Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tutorial for a baby/toddler bolster..

I am happy to say that i have finally completed a tutorial for this little bolster to share with fellow friends.Special features are a piping and a zipper closure.

You will need these fabrics:

You can  start affixing the zip :                                                                 

Next,prepare the cording/piping .

      There is a nice video on how to sew with piping here

You can now attach borders on both sides.

You now need to prepare the small cirle fabrics to attach on both end sides of the boster..In my case i have used the stripe blue fabric.

The fabric circle measures 4.5 inch diameter.You need to draw an inner circle of 2.5 inch diameter.Then attach
 the border at this marked  line,like the pic below..

Voila! have successfully completed the baby bolster.. try this again and again till perfection..all the best..!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

After 18 days from the last post

Hmmm.....Assalamualaikum and hello friends.Hope i have not  been a great disappointment due to the rather sporadic updates.Lets just say life has been pretty busy and on the fast lane indeed!Not to mention my own laziness to start tapping these keys on my lappy.Its much easier to update status on facebook though..So what else is new!Same lame excuse.Lalalala

Anyway back at my work base i have completed 2 batches of scallop valance measuring 140 inch and 60 inch ...Here it hanging on my baby cot (thats the 6o inch ) and the other lying on my kitchen floor (  yes!you are absolutely right thats the 140 inches)..olalala...

Also a queen size comforter with 4 pillow covers all nicely diamondly quilted.

And a big bow pelmet for dear sil Suzanah..

and also the night curtains,cusion covers,tissue covers,tie backs and

And as if these jobs aren't enough to keep me on my feet, i have conveniently join in a sew along with my quilt friends on face book making 2.5 inch square table runner...voila...You can hop over here for the tutorial...Thanx SHERRI MCCONNEL for this super easy tutorial to follow and my friends on facebook (Quilt Group)who alerted me of this tute..

So due to this marathon (hahaha) update i have good excuse for not blogging for the next 2 weeks ehh!

Thanx for dropping by and don't stop visiting me here  as i have more crafty updates piling up...


Friday, November 8, 2013

Its a GOLD week...

This order comes from a lady who is marrying off her daughter in early december..The color scheme is gold.My whole week has been taken up working on this gold lace and satin.The bed skirt is finally done and ready..

This set consist of a bed skirt in king size,4 pillow covers,one bed runner and 3 scatter cusions....Amount of materials utilized is 20 meters..

And coincidently,another customer unrelated to the above also ordered a light gold curtain material for her table top.The ready table cover measures 7 ft x 3.5 ft.The top is quilted ,with box pleat frills and the ready set weights as heavy as a queen comforter..Phew.....

Any idea how to fold this heavyweight like a tonne table cover without leaving creases on the fold...???

Have a well rested weekend friends and thanx for dropping by...