Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Retreat to the mosque..The last 10 nights of ramadan....sedih nye....

nak raya dah...tapi kenapa diri ni rasa sedikit sayu...kan nak raya...syawal sedang melambai tiba...I always feel grief and fear during the last days of ramadan...........................mungkin takut tak jumpe lagi ramadan di tahun depan...........ish,ish,ish..so lets grab these last 10 days ..in full devotion to allah..jazakallah....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Art Shop,Taman Melawati.

Today i spent the whole morning with my two children at The Art Shop.This shop provides all the art supplies you need such as paints,brushes,pallets,rulers,artists materials...long list...While son and daughter were busy hunting for materials for their course work(daughter is taking up Interior design,and son is studying architecture)mak nye pulak sibuk mencari bahan-bahan or gadgets that can be utilised in my sewing shop..and look what i found.....

The minute i laid my eyes on these blocks an idea struck my mind..Ade about 40 blocks of triangle and diamond shape which were ready arranged into patterns like so above.And accompanying these blocks is a piece of paper with more designs using the same blocks.

Ape lagi,i pun rembat lah satu..and the price was just Rm3.80...memang affordable.
This gave me some ideas on how to utilise my stash and ever increasing remnants at my shop.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Two more weeks to raya...the scramble to get work done continues...just about to complete and new jobs stumble in..never ending story lah.

Some of you must be wondering why no photos for the past few days..well both my cameras have been hijacked by both of my children..both have been harping at my ears for a DSLR a must have for their course work,it seems...tapi mak bapak nye belum mampu beli,so bagi lah guna my digital cameras..insyallah lepas raya bolih beli kot...habis lah bonus raya aku...alahai....so tak dapat nak tayang curtains yang dah siap gantung...alahai,alahai...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today gantung curtains di Lorong Keramat 14.

Ini mengadap sekolah dan masjid di hadapan..Jalan yang cukup sibuk siang malam pagi petang..Memang nampak mewah dan tersergam indah dikelilingi rumah-rumah papan dibelakang.
Yang ini view dari main entrance.Bawah sekali is the car porch and the store.Notice the staircase on the right which leads to the first and second floors.
Ini sebahagian curtains yang telah siap di gantung.Rod pocket valance.This is in the master room.All materials from ELYZA.You can visit at http://www.elyza.com/.Sheers are from NAGOYA.
This is the sliding door at the main entrance.Itu saja curtains yang siap digantung.Ade area yang needs slight renovation.While all rooms at second floor will only be curtained up after hari raya.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hari ini pergi mengukur se buah appartment mewah, RIANA GREEN EAST,WANGSA MAJU...

Appartments di sini dikelilingi pemandangan hijau dikelilingi bukit dan rimbunan pokok2 hijau.For more information visit http://www.propwall.my/wangsa_maju/riana_green_east.So layan lah gambar2 ini...

Main entrance kene naik tangga ke main door...memang stylo..

It is a two bedded condominium,with a small kitchen and a cosy medium size living sesuai untuk a small family especially newly weds.What attracted me most and made this condominium unique is the bath area in the master room..which takes almost  half of the master room area...no kidding at all.....

Just look at the long bath ...over looking the lush vegetation on the background..A roller blind system will do justice to this area...curtains are a no-no..because its a wet area.
There is a long window even at the toilet area...huhuhu.Ape ke hal architect ni ya..takkan lah kat sini pun takde privacy...also recommended a roller blind system in this area.

So,tinggal lah a small area to house the bed and wardrobe..Anyway this beautiful appartment is in its final stages of installation cabinets,lightings and furniture.I kind of like the long mirror cum cabinet door.Nampak luas ruang yang tinggal cenonit tu.
So the only area yang need to be curtain up is just the main living and the guest room.Both areas will need a double aluminum trek.Curtain style will be modern french pleat with 10 inch border .Entah sempat ke buat sebelum raya?So Tuan dan Puan rumah cepat2 finalise your choice of material ya!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

missing from my blog for quite sometime now, huhuhu...thats because my hands are full

Curtains piling up to my nose....pekerja dua orang aje...naseb baik cekap kerja macam lipas kudung.Still no pics..macam dah nak termuntah tengok kain-kain bertimbun nih..hihihi..Must get everything done by nex week...need a good break...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

mode malas mula menyapa....hmmm but just for the sake of updating this blog..

Satu hari nih sibuk melayan anak dara beli kasut raya...di SUNGAI WANG.,sampai di sana at 10 am...sampai ke rumah pulak pukul 3.45 ptg..naseb baik sempat solat dzhuhur...Tapi tak sempat masak sebab tetiba terasa malas...so pukul 5.15 ptg bertandang di Beryani Syed...tapau balik rumah..Lepas solat magrib antar pulak si anak dara ke kolej.....melepas solat terawih!..Kerana malas jugak lah hari nih takde gambar untuk ditayang.
This must be the most boring update of this blog..hihihi..Takpe lah takde siapa yang kisah punAnd now .i am off to a goonite sleep..ZZzzzzzzzzz.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hari pertama di bulan ramadan yang penuh baraqah membawa sinar baru.....

Bertuah sungguh hari ni kerana dapat another pekerja baru..so bertambah laju siap jahitan2 langsir.Tapi masih tak de mood nak upload gambar kerana warna-warna langsir semua nye silver,black and grey...mana lah tak rasa down...hihihi...Tapi nak lah tayang jugak sebab dah takde gambar lain.

Pattern ni consist of two types of valances...Belakang boxpleat and depan pulak long scallop.And nak tayang jugak my love seat yang baru upholstered.
EMPUK JUST LIKE NEW...Harga pun macam beli sofa baru hihihi..cakap bebenor aje...

Since hari ni is the first of ramadan,so diri ni terlebih rajin...masak macam2lah kan sebab nak melayan tekak nih.So nak lah jugak tayang lauk2 yang kak masak...hello.....! jangan ingat tukang jahit tak pandai layan tekak laki...hebat jugak bab masak memasak nih...belajar tips dan dapat ilham dari Mat Gebu.

Tapi pinggan2 i sempoi aje..mana bole lawan mat gebu punye antiques..main rembat aje ape yang terdekat..rasa nak pengsan aje habis masak....letih yang teramat....
So kekawan,jom bersiap untuk berbuka....Selamat berbuka and selamat menjalankan sembahyang terawih..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

From one bad news to another..Today i tried to log into my facebook..and look what i found..

Your facebook is note available due to site maintenance...Why does it has to be mine,huh?!Go get somebody else"s...Good thing is not ramadan yet.....so bole lah ku hamun dalam hati....d**n.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Workload bursting through the seams...masa ni lah semua nak demam...hmmmmmm

Susah hati mode...new staff report duty last friday...and has been on mc since saturday;;Life is full of surprises...my happy mood was shortlived..Lets hope tomorrow brings good news,insyaallah..

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday....a day of rest?...offf to CHOW KIT...a stitchers paradise...

Nak cari ape ekk ari ni..lets see ........loose fiber , sponge,comforter fiber.4 inch header,french pleat header,curtain hooks,and lots n lots of thread...jom kekawan kite menghabiskan duit for a good cause.......untuk buat duit.

Friday, August 6, 2010

When Mr.Tukul meets his mate....hihihi

my sewing becomes a breeze...................................
Mr.Tukul is above....not so handsome lah...age catching up..

and his mate is...the CUTTER.It is round in shape just like the eyelet and equal in shape.It is very sharp at the bottom so that when you hit it hard on top with the hammer it is able to cut through whatever curtain fabric you place below.Lets take a look at various angle ok.
This is the side view..notice the sharp edge on the right side.
View from the bottom...Actually,this cutter is to be used with the button maker gadget..but somehow mine just won't fit...so thats why i am getting Mr.Tukul to help me..hihihi...Nak hidup kan ...kene lah guna creativity dan akal yang di beri ALLAH.Dan untuk mengetahui kesudahan cerite nye layan lah gambar2 dibawah ini .....
 Once the cutter is on the curtain header get Mr Tukul on the tiny handle and give a few hard bang...CAUTION...please do not do this on your marble floor or any expensive flooring...place the curtain on a hard board to avoid damaging the floor.
There,its done...just removed the cut circles and you can insert the eyelets.
When you have about 200ms of material to be eyeleted,this gadget comes real handy..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Found a gadget that makes eyelet curtain making a BLISS.....

and i am letting you know tomorrow....hahaha..stay tune.......

The final story of an eyelet....,,continuation PART TWO

I think the most tricky part in eyelet making and which demand patience and a little skill is probably cutting the circles.Although we have  used the eyelet to draw the circles,but actually when you really get into cutting it you should cut a wee bit slightly furthur from the drawn lines.Lets just study the photos below ya.
Take one side of the eyelet to draw the circle.(thanx yuni for being my model at this stage)Make sure you leave an inch  above.
Keep drawing till the end of the curtain width securing even distance all the way.
Then cut through the circles like the above photo.
Then place one of the opened eyelet below the curtain and another on top and pressed hard with both hands until they are tightly secured.You will know it is done when you here a 'clicking'sound.Sorry..i am doing with one hand becos i need the other hand to snap this photo..hihihi.
So bila dah ready  i always try to hang it up on the rod before delivering to the customer.That way i can check on any distortion.Please ignore the color of my rod...i know it does not complement the color of the eyelet.Will try to post a photo of it when it gets on its own colored rod.The customer's house is still under renovation works.
The curtain is 100 inches long.Memang meleret on my rod..tu yang tak tunjuk the full length...and yes i need to press the curtain....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cara-cara meletak eyelet ke atas kepala langsir ( header) PART ONE

No staff today...so terpaksa lah membelai mesin sendiri..seronok jugak menjahit nih..Selalu memotong kain aje .Memasang eyelet ke kepala langsir lagi fun...is like a therapy....so today i would like to share some tips on how to fix an eyelet onto a curtain header..Firstly what is an eyelet..

This is a normal size eyelet.For more info visit http://ahdfurnishing.com/curtain-eyelets.
Using the sharp end of a scissor just snip open the eyelet ..easy peasy..
Bila dah buka macam ni le rupa nye.Then you have to mark where you want to place the eyelets.
Ok ,this  is a 4 inch header..depending on the width of the curtain each eyelet is place about 6 inch to 10 inch apart.You can use one of the eyelet to help you draw the small circles throughout the whole width of the curtain.Make sure they are place equally apart so that you get equal folds when they are finally hung on the rod.
With a sharp pair of scissors cut out the circles to place the eyelets..Be very careful at this stage.You have to cut just the right size to fit the eyelet..So this is enough for today,ya.....Tomorrow i will show how to insert the eyelets.

Summary of PART ONE

Mula2 buka eyelet

Lepas tu draw the circles at equal distrance.

Then slowly cut out the circles..

Cakap senang....Bila buat untuk kali pertama memang terkial-kial.But after a few practice...memang laju..Just make sure you tebuk the right saiz lubang if not the eyelets will not click.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today i lost a good worker who has been the backbone of NYKOLETT for a long 5 years..

She left to spend more ramadan time with her family especially her son who needed her constant companion after a tragic dramatic incident which happen recently.Her resignation is a great loss to me...

But nevertheless,god is great....i got an equally conscientious ,hardworking and energetic worker..young,vibrant  and smart.My hope is she will stay for the next .....5 years perhaps,insyalaalah...

Monday, August 2, 2010

A new staff came this morning...is this a blessing or........otherwise..i dunno...

tapi ape ape pun syukur alhamdulililah....she came in when i am in dier need of help...Lets hope she can survive with the workload in NYKOLETT..takut tak datang esok.....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yesterday i pampered myself with the most irresistible,sexy,sweet and alluring.......scent..( give the curtain talk a rest...hihihi )

Oh yes,i needed a retail therapy indeed!!....talk about spending wisely...minyak kereta dah naik,gula,tepung...apa lagi yang tak naik.semua dah naik..what the heck!If you can't beat them,just join  lah...duit habis jugak lama lama kan..So smalam pergi terjah kedai minyak wangi..terus terjebak..kikikiki ...And look what i bought myself....and its not even my birthday yet!

Ini pandang jauh....meh tengok dekat sikit.

This is truly the best smelling perfume in my collection.Grrrrreat price too....definitely a keeper.Its going to be my constant companion..STILL JENIFFER LOPEZ.eau de parfum natural spray.3.4fl.1000ml.Very nice and lightly scented...great for every day use.