Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bows and more practice on bag making...

Tetiba teringin buat bows...You will never know when you need them....And of course more bag making...

Masih tak pass bab lining dalam...

Monday, December 27, 2010

The ideal curtain drop...says who?...says me lah.....an update of previous post.

Since i have brought up this subject i might as well show off some piccies to support my statement for those who are still blurry about what i have been babbling about...

The scallop edges of the sheer really show off when it is slightly above the floor but not too much above..And one thing for sure curtains should not puddle on the floor...whether its the night curtain or the day curtain...better save your money on cushions rather than spent on the extra drop length  that is uncalled for.....

But if your sheer has straight edge like the night curtain,then they both should have the same drop length. 

I also had a go in making one reversible beg my own version...hahaha....with the help of the many tutorials on the net of course...as usual since i am relying on my curtain scraps so please excuse the bad colour mix...any way i am getting better by the day...bless me.

What happens when the ribbons are untied?...Yes..You get a bigger size bag..
But the unsightly looking velcro...hihihi.thanx for the ribbons to camouflage this....i think a magnetic snaps will do the trick..but i have promise myself not to spent on hardware...
Now lets see the inside...not so neat lah....kain beranak-anak

And if the base is removed and bring the inside out you will get another bag..

Hahaha ...two bags in one.How about that ehh!for a first timer....More of these bags in days to come....dah berhantu buat beg nih!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Top 100 tutorials of 2009..

As usual when theres nothing much to chatter..or even sew because of the ever increasing boxes loitering around my work station i like to hop around and collect tutorials to feed my mind..That way you help to increase blogger friends traffic...and gain knowledge too nicely phrase eeh.Come on lets share these tutorials..

Yeh! have fun while you are there!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My dear blog..please frgive me..this blog is slowly lacking in curtain information because i am busy packing..

But just to stay alive in the blog ..lets  share some basic tips in curtain making...I have received a lot of questions from friends and customers ...the most common being.. "How do i measure for the right curtain drop" and the answer is...

A) First measure the length of your rod  or track..
B) Then measure the drop..now this is the tricky part...which normally is from the rod/track to the floor....that is for a door or ...if it is for the window ..the drop is to the point you want it to be but it should at least be  10 inch below the window sill..but again this drop varies depending on the curtain pattern you choose.Well do not worry...a good curtain tailor can make the adjustments and advise you accordingly.

Once you have the basic measurements of your window/door,you can step into any curtain shop and place your order...or better still drop by my shop and let me do all the measuring up at your home with no extra charges..Tata..

Will update you more about curtain tips in my forthcoming entry.Stay tune ya!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Besides the widgeo counter went missing...nothing exciting has happen here...

But ever since it has been functioning.( the widgeo lah kan ) rasa macam i just got my sight back..I have been busy packing things in my shop for the impending move..So lots of boxes scattered every where.Here take a look at some...

And more things waiting to go into the boxes...like old curtains ,cusions and more big scraps..

I have also big cusions that are still in good condition.Since i got my new sofa these cusions has been seating idol in my store room.

Semalam Zai came early in the morning...so dapat lah clear some of my roses scraps..Pas tu late in the evening Nadia pulak drop by.....dia angkut balik satu kotak....lega sikit kedai ni.Thanx to both of you.I dah tak de masa nak buat giveaways..Sesiapa nak scraps datang aje le ke my showroom..Besides having sales at rockbottom price a lot of curtain materials are also on great discounts.

Besides that,business tengah slow down sikit...semua sibuk bercuti-cuti malaysia..so as for me this is a good time to polish up my bag making skills..kakaka..real fun making all the stupedo mistakes..kalau degil tak mau dengar cakap cikgu( dalam tutorial lah ) kene lah menetas aje...tapi jadik lah jugak beg2 nye kan...jom jamu mata..

 This is my Blue Boxy Bag..Ade 2 side pockets and 2 front pockets.Lining dalam ade dua tone sebab tak pandai extimate kain..dark blue tak cukup so rembat yang light blue pula..this beg is huge.ter-over extimate...tak boleh tayang dalam.....malu le....banyak flaws..

Next is my patchwork Slouchy Bag....aka Selekeh

 Green on one side...

 And grey on the other side...I fix curtain eyelets on each side to accomodate the handle..This is also a huge bag.Take a close look at the eyelet.

Another flowery bag..quilted lagi...This is one real  funny bag.Konon nak belajar buat zip tengah..tapi lain pulak jadik sebab ade small gap on the right and left which i just don't know how to close up...kakaka.Also big size and can pass as diaper bag kot...but no pockets lah pulak!This Quilted Flowery Bag 
took me 2 days to complete..huhuhu

 Lepas lah jugak geram nak buat bag...Kenapa buat beg besar-besar ya?...Cepat siap lah hihihi and puas mata memandang.At the same time bolih sumbat kain2 at the last minute move out!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Since my widgeo net counter disappeared i have been feeling downn...

Yes...mood down syndrome sedang melanda...please bear with me til when???hahaha enta.h le...CAN ANYBODY HELP? adeh....mengeluh panjangggggggggg

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today i stumble on a beautiful easy to follow blog which led me to start of with the above expression.

Dalam kesibukan kite mencari mesen yang paling canggih kononnye nak mempertingkat lagi creativiti  atau pun hasil kerja tangan tapi....nun di negeri JEPUN ,ade seorang insan yang sungguh aktif berkarya hanya dengan berbekalkan se utas benang dan jarum dan dengan anugerah bakat semula jadi yang ade pada diri nye...

Hampir setiap hari dia akan menghasilkan sesuatu kerja tangan..Ape yang hebat sangat kan...!Kite pun hari2 menjahit..Tapi yang buat saya kagum dengan si manis ini ialah segala-galanye di jahit tangan.Siap ade esty shop lagi..Kalau kekawan  tak percaya go and visit her site at http://mairuru.blogspot.com.

She makes things like its so easy to do and she is so generous in giving tutorials..Tapi bila saya buat macam ade aje tak kene.....*sigh* and bila nak siap sesuatu tu macam it takes ages to complete.But one thing for sure i will be her constant visitor as from now....sekadar ambil ilham...mana lah tau kot-kot bakat dia menyangkit kat kite..hihihi

Happy reading....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The green and the blue quilts are ready.

Both are for Kak Mimi.She also ordered 2 sets of white single bed skirt for urusan jenazah. ( seram pulak )...ya...kite kene beringat2 jugak...dah meninggal nanti nak jugak baring kat atas cadar empuk sesuai dengan stuasi..

So kak Mimi nak ambil yang mane dulu??hihihi...and in the mean time the baby swing is also slowly taking shape...as much as i want to avoid frilly whirly skirt,....tapi itu jugak yang jadik..hmmmmm

Am contemplating to embellish the cream lace..tapi macam tak mesra pulak...
Maybe just a big bow at both ends will do the trick..
I think i will shove this swing for a while....huhuhu memang selalu macam ini lah...bila dah bengang tinggalkan dia sekejap and cekup bende lain.....So what do you do when your mind just loose focus..? Well i like to get my hands on making pouch,bags,...i have been drooling over.my latest obsession...cantik tak cantik belakang cerita ...janji try buat dulu....memang addictive...kalau tak percaya cuba buat satu dulu hmmmm...tapi harus buat yang sempoi-sempoi...memang jadik and gratifying..

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My bag adventure....spice up my sewing craze...ape lagi lepas ni...

When you are expose to soooo many bag tutorials in the internet and arm with bountiful supply of scraps to splurge...its a waste not to try making isn't it?....although they are not perfect...well almost.. just give it more time  insyallah with plenty of patience and practise,i got myself indulge in the bag making..as much as i want to utilise my scraps to the max at the same time i was simply curious whether the simple looking tutorials are comprehendable...Well when everything was done i.had a good laugh at my master pieces.Hmmm not bad ehh.. perasan lah pulak..

The zips,pockets and lining were challenging to sew  kalau buat cusion berpiping pun tak lah rumit sangat...but nevertheless they were ready within a few hours................yes a few hours aje..buat hexie caddie pin cusion lagi payah huhuhu.

But all these handmades are just for keeps...tuck quietly away in my rotan chest....Saja nak test try and lepaskan gian di tangan nih....not to worry...i am not competing with all thoose selling bags on the net...kikiki..belum sampai tahap tu lagi..but i have a small confession to make..." bag making is real addictive!"fuhhhh!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Quilting the old fashion way..

The 10 inch green border was previously machine stitched on all the four sides of the hexi patchwork.Now the top is being hand stitch to the fiber or what they term as basting..This is the most laborious stage of quilting.Every thing needs to be hand stitch before it gets on the machine. 
 This is the underlay..in stark green....also being hand stitch..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New fabrics for Wan Fazilah's room and kitchen.

in heavy curtain...fabric from TEJANI HOLDINGS,Ipoh mali...
The blue is for sons room while the pink is for the kitchen.Yang stripe to for me.....biasa lah kalau dah order untuk customer mesti selit semeter dua untuk diri sendiri..hihihi.mana lah nak kurang stash...menambah lagi ade le....

 Today i started doing the baby swing...baru siap the inner....Yes..pure white is the theme...


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blue checks for Su's single bed spread..

Dua bantals siap dulu..Lepas tu NUROL got started on the bedspread pulak.Entah kenapa kali ni she took too much time getting it done.Walhal size kecik aje 55inch x 80 inch.Mula lah mood berleter on...

She took the whole day to fix the frills on the 4 corners...Aduh!...mendidih hati ni....at the rate shes sewing i think soon i will need to close down.(..bukan sebab customer lari but sebab  i die of hypertension ..) ..after lots of unpicking and handstitching.... finally siap jugak bedspread ni....tapi tak memuaskan jugak....tengoklah....tak jadik bagi kat Su...Kene masuk stash REJECTED works!....which reminds me,my stash of rejected works is also piling up..