Sunday, January 30, 2011

The long forgotten hexis...and cusions from NIGERIA

This basket full of hexies have been my constant companion for a good part of year 2009.

DH was posted to Nigeria for the whole  9  months in that year.Although the whole day were spent in my shop,come saturday and sunday things are pretty quiet around the house especially when the children were away in college.

So today while searching for a lost item this basket caught my eyes.A really time consuming hobby..but quite economical because it doesn't cost much especially when you can utilise all kind of scraps,bits and pieces..and the best part is that the stapling,piecing and stitching  can all be done right in front of the tv..Great way to spent time alone when it is raining outside and you kind of miss someone and you need something to distract your mind ....well at least for a while hihihi.

A good time to continue as DH is away again...this time  away 6 days a week..Take a look of some ready piecing.No idea as yet what it is going to turn into.
There are three more boxes tug away somewhere in my shop..But will just tackle one box first..hangat2 tahi ayam aje nih...

I also want to share some cusions DH brought back from Nigeria 2 years ago as momentos...

They are all made from untreated you can imagine the untolerable smell...All are with zips so i only need to stuff some fiber inside..Cusions are suppose to be cuddly but these Nigeria made cusions are needed to be kept nicely in plastics all the time to trap the unbearable odour.Dah banyak kali jemur kat panas..tapi the smell refuse to go..

Ape nak buat dengan cusion2 ni ya!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Holland lace .....with extension...huhuhu

Remember the Holland lace for Cik Pah which was too short in width? kindly scroll down to my post on thursday,January is now ready with 15 inches extension on each side....

Its hanging on my rod which is slightly smaller for the ready curtain..tu yang nampak kendur sikit..Looks kind of funny though..Hope Cik Pah likes it .Thats the best i can think off.Well at least now with the alteration the curtain can cover her kitchen track.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby pink comforter for Zana's daughter.

Remember the pink  basket i made a while ago ...just scroll down ,its on the right side...just after My Blog List now the baby is 7 months old and Mama Zana wants a comforter for her darling daughter.So off we went to NAGOYA.This pink combo dazzled our eyes.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The ugly window makeover...

Another working sunday...but since the subject matter is my passion, sanggup menapak ke tingkat 3 Mahsuri Appartments.With the help of my installer,Amin the great we manage to hang 3 curtains for the living,master room and kitchen..But due to some technical problems..rumah pengantin ade tetamu..i can only show off the kitchen valance.


Just a simple frilly  valance curtain has complimented this tiny kitchen and transform it to a warm environment.The material is from ikea.Green and cream stripe is just the colour to bring life to the otherwise sallow kitchen.But due to shortage of material ,the frills are source form ELYZA.Lucky they complement each other.Now the kitchen look dazzling.....tapi flash pulak rosak,so excuse for the not so sharp pics...huhuhu over lah pulak memuji sampai flash kong!..

Will try to snap the curtains in the bedroom and living on my next trip there when the round cushion seats are ready.Hopefully by then the guests have check out..tak lah rasa macam jakun nak amik gambor..

They are ready for chinese new year..

Datin Zainab's seat cusion in ivory..

Front view.
Back view..affix velcro for a good grip on the chair

Datin Norini's daybed  long cusion.

Friday, January 21, 2011

While scouting for sewing materials i found some little gadgets for bag making..

Well i thought all these hardwares are only obtainable on line...anything obtainable on line really puts me off,.I just don't like the hassle of banking in money and  having to wait for the cooling off period before i can finally receive the order.So ..come take a look..

Snap magnetic buttons,circle and d rings..I think it costs much cheaper than buying on line.

There were many more things sold bag making related..But this is enough for a start ...can't go overboard...buat bag pun angat2 tahi ayam....nak pasng snap button pun belum tentu bolih....kakaka..berangan lebih!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New fabrics came in this evening...

I will sew 2 cusion covers 16 inch x 16 inch in each fabric.
This will be Datin Norini's day bed cusion cover..and all the six small cusions above will be the throws.
Puan Kharyiyatons's bed comforter.
Arbayah's 5 round cusions.It is in the same colour as her rectangle sofa cusion in my previous post.
Aishah's bed comforter.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Since i became a weekend wife,i found myself a mate to fill in DH absence...huhuhu.

Hope DH is not reading this one time this kind of mate is out of bounce in the house...oh what the heck!Any  thing that keep me occupied before my bedtime is a blessing..So i would like to show off my new love...Mr JUKI..brand new lagi...Those in my shop are secondhands..

Yup...another sewing machine...this time all to sharing with my staffs and the best part is that it is in my house and in my room..tu lah.....siapa suruh cik abang kerje you will be competing with this fellow for my attention....

Anyway to break the virginity of this machine i made a bag.....oops! actually one bag in two styles..Brilliant idea ehh!

Almost all my bags are quilted to give that sturdy look.
Beach bag,sleepover nightbag or even a diaper bag perhaps...huge bag
Shirt Stripe Bucket Bag
Another view of Shirt Stripe Bucket Bag
Roomy Interior with pockets on both sides

Well when i am at home i will sew anything that is not curtain related...every body needs a break from the normal routine isn't it...curtains are only for office work...

So with that there will be no more lonesome nights......

Friday, January 14, 2011

Round,Square and hexi...a month filled with cusion making

Some of the cusions waiting to be covered.

These are four pieces round cusion  seat for Arbayah's dining.It is actually for her daughter's appartment who  is getting married soon in March.

Can anybody tell what shape are these cusions?wonder why it reminds me  of hexi...
Well they are  Datin Zainab's dining chair seats.All 8 of them.Quite big size chairs.

And in the meantime 12 cusion covers for Arbayah's( oops daughter's) living are ready.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Been away from the blogging world for quite a while...

Lap top kene hijack by son and daughter since theirs have been in the repair shop for quite sometime.Tak kuasa nak dengar rungutan mereka,so beralah aje lah...

Today daughter have return to kolej but her lappy is still down in low yat....bless me.. not for the lappy being in low yat..the repair cost is a fortune..adeh! but her returning to kolej...tak perlu dengar daughter punya merengek..

Business is slowly catching up momentum ( after the long holidays) since my favourite staff return to work after a long 5 months break.But the bad news is my new staff ,who has been with me for just 5 months,  had to resign due to poor performance.Ah well,hopefully the replacement will come by soon...saja nak sedap kan hati..and in the meantime i pun terpaksa menyembah mesen to speed up work a bit.

So besides doing the tab curtains for the kolej student appartments, 6 pieces chair covers were done for Macik Zauwiyah who stays in Lembah Keramat.As her 10 meters material which she bought form NILAI SQUARE could only accomodate for 4 pieces i had to do the other 2 in plains.

And so lets see the piccies..
There's a long zip attached at the side for easy installation.And the other 2 will be in just plain stripe cream heavy cotton..

I have forgotten to show the backview which is also pleated right in the middle.These materials are remnants from bygone days.That is why i could not get the stripes align in the same way for the backrest due to shortage of materials.Hopefully the old lady doesn't mind or else she has to go all the way to Nilai Square to get the same material.It is a huge rotan chair consuming 2.5 meters each.

Oh yes...this is the backview of the chair slip cover..

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tab curtain sheers in lilac.

A word of caution.When doing the header for the tabs,never choose light weight material like i did for this purple sheer  ......Always opt for heavy almost to heavy cotton or jacquard..This is because when the curtains are hang the folds that comes towards use doesn't stand up by itself .They tend to fall to aside.You will need to arrange the folds to make it stand up which means extra work.Does it make sense or have i confused anyone..hihihi
By the way all my tabs look hard and stiff because i have inserted stifferners inside the tabs .memang rumit sikit buat tab.

Anyway heavier materials are definitely easier to sew than light sheers.

 And in the mean time i manage to make triangular or pyramid pouches..but still in the teething stage..tapi dah mula naik hantu buat nye...senang giler buat can do it too by following Nadia's tutorial 

Thanx Nadia for the easy to follow tutorial...

Macam orang menguap addictive!terlagi lagi nak buat huhuhu.

Beautiful lace from Holland.

This vintage lace measures only 22 inches in width with a droplength of 46 inches at the longest.It is suppose to grace Cik Pah's kitchen window measuring 52 inches in width.My mission is to get it fit the window ,no matter how!hihihi.Short of 30 inches...hmmmmm

As for now i have hung it on my makeshift rod resting on my steps..Biar lah dia bergayut kat situ sampai ilham ku datang.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lets tab up the windows.

Last week i help my daughter move into her rented flat nearby the college she has been attending for the last 4 months.It is a 3 bedroom flat and very suitable for students as the rental is quite moderate.But as it is not furnished we had a hassle trying to instal the basic neccesities .I also had the chance too see other flats rented by my daughter's college mates.Most of the rooms are without curtain tracks but fortunately all rooms were iron  grilled.Thank god for that..The curtains provided were just a piece of cloth hung loosely on the grills.,,poor thing and not to mention the curtains were torn or dirty and unsightly which brought me into sewing many tab  curtains .

These tab curtains are easy to install.The tabs are fix with velcro.Lets take a closer look at the photo below.Tab curtains are very practical.In case you don't have a proper curtain track it can also be hung on the horizontal  grill..Great if you are on a tight budget like my student daughter..But f course the curtains will look fabulous on curtain rods.

Well lets hope my daughter will get another 3 roomates to share and install proper curtain tracks.I am not going to spoon feed her anymore.I have burst my wallet..ngeh..ngeh.Do i sound like a terrible mum?

Any way more tab curtains are in progress as demand are high lately.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lets spruce up the pathetic looking iron board..

I do most of my ironing on the iron board...and because i will frequently use the iron i never fold the board and leave it at a corner..and a lot of times it is turn into a table...So it needs to be decently dress too.. nothing frilly fancy ,something simple and neat  Those that i made have a sponge batting and covered with cotton material underneath.I also affix elastic tali getah all round the cover to have  a good grip on the board...oh yes!this cover can be easily removed for washing.

How about pink roses...bunga roses ni buat ku bersemangat untuk menggosok..

Or in green bamboo design.......too manly looking though...HAPPY IRONING!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hope everyone is having a great time today to start the new year..

As for me am busy installing my girl to her new rented flat nearby the college she will be attending.This is the second move in the lapse of 4 months..Since the appartment is unfurnished,i have been busy for the past 3 days hunting for all the basic neccessities to make her stay as comfortable without bursting dear hubby's wallet.And dear hubby will also be working away from home for the next 6 months which means to say there are two rentals to be paid beginning of this month...huhuhu....not forgetting hubby will also need installation too..

Enough talk about installation...and now about the love of my life...NYKOLETT.As usual assesment has to be make early of the year .Last year's performance has  has been a wee bit slow due to increase in material costs and shortage of skilled workers.Hopefully this year things will brighten up a bit.Am not going to be hard on my self and so will not put any definite plans for 2011 for fear will not be able to achieve...( chicken! ).But my ultimate wish would be to get a new place for my business ..keeping fingers cross