Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The two tone frame like border..

 Sewing is fun when you do things in a different manner .It is the little details that you adopt to make the same project look different from the last one and make the sewing process interesting.Take a look at this single bed comforter...

The borders are in two tones....plain fabric on one side and printed (elephant motif)on the back
The reason for choosing a printed border for the backing is to liven up the plain colored orange
Just plain border for the front to tone down the already busy outlook upfront..

Happy viewing and have a lovely evening with your love ones....

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A bouquet of roses in 10 different colors ...

This is my final episode of scraps for sale for the month of october.This time they are in large cut sizes ...23 inch x 36 inch,25 inch x 32 inch,10 inch x 14 inch (2 sets),13 inch x 20 inch,11 inch x 27 inch,20 inch x 25 inch,10 inch x 40 inch,19 inch x 39 inch and 15 inch x 20 inch.....all 10 pieces

Price is RM45,postage included..E mail for payment

SOLD TO MASURY ,again...hihi...thanx mas for the purchase..

Friday, October 26, 2012

October scraps....Episode 4

More scraps for grabs....

Size of floral fabric...11 inch x 13 inch

Varying sizes 11 inch by 15 inch- 6 inch x 9 inch

All 23 pieces..E MAIL AT


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A quick update before Aidil Adha break

Some sweet little embellishments for a wedding an aqiqah ceremony in November....

Six baskets for holding doorgifts..
2 decorative pillows ..only 90%done

5 ribbons for aqiqah ceremony to be embelished on the baby swing..

And not forgetting  my love hate affair with hexies....5  table cloths in progress..This is going to take me forever to finish...anyway my whip stitches are stitches visible from the front side.
Another extended weekend.My holiday starts tomorrow.Am going to miss my little heaven here in my studio...Have  a lovely Aidil Adha celebrations to all my muslim friends...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh the hexy devil got into me..

After i got recovered from the lazy bug ,i challenge myself to complete a small table cloth project for a dear senior friend..She has been barking at my ears every time i pay her a visit..On our last meet about a month ago she looked frail and tired.Who wouldn't  at the age of 76 andshe just lost her dear husband..Alfatehah

Any way i have been keeping myself busy cutting,stapling.I am blessed with so many scraps and this project is a great way to t get rid of the small pieces of left over fabrics..

300 pieces of hexies nicely packed

Just manage to stitch loosely on to the table cloth at this stage .need to polish my whip stitches..the stitches are visible from the front...ohlalala

I am keeping it simple.( just to be kind to myself haha..)A floral hexy arranged at all 4 corners.One set looks like it is going the right way..Just hope my spirit and patience stays a bit longer till i complete all 4 sets of  table cover top measuring 36 inch x 36 inch....

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A scrappy quilt for a single bed.

Remember a slip cover i made for a single bed mattress quite awhile ago?Take a look here.Well i manage to put some large scrap pieces together and sew a small quilt measuring 60 inch x 75 inch to team up with the slip cover .I have used a light weight batting as oppose to the 1 inch thick normal fiber which i always use for comforters.Less plumpness but i am quite happy as how it turns out.Being light weight it is easy to be carried by any toddler and easily fold/tuck away in the cupboard after washing.Less space needed thats for sure

The fabric for backing and borders are light cotton from DChomel

Very cheerful children design.Also great to use as a mat during picnic outing in the park.Don't worry if i gets dirty.Just throw into the washing machine for a good wash...Happy viewing...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I have been bitten by the Lazy bug

Ever since i got back from my short vacation my blogging muncho is really low.Today i am trying to shrug away this hangover feeling and start tabbing on these keys.But where do i start!So much to talk about  my short stay in 3N4D in Bandung and Jakarta..We visited the famous tourist attraction at TAMAN WISATA ALAM,BANDUNG

I LIKE THE COOL WEATHER BUT DISLIKE THE HOT SUN AND THE STRONG SMELL OF SULFER.FOR A PERSON WITH A WEAK LUNG IT GETS INTO MY HEAD.But when you are in a company of good lovable friends you tend to forget your uneasiness..

But the shopping was a breeze...if you have only 3 hours to shop,theres not much time to choose.

AND THE WIDE SPREAD PADANG FOOD ....Almost every day for more rice for me for the next few waist is expanding. 

We stayed here....

Officially a 3 star hotel with a service equivalent to 5 star...
And more shopping .This time branded goods at.....

More photo takes at the entrance to RUMAH MODE
On the departure day we visited the nasional monument...


I will definitely pay another visit here but only to shop at Pasar Baru and Tanah Abang...So till nexk time selamat tinggal JAKARTA

Monday, October 8, 2012

October Scraps..Episode 3..pre cuts best for patchwork projects

Today while cleaning up my storage bins i found my long lost zig zag scissors under the huge piles of scraps..oh situ lah kamu duduk selama ni ya..So today i am trying to make up the lost time with him...(make belief its a HIM,gatai!)so i started cutting scraps  ..hihihi


I cut and cut like there is no there anyone out there interested ?? 50 cents per piece ..Will cut the floral in equal size real soon..

Sunday, October 7, 2012

October scraps for sale -Episode 2

11 pieces green...varying sizes :16 inch x 17 inch(largest)6 inch x 10inch(smallest)

11 pieces blue

17 pieces green/yellow(SOLD)

9 pieces teal blue
9 pieces purple(SOLD)

For sale pm

From just the plain curtain to a pelmet...

and the door is transform to something niceeee...

Sorry for the lame photos.Thats the best shot i could get even with my flash on and all lights were lit  at the living..Funny how a person can choose a black colored drapes for a living area.Not forgetting the dark cleopatra sofa plus the black and white clad dining chairs .Definitely not my cup of tea..Well it goes without saying one man 's meat is another lady's poison...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

October scraps for sale....Episode 1

I am trying to reduce my bulky storage of scraps.Beginning of this month i will start selling fabric scraps in varying sizes ..And for starters here are a few range...the sizes are 12 inch x 15 inch,10 inch x 13 inch and the smallest being 6 inch x 10 inch.Some are cotton and others are polyester..all from ELYZA

6 pieces- PINK(SOLD)

6 pieces- BLUE (SOLD)
9 pieces- PURPLE (SOLD)
Those interested e mail me at
All sold to Mas Sury..