Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hello hot sunny february.......

I am a little bit overdue updating this little corner of my life..I am having a great time at the homefront and catching up with orders aplenty at my studio.Better late then never.Heres a little update on activities that filled up my days leaving  me with no time for immediate updates over here...

6 more round buttoned navel cusions for Meta Luxury Ventures
6 round button navel cushions for Ezarina Aziz from Wishing Weekend

Blackout night curtains for Puan Suzanah

Curtains were hang at one unit appartment at Gurney Heights...Two sets of eyelet curtains for  the living area and one set of night curtains for the bed room.

Striped motif for the night curtains in french pleats

Eyelet curtains for the living.

Fabrics for the main living is from Tejani Holding ,Ipoh and the night curtains in the bedrooms are sourced from Elyza..