Friday, June 28, 2013

A scrappy quilt..

What a great way to utilize all the small pieces of fabric..I think i have ample scraps to last a life time,despite the fact that i have given away a mighty lot too.
This quilt was made using the QAYG(quilt as you go) technique.

and i also made a nice bag to tug in the quilt and pillow as well.

Besides this quilt,my workstation is also overladen with curtain jobs.

Oh yes,what a productive week..Alhamdulillah...May allah bless me with good health and comfortable modest living all the year round....

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The rattan vs mengkuang..

Which do you prefer....the baby basket in sturdy,heavy rattan or the softer,lighter mengkuang crib?

Retail price RM280
Retail price RM85
Prices are ascertain at most shops selling rattan products as at 15th jun,2013...

Friday, June 21, 2013

How to fold a quilt and fit it into the bag...A Bag quilt..

Latest product in the house..Read all about it here.This is how you fold the quilt..Size of quilt is 35 inch x 52 inch

The border side facing you,the bag side facing floor
Fold the left and side to the center and fold the top down once
Fold the top down twice.
Fold trice
Slot the quilt into the opening of the bag (a little struggle at this point),and insert the neck roll
Size of bag is 15.5 inch x 15.5 inch.handle strap is 37 inch

Monday, June 17, 2013

Girly,girly single bed comforter

If you are training a toddler to sleep on her own try throwing this quilt on her bed  and rest assured that she will slumber through the night..Fiber used is one inch in width,and is so fluffy soft.Fabric is english  cotton from Dchomel,Taman Melawati.

This set is for daughter of Yazreen..Size of quilt is 60 inch x 85 inch ..It comes with a pillow and a bolster..This set costs RM350

Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby quilts for Yazreen and Farhana

My team has been working on these quilts for the past 3 days..I did all the patchwork and coordinatring the colors and fabric patterns and my assistant Suryati did all the sewing ..By this afternoon they were all done..

Price is RM150

Price is RM180
Fabrics are english cotton from Dchomel,Taman Melawati.Size of baby quilt is 42 inchs x 54 inches and fits nicely into the normal malaysian size baby cot..

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Baby basket in gorgeous bright purple...

"Any colour will be fine"says this lady customer who wants the baby basket to be covered up..After showing off a few fabrics she finally
chose the white polka dot in purple background..and the rest was all up to me to match and here it is done....

This set consists of a basket cover,a baby mattress,2 bolsters and one baby pillow..Total price is RM250..Cost of solid rattan basket is RM280..