaya.Lama rasnye tak makan-makan santai dengan saudara mara..Pengantin perempuan,Hayati Yahaya ,is my sister in law who was once married to my Arwah brother..He ,that is my brother ,passesd away about maybe 10 years or so ago.Tak ingat lah pulak.

Any way tea was served buffet style.The widespread menu consisted of laksa johor,spaghati ,rojak,beriani rice and ayam curry,...for desserts there were bite sizes cakes ,custard puddings,bubur pulut merah,...just to mention a few;;And before we left The Cempaka Ballroom sempat lah bergambar dengan kedua mempelai...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beautiful table cloths,stitches ripped off and waiting to be transformed..

I am giving my boxes of scraps a rest..Actually i need new colors to work on.I am not too sure what these fabrics are going to turn into.But my hands are itching to start sewing something pretty and nice for my neglected kitchen.Since i will be cooking for the whole of ramadan .,perhaps i will whip some cozies or tea towels.
Nothing like new kitchen helps to boost up my cooking skills...Sempat ke nak jahit nih..Curtains dah banyak que kat kedai..

Friday, July 15, 2011

Saya kene saman...hari ini dalam sejarah..

Hari ni saya nak berceloteh macam mak the way insyaalah saya akan jadi nenek betul2 tahun depan..Yeeee Ha!

Saya berani mengaku i am a loyal citizen of malaysia..I was  a government servant for 14 long years...and have served Ministry of Agriculture.,Ministry of Education and Ministry Of Health during that short span of time.I was also awarded The Excelent Service Award in 1995...Too bad i resigned the following year.HaHaHa.

i pay all my bills on time....water, electric sewerage....income tax,epf......segala2 nye..I never fail to pay the parking ticket even if it was just to buy the pathetic newspaper..But yesterday was a bad day for me.I went to Taman Melawati to settle a few payment transactions  at The Public Bank..As usual i had to take a long walk to the parking meter..Drop 50 cents and voila the ticket was dispensed and took another long brisk walk to display the ticket on my car desk board...and haul the same route again to go to the bank..My errands were done in 20 minutes.

And now the story begins...From Taman Melawti i drove to Taman Sri Keramat and drop by a craft shop selling sewing supplies and the like just to get my thread supplies..By the time i reach there my parking ticket has expired.So i was stumbling with my coin purse and discovered that i was short of 50 cents coin.I walk to a nearby grocery to get my coins.It was just about 5 minutes and from the grocery shop to the parking meter and back to my car was another 5 minutes.Phew!To my dismay by the time i reach my car there was already the parking summons on my wiper.HOhoho..Memang cekap Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya ni..The MPAJ officer was no where to be seen..I thought i could go after him and flip the ticket to his face..but just too bad.i flip the ticket into the drain out of anger..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

And on this mournful friday was raining cats and dogs..but i knew i had to settle this summons another ride to Taman Melawati,come rain or shine,this time to the MPAJ Payment Counter..I relate my predicament to the clerk on duty and she was kind enough to redue the saman to RM20...a saving of RM30....Syukur alhamdulilah...God Bless You dear clerk..I pray hard that this will be the first and the last time and putting foot at this office..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Siska has been admitted this morning..

Baby number 2 on the way.Better start on her mini size quilt .I am not going to worry too much.The 31 inch x 31 inch size baby quilt will be ready by 10 am tomorrow..Yeh!....

Green backing with blue  piping..huhuhu ...looks funky isn't it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tired Wednesday...

No words today...just photos....silent day...

Toodle pips...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Penghulu oh penghulu......

Today,i would like to deviate a bit from my normal curtain and crafty story.And this is going to be quite a long post.So read only if you have the time.....saja nak let out some steam...but better not mention any names...

I thank allah for all the rezeki that has been pouring lately..And the latest was my youngest son who was awarded the Mara finance his education in one of the University College locally...itu pun selepas mak nye ,thats me...,merayu as his application was turned down on the first round.None of  my children had this kind of privilege.. PRIVILEGE ?...if i can say so lah....sampai masa kene bayor jugak kan!Takpe lah ..when that time is due to repay the loan....pandai2 lah anak ku membayornye..

Anyway,sebelum  dapat merasa duit nye ,  banyak lah pulak dokumen yang nak di sign and endorse..Mak nye jugak lah lari ke sana kemari nak dapatkan pelbagai pengesahan...semua dokumen kene siap dalam sehari dua ini....I ran the same distance at the time of application....rasanye bolih menang marathon larian nih....

Yang paling-paling saya tak bekenan kene dapat sign Penghulu or ADUN ke atas penyata pencen bapa nye...thats my dear hubby...Aduhai ... kita ni dah hidup dalam 20th century...kenapa lah nak masuk kampung pulak dapat pengesahan Tok Penghulu....Kesian depa,the Tok Penghulu and ADUN,i am sure they have more important affairs of the rakyat to attend to kan..Bukan ke senang kalau pergi aje kat sekolah berdekatan and dapatkan pegesahan Guru Besor... 2.30pm i completed all the pengesahan and all documents were sent by express pos laju to the relevant authorithy....Hopefully they arrive safely and on time..anyway i have fax all documents before posting..just in case the parcel sesat entah kemana pulak..Tapi Pos laju Malaysia...kan dijamin sampai esok hari!

THE END..........

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lets take a peek at today's work

The wedding will be on this week end....17 th.julai Felda Merak Kayangan Ball Room..

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Patience pay off

A couple of weeks ago i went hunting high and low for a book on bag making..When i finally found  the book store i was dismayed as the last book was sold a couple of minutes before my arrival.The sales person was kind enough to call another outlet which happens to have the book...but its about 45 minutes away from my place.

So with a heavy heart i place my order and a deposit of  RM52.50 equivalent to half of the price of the book which was selling at RM105 at that time and the waiting time was 3 weeks.

And so today almost 4 weeks later i finally received THE BAG MAKING BIBLE,by LISA LAM...she has a great blog here at  U-handblog and it now cost only i only paid a balance of RM22.40..

Woweee....this book is much better than the last bag book i bought.The explanation  are crystal clear to understand to a beginner like me.The photos rhymes well with the instructions.The font of the words makes the text visible and its a real bonus..Now i know that all along i have been making bags the right way..hihihi....!Well sometimes when you don't get the proper guidance and just bulldoze through doing things,like me.,i sometimes wonder if i am missing anything along the way..Well not anymore..I am more confident now...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

More yummy fabrics for raya..

all in bright mandarine orange enough to brighten any living....this is for Pn Kharyaton's AU2B Taman Sri Keramat

Fabric from ELYZA

And tiara night curtain piling up.....1/4 done!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sesiapa nak join sew along Patchwork Wallet

singgah lah disini....Saya jadi pemerhati aje..Looks like fun but i am overladen with Hari Raya curtain job and have to sew along with my staffs..hihihi

For starters look at these fabrics arrived late yesterday evening.

All 150 meters are for Tiara House,.Taman Setiawangsa.Another 30 meters are still out of stock due to the Hari Raya rush.I hope to complete this job by the end of this month.All the night curtains will be in pinch pleat..Just got one set ready...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Just letting myself go on a beautiful monday morning...

While waiting for the delivery man to sent my Fabric supplies for this week i had fun drawing and just following my heart go with these scraps..I am not quite sure where i am heading to but i just knew that i had to keep my hands busy with the scissors and the pencil...hihihi.

First i drew the floral design using a template on the green market  fabric
Then i did the same thing on a hard interfacing
All are cut  and arrange  in three stacks.

While i stop to think of the next step.....hmmm yes !..the Delivery man came and spolit my thoughts.Looks like i have to shovel these beauties for awhile for a more serious project.Will marvel about the fabrics later..Great day to start the week..Hope your Monday is just as great as mine......

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Omelet and veggie fruit juice to kick start my Sunday

The house is smelling fresh and clean.My garden has been sprinkled with water and potassium...and now a little booster for my tummy while waiting for Mr Toshiba..

Breakfast anybody? humble sarapan pagi...Bismillah...lepas ni pekena kopi pulak..

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Second of July....Two more months to aidil fitri.....

my to-do list is getting longer
one seamstress is down on maternity leave...
am getting excited,,
can i contain more 
or shall i just close taking orders...???? decisions,decisions...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Curtain face lifts.

These pelmets were sewn a couple of months ago with just a simple binding at the edges...Today ...about 3 months later the pelmets were brought down on customer's request and some beading were embellish to give it a more polished to speak.

BEFORE please ignore the background comforter wip.
AFTER...cukup meriah ke?
Hope she likes it...all set for grand daughter's majlis cukur jambul next saturday.