Monday, May 31, 2010

An update of work in progress for June wedding.THE SILVER BEDSKIRT.

Just take a look of the 4 pillow covers that are ready.The one in gliterring silver doesn't do justice to the skin.But the one in grey cotton beside it is definitely cosy.Yang silver tu hanya nak memeriahkan katil aje...Bila nak tidur memang tempatnye dilantai....thats for sure!!Anyway,i am quite happy they turn out nice.

And also the ready bed skirt,with the 4 pillows all on my worktop.

Hari isnin yang cukup malas......sebab diri ini dah terlebih amik cuti hihihi...nak menyalahkan hari pulak!

But once i step into my shop and piles of material ( fabrics that came in last week ) staring blank at me ,a small voice inside was telling me to buckle up and get focus!!! time to waste...Oh yes ,,focus dah banyak lari since last week..Dua kali berulang ke kuantan for Mr Youngest installation in his new campus environment.Balik pulak ke  rumah terpaksa mengadap all the mess at home created by renovation works in my room...enough to make me drained of energy...Ape2 pun kalau nak cantik rumah memang kene lah go through this uncomfortable periods....Hmmmm..will keep the renovation talk aside..and to a more serius tone lets take a look of the materials awaiting for my attention.

Ini nak di jadikan queen comforter..Manis yang teramat esp.digadingkan dgn the plain pink colour.Tuan punye kata nak pakai bulan bole lah ditangguhkan dulu*wink*.

This green white combo nak buat queen bed skirt.Tuan punye nak cepat siap.So kene didulukan...

This couple macam tak mesra aje.Tapi the owner nak jugak buat fitted queen.Actually,she wanted the fitted to be in the stripes fabric.But the meterage is not enough to do the whole thats how she pick up the plain gold/brown like colour for its match..Bisa diatur...janji customer happy!!! .Like the saying goes"...customer is always right."

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back from kuantan....i love this to see Mr.Youngest and the breathtaking beach.!

This weekend seems like ages ....Tak pernah duduk bermalas-malasan,sekali2 cuti lama terasa macam raya pulak...Sebab selalu nye bulan syawal aje dapat extended cuti.hihih.Kali ni pergi kuantan more to fullfill our (me and hubby)obligation as a parent towards my youngest son.He just started campus life 2 weeks ago to pursue his dreams in the line of Architecture.Most of our time in kuantan was spent installing him with things that can make his stay in college a comfortable one..Tapi mana lah nak sama dengan duduk di rumah kan.!
...Walau ape pun kene lah make the best of what is provided by the college my dear son.!Memang kene banyak bersabar dengan dugaan yang mendatang...emo lah pulak maknye..

Any way, sambil-sambil tu kami sempat jugak menikmati keindahan suasana di tepi laut TELUK CEMPEDAK at night..which is only about 5km from the hotel we were staying..I was realy surprised.The time was like 10.30pm but the beach was packed with people strolling leisurely with love ones along the beach...There were bright lights everywhere .Sound of screaming toddlers and strumming of guitar from a distance.We managed to snap a few photos.Lihat lah gambar2 nih ya.

I think there will be more visits and more brisk holiday here later on...have to keep a close eye on Mr Youngest kuantan,to kuantan....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busy as the bees.......When you are understaff and every detail needs your attention time flies like the breeze...

Oh,June is creeping in so fast...Lets take a peek of the silver  bed skirt in the making for  a June Wedding.Emmm.teramat lah silau menyilau.....pening betul!
This is the skirt for the queen bed waiting to be stitched to
the bed top.

The frills yet to be attached to the pillow covers..Sejuk sikit mata menenguk kain cotton ini selepas disilaukan dengan kain silver..

The four pillow covers,2 in cotton grey and the other 2 in polyester silver.
The day curtain with horizontal lines in grey white and black hues.

The night curtain in shiny silver raindrop like texture.So with that,i am off for a short break cum vacation  to Kuantan til end of the week.Might hit the beautiful beaches..Yippee yeh,yeh!Happy Wesak Holidays to all my friends...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Setiap kali balik dari Souvenir Shoppe,my " I can do it "gene is trigged.!

Lots of sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet creative things are on sale at the Souvenir Shoppe.Sweet,nice n xpensive..Many of you will disagree with me on the price.Well lets say that when you can create something with your own bare hands you tend to be more careful in spending your money..Anyway a lot of things that are on sale at the souvenir shoppe are things that never ever cross your mind.Look at this tea cosy for instance:I made a reversible tea cosy with ELYZA fabric while pattern is inspired by THE SOUVENIR SHOPPE.

This tea cosy are with small roses upfront.Done within an hour,no quilts involved just double layer fabric to give it a good form.Such an economical way to give a new look to an old looking tea lala lala...

And on the reverse side are the BIG roses ,of course!Everybody loves reversible items cos it is like getting two things at the cost of only one!

Friday, May 21, 2010

An update of my date with BODY SHOP this morning.

Emmm..memang good bargains tadi.Tapi dek sebabkan bulan belum mengembang,ahaks......(and wallet masih kempis)terpaksa lah menghadkan perbelanjaan.Anywhere i manage to grab 3 products yang cukup membuat hati ini berbunga2 sepanjang hari.Lihat lah ,pandanglah.......dibawah ini...

Huh!?3 ni aje dah koyak wallet...nasib baik yang tersayang belanja.Thanx sayang,I love you...Lepas discount harga nye RM200.45.So lepas ni bertambah2 bersih le muka tua ku ini....mudah-mudahan.....Ssssssh(kene berbisik ni)dah janji to myself to continue this retail therapy on sunday to get the WISE WOMEN starter kit yang cccukup murah....bestnye...tapi kene le sara diri sendiri...adeh!

Dah sibuk shopping today so no curtain photos to share lah...Not productive today as Shimah is on medical leave...What a good excuse to close shop and pamper myself with Body Shop treat!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jom semua pegi redah BODY SHOP .....SALE mulai esok 21.05.10.huhuhu....

To all those die hard body shop product consuimers this is a" once a year not to be miss "sale up to 70% discount.The promo through sms goes like this:Up to 70%off @The Body Shop Sale 21May til 13 June.Extra10%OFF for members 21 til 23 May ONLYupon presenting your original MyKad.T & C apply.
So maana  nye kalau members bole dapat 80% discount!!!Memang cantik,menarik ,tertarik...Body Shop memang de bom.....Biar betul sms nih..Mula lah nak berangan beli whitening skin care range,body mist,eau de toilette,kebetulan semua dah sampai paras bahaya.....memang not to be tomorrow saya nak berkampung di BODY SHOP...

Nah ini lah se bahagian stock ku yang perlu di replenish......Somebody's wallet is going to be damaged tomorrow..I like,i like i like.....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some things stitched by NYKOLETT last week and already made their way into beautiful homes,Layan lah gambar2 ini disebuah rumah yang cukup indah...

All these photos were taken late this morning at Datin Zaiton's home in TIARA SETIAWANGSA.

Ini rumah tong sampah...huhuhu sebelum ianya di pakaikan curtain!!!!Selepas fixing the curtain with the help of zaplon   tara...........lihat lah dibawah ni....

Kain dari ELYZA,Summer House Collection.The 4 inches check border really give a boost to the greenmarket design  material.Otherwise it will look too simple.Another reason for putting the two layer red and cream check is to harmonise with the English screen which Datin Zai bought from the Souvenir Shoppe recently..Lihat lah gambar2 screen sebelum  dan selepas di pakaikan skirt.Also fixed with the help of Mr.Zaplon.

This is the front view of the screen before attaching the red and cream check skirt.You can see the silouhette of the brooms and dust pan inside (-_-).

Now no more silouhette.Lets take a peek on to the inside of the screen.
They look equally good from the wrong side .This is where the brooms will sit.The screen is place nearby the rubbish area which i just covered with the greenmarket design curtain.Lets take a look of other things which i helped to create....

Table for two...The table cloth was the recent addition to the table,while the two cushions were done about 2 years ago.
This is a multipurpose organiser which Datin cleverly hung onto her kitchen cabinet.It helps to store away the grocery plastics which can later be recycled..Sekian saja lapuran saya....Stay tune for more updates in days to come ya...Have a nice crafty day..

More whites for curtains.Banyak pulak kain warna putih masuk kedai saya minggu ini.

What is it with WHITES.? Obviously putih tu bersih and sign of purity and innocence.Dalam hiasan dalaman terutama untuk langsir ia mudah digadingkan dengan solid colour yang lain.White can make dark or lighr reds,blues and greens look more prominent.Tapi too much white can be blinding jugak.and can cause headaches to some huhuhu.Anyway,below are some white sheers brought in by  PnHjah Ani which she bought from NILAI..It is for her sliding door 110inch x 84 inch.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

30kaki,16kaki,16kaki..3 set table skirting untuk meja pengantin siap pagi ni.huhuhu.

This week end ade wedding engagement being organised by Al Wehdah Decor.Saya di beri tanggungjawab menyiapkan table skirting sebanyak 63 kaki.Warna putih semua.

Happy birthday ADAM.May your life ahead fill with joyous moments..

Last saturday my cucu saudara  ADAM turned 2 years old.The lucky birthday boy had 3 birthday cakes to cut.And the most cheerful looking cake was definitely from ME.!!huhhuhu.perasan lah pulak.!Just look at this photo.Don u agree???!!!

The cake still intact in the box on my dining table.

The delighted birthday boy waiting patiently for the candles to be lighted by his aunt and his mum looking behind him.

On your mark ,get set.....blow.....adam blow.....More photos of adam below.....

Adam and Maktok cutting the birthday cake she baked..Full of chocolates..yummy,yummy...
Adam's loving tokmak in yellow tudung and beloved mum in blue tudung. Thank you Tie and Paah for  having us in  the birthday gathering .

Friday, May 14, 2010

The STOOL that stole my heart ~~~~~

Just look at this adorable stool .Doesn'  it  look sweet.Manis sesangat kan.Rasa tak nak pisah pulak...Tapi tuan nye dah tak sabar nak bawa dia balik.All my favourite colour is in the stool cover...lavender,green and cream.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

King size bed skirt from SYRIA for sale...anyone interested?

Late this evening Puan Hjah Hasnah showed me a bedskirt she bought on  her umrah visit to Mecca last year.Unfortunately the size was too big for her queen size bed.So she has requested me to sell it at a moderate price of RM650.It comes with two matching pillow covers.It fits all bed size  78 inch x 75 inch while the pillow cover measure 20inch x 30 inch.Sesuai sesangat untuk pengantin.....

Colours that can make me smile all,green,cream,white,stripes,checks....

As of today i have started on a totally new project which consists of stool-cover,screen-cover,pot holder and tabletop cover.All for Datin Zaiton.This morning i got ready her 3 pieces screen cover measuring 16 inc x 24 inch each in bright red and white checks.Her screen is in white,so this bright red and white check will definitely complement her screen.But in this photo all 3 pieces are hang in single file below my work top.Once they get on to the real screen i will post a better picture.!

This is the runner for her garden table.The stripes goes well with the green checks both in different tones of green.It measures 60 inch long by 15 inch width.But the table is only 40 inch in diameter,so there will be 10 inch drop on both sides to show off the V.

Her 3 pieces potholder are also ready.Actually they are made from remnants materials for her runner and table top cover.The white n green stripes are remnants for her runner and the greenmarket fabric are for her garden table top cover.And while busy at Datin Zaiton's project,more material came into my shop for curtains.

The 3 pieces pot holders.
Blue drape and white sheers for Azizah's room.

Purple roses for  Azizah's kitchen.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Curtain power....who says black is not a colour,ekk?!JUST LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY

This is Ena!s curtain for a rather tall window at her staircase measuring  4 ft in width and 149" in length.Thats about 12.5 ft .Tall and lanky.But now its hanging on my curtain trek in my showroom.The plain grey border about 36 inches was attached to the sheer to make up the total length of 149 the sheer only measures 115 inch..The curtain will look lot better on Ena's tall trek...thats for sure.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A great day is....

......after putting hours of work you get to see the fruits of your sweet labour.For the past 3 days (saturday n sunday not included)we have been kept busy on Ena's curtains.It is a double storey townhouse in Sri Loging.The house is currently under renovation and the curtains should be ready by this week.As of now almost 90%sewing is done.I have completed the master ,av, and guest rooms..Now what is left but in progress is her main living and dining.

Some of the curtains  are already packed and curtain hooks also fixed..just in case Ena wants her master room curtain  to be hang first..I know how some young house owner's are sooooo excited and impatient to see their newly acquired home to be furnished and definitely pleasantly curtain up...

                                   This is how the blind looks when its up.

There are 4 roman blinds to be fixed in her master room..Comel loteh aje...30 inch x  67 inch.

 This floral roman blind ( 3 pieces) is for her newly born baby girl's room which is also the guest room.The roman blinds measures 26 inch x 50 inch each.Sorry for the blurry picture...huhuhu..taken in a hurry!