Friday, December 23, 2011

Finally the Curtains were up..

This is probably going to be my last update for the year a lot of photos..

I was at this beautiful home from till 4.30 pm.putting up the curtains.After several postponement, due to the renovation works,today the curtain job was completed with not a singe alteration needed..Thumbs up!!The work went smoothly although i feel that the job could have been completed many hours earlier if we did not spent too much time moving furniture to allow space for the ladder and putting  them..(the furniture and the multitude of other things which really hampered our movements  ) .... back in place.huhuhu..

I manage to snap some photos. 

The window in the bridal room..

The main living

The second living

The tall window at staircase going up

Toilet for the guests downstairs

The dry kitchen..notice the multitude of things on the cabinet.

Another room downstairs..hmmmmmm

The renovated room upstairs..the best room to work with..empty except for the bed and was so windy...great feng shui..

a small window at the same  renovated room upstairs...can you see the sheers blowing in the wind...

the bridal room is partly done..the fresh flowers will only arrive tomorrow.The bed set is customer's own....but the fabric for two  piece pillows with black background are from ELYZA. 

Toilet in green..the little lace makes it pretty ehh!

I was unable to take photos of three rooms as the cleaners were preoccupied with the mopping and polishing and everything look messy and it was just impossible to be documented in photos.huhuhu.

I will be going there again tomorrow for some minor touch ups.....And now i need a good rest on my cozy bed..have a wonderful weekend and merry christmas to all my christian friends.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baby comfort for a cat..

I usually make comforters or changing mat for babies.But this time is for a cat..I made two sets..Material is customer's own source from Nagoya..

It is quilted on top and has an attached zip for easy wash
the fiber pad inside can also be removed for washing.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Curtain installation on the 20th.....

was also not meant to moved to the 23rd...arrrrrgh!there goes my scheduled wedding to attend in Sungai Petani ,saturday 24th..Yikes!

Well i just hope everything hangs well on that day with no alterations needed in time for the wedding on the 25th..My sewers will all be on long leave by then..This is my first time getting a big house ready for a wedding just 2 days away..I usually hang curtains and get the wedding bed ready at least a week before the big day.This is to ensure i have ample time to adjust any imperfections along the way.But since this is the third time i am doing the house curtains i think any flaws will be kept to a minimum.hahaha...nobody is perfecttt!keeping fingers cross and praying hard though....

Monday, December 19, 2011

Comforter makeover....

My next project is a comforter makeover...this comforter was nicely done at MACY,BLAKONG about couple of years ago..i was told so  by  customer ..

The size of the diamond quilt is 10 inch x 10 inch....and the size of the ready quilt is 110 inch x 110 inch my mission is to reduce the diamond to 5 inch x 5 inch and the ready quilt to 81 inch x 86 inch..embellished with tassels at all 3 corners.....

She also also brought along 5 meters of organza sheers and 4 meters of  baby blue cotton polyester fabric for the bed go along with the modified comforter.

The sheers are just enough for the 21 inch drop of frills but the 4 meters of cotton polyester is short of another 4 meters..I need 8 meters to do the bed skirt of size 61 inch x 76 inch and 2 pillow covers...thats the normal size of a queen size bed in MALAYSIA..

nampaknye kene bertandang ke NAGOYA to top up another 4 meters of the baby blue material  Haish!..............

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Its my birthday!

A cheese cake from Hotel Istana from son and daughter in law......yummy!

Tudung ariani from dearest dil....

The tudung is in animal print..loike it sooo much..I am so happy to be blessed with a happy family,good health,a small business to keep me sane ,and many many more blessings to come insyaalah..Thank You Allah ..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A sudden change of plan..

Today i woke up in high spirits hoping that the day will turn out well as planned.So i packed my humble wira to the brim with curtains to dress up a 7 bedded home at Gombak.At 9.00am..had a hearty breakfast of nasi dagang with daughter who has been my loyal assistance for the last 3 months..At 9.45am i picked up an installer..a borrowed staff from Zainal Canopy..Arrived at destination at about 10.15am.To my dismay renovation works were still in progress and the house is still dusty with loads of storage  boxes strewn on every corner of the room..Arrrgh! and to think that the wedding is just 8 days away!So after discussing with lady of the house a new date was fixed .I will return on the 20th for the curtain installation .

So with so much free time at my disposal i made a detour to Carefour for lunch, drop by Nagoya .Look what i grabbed just to brighten up my day..

sale at 20% off..hahaha orang sibuk beli designer cotton..kite beli cotton rega RM9.80 aje.

and look at this adorable storage bags..great way to haul my curtain sheers..

So how was your day?Definitely not as bad as mine..ehh.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting hooked.

Just a quick and brief post..

I am happy to say that 60% of work has been completed and
getting ready to hang the first batch of  curtains on Thursday the 15th.Now am gathering all the hooks ready and get all curtains hooked here at my work station and in that way i will save a lot of time at the customer's home.

Thats all there is to post today.Will show off once they are all hang..Am also happy to say that my place is looking clean and smelling fresh today( tanda2 projet da sampai penghujung dan cuti sedang melambai )..thank you dear Bibik Ida.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Next on the cutting table...

BLUE ROSES pulak...These roses is for the casual room for the newly weds..I have chosen green for the formal bridal room downstairs.I am sure the brides have enough of green on their plates..hihihi..And so BLUE it will be ..

I am keeping it simple..a 3 layer curtain in just plain traditional french pleats or maybe for some rich folds.. in  pencil pleats perhaps? can never go wrong in both styles .. ...

And this bundle will be leaving the shop soon...

All nicely packed and hooked..

And now a weekend to enjoy..a rest for my shoulders..

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Can't decide which to choose...

This roses with white background and wine red fabric is for a small room with a rod and double aluminium track measuring  124 inch in width and and just a mere 58 inch drop..Am contemplating  to adopt the country look style.So the subject matter is this:

Patterns are from ELYZA showroom.Which pattern would it be?Hmmm..think,think,think

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Am encountering some stormy weather ...

While i am immersed in serious cutting sessions..curtain materials to be exact.. top up with tough choices to make on curtain styles .,my work place looks destructive..

Remnants are piling up while i focus on more important issues..

Sheers waiting for the shears..hihihi

Ready cut to get on the sewing machine

More have been cut and piling up..

But i am pleased to say that some are ready...

These are ready too..for SURIA JELATEK

Enough work for going to disappear and ignore this chaos for a while...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More bales for christmas arrived this evening....

All are from ELYZA....
Fabrics are for 6 bed- rooms
These fringes are for two pelmets and 4 tie-backs
.So,my days seem to be shorter,my heels are aching, my head is heavy with curtain designs to be realize .Ohh..i am enjoying the process  minus the aches here and there having a lot of fun though.Like the saying goes no pain'no gain'.At the same time am looking forward for a  short holiday ...who would'nt when the head is heavily laden with tasks and dateline when everything is over with and some pretty good money have rolled in ....but in the meantime it is work,work,work...haishhhhhhhhh!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dreaming to be here,quiet,sit and relax...

and be at peace under the fire tree.....................................................

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pelmets in the making...

Another bale of green...

This is the door that opens into the bridal room..I will be putting a single alluminium trek to hold the organza sheers.

Work is plenty.So i better shut up and let  these fingers rest awhile before continuing the cutting spree ....Have a nice week end friends..By the way just look at this swimming pool.manage to snap after measuring the door yesterday..rasa nak terjun sekejap..what a view..