Monday, February 27, 2012

An interesting wood chair with an equally attractive fabric

This wooden chair was brought into my office this afternoon.It has an interesting wood finish and its brand new..The owner wants to protect the beautiful seat and request for a simple cover for all 8 of them.Two chairs are with hand rest while the rest are without..

Chenille fabric from Fella Design.
And the pattern for the seat cover is like so below:

One inch border in corresponding plain material with button closure at the back
Am so happy the pattern book which i bought in year 2004 has a tutorial.

This book has been my priced possesion for so long.The tutorials are easy to follow.A good buy..

Friday, February 24, 2012

All are packed..

and collected by the owner at 3pm just now...friends to the 3 huge comforters..

4 pillows 21inch x 11 inch

6 pillow covers

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Work in progress

Some lightweight cotton fabrics were brought in yesterday and i can't wait to get my shears through them..Hmmm..After being harassed  by the huge old comforters  i welcome this happy, cheerful, smell good new fabrics with open arms..And what are they all turning into,can you guess??????

Yes...all are going to jazz up an otherwise boring room.......How's that for a hint?!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Modify and create..

Feel like this space of mine is getting dusty and neglected.Having a blast at the workstation and sometimes the mood of blogging just go astray..Let me just blow away some of the dust before they turn into spider webs.And i will start with the story of 3 huge comforters ...(the owner is a good friend of my best friend, i just could not refuse) just imagine a flat sheet which could cover a king size bed 77 inch x 84 inch plus a drop length of 20 inches all round.....And not forgetting plus 30 inches on the header to cover the pillows up front..Phew that is the size of the comforters.And they are all about 5 years old..and weigh like almost a ton...but thank god the fiber has lost its lustre and firmness over the years.Thus handling them was quite easy.My job was to resize these comforters so that it will finally  just fall 12 inches on all three sides..And the remnants will be turn into 2 pillow covers .Resizing was not a major task but creating the scalopped edges was a real challenge to my maths.Just a small miscalculation will make it fall at odd places on the bed..if you know what i mean..

All three are,cream and green.

And not forgetting i had to re-quilt these giants and make it 5 inch square as the original quilt was about 10 inch square...real clumsy looking..Anyway the job was a good training for my new staffs..Am quite happy with the outcome..So what is left are the pillows...all 6 of them..

Stay tune for updates..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cozy talk...

My long overdue Quran cozies finaly done...all are made from curtain scraps and quilted using light weight batting...

The quran is snug comfortably in this cozy .Come take a look on the inside ....

A bookmark
There is a small pocket to slip a pen 

And more orders for sejadah muka in simplicity were also done...

Monday, February 13, 2012

A bad encounter with the back pleats..

This is the first time i am designing (copying is more appropriate..kakaka)slip covers with pleats like darts on the back.Feeling bored with the plain frilled pattern all round.

But somehow i am not happy with the end product.Must be the material which is kind of slippery and light.Definitely nothing wrong with the sewing skill..aha,aha..So if you intend to make slip covers please choose heavy weight material like chenille or heavy cotton.And good thing i tried doing for my own dining chairs...

There are 6 chairs actually ,but i left one and at my work-station..Happy or not its done..all six..yeh!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The table talk.. difference between a runner and a skirt

Floor length skirt..this is a table beside my bed.I like the floor length skirt as it gives the clean neat look to my room..

Short length can have a shorter length skirt if it is for the kitchen table.
This a table runner
Another runner.It usually has a V drop of 8 inches on both sides.

And for Zafirah from Puchong here are some of the fabrics which i think is suitable for your bedroom and your son's room after taking into consideration the color of your curtain and type of table..

Nagoya 1
Nagoya 2
Nagoya 3

Elyza 1

Hope to hear from you soon ehh...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

After the long break.....

A very productive wednesday,every one were glued to the chair and lips sealed except for the constant complain about the heat  ..oh yes!the weather is being very unkind..Anyway i am quite happy when at the end of the day i could feast my eyes   with this lovely photos of work done...
6 dining chair covers for Atheneum Appartment
Big bow at the neck of the chair
The full view
The back is padded on the inside
The seat is frilled and with 2 ties on each side to be tied on the legs  to keep the covers secured.

Curtains for a 3 bedded appartment at Suria Jelatek

Thats all today.More updates of work in progress later in the week.Stay tune.............

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh my,oh my..

The long weekend holiday + the hot scorch weather + my bad cough = lazy me...
Image courtesy from google..

I am happy it is a working day tomorrow.My to - do -list is getting longer....much much longer than my holidays.......

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Every curtain has a story ...

This eyelet curtain bought from ikea of 98 inch drop was short of 10 inches as the window measurement is  to fit a length of 108 inch ..The curtain came looking like this:

The spiral pattern was in 4 colors so i chose a dark brown fabric to match one of the colors to add the extra length....So it came looking like this..

Suddenly a thought strike my mind,...what if there is a sofa in front of the curtain which will hide the 10 inch border???what a waste..So i opt to do a corresponding border at the top just below the eyelet..but this time a 20 inches border..So this is how it looks;

And the total image of the modified curtain..

SEKIAN KISAH SEDIH SE KEPING LANGSIR IKEA..semoga ia dapat menceriakan ruang tamu..ngeh,ngeh,kalau lah langsir tu bolih bercakap lah kan...mesti ia berkata " sudah-sudah lah tu"hmm.I rest my case..