Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The winner is EM'S FAMILY...actually she is the only respondent...hihihi what a laugh...tak de siapa ke minat dengan kain and EM'S FAMILY be sure to contact me so i can sent the bantal busuk n sheers.

Jadi penunggu dirumah hari nih...

China nak pasang cabinet bilik,ganti pintu2 bilik...seronok nye...tapi yang tak syok nye kene lah tinggalkan my laces especially untuk seketika...lets hope shimah can complete work on her own..
Ini gambar mamat china buat kerja..dan betapa berkecah nye rumah ku...Arrived at 10 am...2 hours later..


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have been a slacker for the past days and its going to continue for the most part of this week..

Feeling a bit down .....masaalah semakin meruncing,lebih2 lagi nak menyambut puasa.....Bila lah nak dapat TUKANG JAHIT YANG BERPENGALAMAN...Nampak gaya nye kene hold incoming jobs..mana lah larat DUA orang aje mengemudi kapal....adeh...mau karam

Friday, June 25, 2010

Akhirnye siap jugak digantung....

Full view tergelap sikit,batery weak..hihihi

Pagi pagi jumaat kalau dapat sms like below memang geram.......

      " kak,saya nak cuti balik muar  pak mertua masuk hospital

kwang,kwang,kwang.......dah lah hujung bulan,nak siapkan jobs cepat2....supaya dapat pilus cepat.!So ari ni and esok unproductive lah....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a bad day....emm benci nye!Tapi takpe long as she is happy,and i get to be paid...ikut aje lah.

Ari nih pergi gantung langsir kat rumah Datin Zainun,,Pagi lagi dah sampai umah which is rather huge for two elderly people to be living in..Anyway Datin is such a loveble motherly person..Lepas 30 minutes Yuni (my assistant )siap gantung curtains which is a 3 layered curtain consisting of night curtain,day curtain and a simple valance..Everything was perfetto..but lepas everything was up,Datin pun duduk and commented...while Yuni and i had a go at the pizza and warm coffee..
 DATIN  Rosni,kenapa ekor valance macam terlebih panjang,it makes  my  window look rather short lah..

MY ANSWER : Bukan ke datin yang request for 30 inches tail and 15 inches drop in the middle...camtu baru nampak beautiful steep V terbalik.

DATIN.: Tu lah,,,,tapi nampak ketot lah my window..( with that she started climbing the ladder to fold the tail to see how it looks at 24 inches)  Oh yes!!....i like it shorter...You think u can take up a few more inches,dear..?

So esok kene lah bertandang balik ke sini..huhuhu

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Masih dalam mode LACE....

When you are engulfed in LACE,every single project you will adorn with laces..huhuhu my heart is in rage with lace.
Today i made a simple cover for my chair to match the table skirting i did yesterday.This is the back view.Lets look at the front view...
Simlpy vintage...perasan lah pulak..

Hari Selasa yang cukup nyaman sebab.....hujan turun pagi nih untuk seketika..

And i think today is the best day to start the first ever Nykolett Giveaway to all my blogger friends out there..selalu nye mereka singgah aje kan di blog nih...  so now why don u drop a word or two....i'll be so thrill.. i don bite you know...but this time i am giving away small gifts... As i have to keep postage cost to a minimum,this giveaway is only for within MALAYSIA only...macam lah ade orang luar negara membaca blog ku ini...perasan lah pulak.Kenapa lah sibuk nak buat giveaway nih ekk....Nah lihat lah nih....sebahagian trash yang tak terurus..
And the ready items...A few of these dah ade tuan...cuma lambat ambil sebab financial problem kot...

So back to the Giveaway for this week....i am letting go a 15inch x 15inch cusion and 1.5 m matching sheers as one package.So this is how they look...this entry is open till SUNDAY 27 JUN,12 NOON.I will draw lots and pick only one person and the winner will be announce On Monday,BEFORE 12 NOON...senang nak ingat...This GIVEAWAY will be a weekly affair as from today...and hope my trash will be kept to a puasa month...

And as for Zai,from LOVE STITCH, or zaira zone do dropby in person...i will be delighted to have you...bring some friends will be fun!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A little package came into my shop this morning....and it makes my day*wink**wink*

Ku lemas dalam timbunan LACE..buat seketika.Lihat lah...sesiapa yang meminati lace akan lebih memahami jiwa ku ini....
Lagi lace dalam pandangan dekat...
As usual jiwa ini tak tahan menengok little loveliness like these laces...memang i plunge into an easy project that took me about emmmmm;;;a good 2 hours to complete..hahaha..and so ...

Meja buruk ini{  yang selama ini duduk terpesuk di satu penjuru yang tiada siapa pedulikan} jadi mangsa ku..And now the transformation.Ta..........rah.....

Meja dah jadi sungguh manis and is now placed just beside my bed so that i can admire its loveliness as often as i can and with that i officially declare this small nest  my blogging corner.  Notice the lace embelishment on the edges..Little things are simply the best.....Esok nak buat ape lagi dengan lace2 tu ekk.....rasa nye bole termimpi2 kat baki lace yang ade dikedai tuh!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

.....about shattered glasses...huhuhu

After all the running around to assure the the car is in tip top condition to hand over to Mr.Youngest,this is what happened to our poor kancil on the way to Kuantan (about 3 km reaching Temerloh R &R ) . .well who are we to question the course of is full of surprises..amazingly.....

 After some guidance from the locals in the vicinity we arrived here:

And what did the SPECIALIST had to say about our misfortune..
       " Sudah sampai ajal..maa.....tukar saja lah" as though we have other choices emmmmm.And so the transformation went for about 45 minutes...

And after RM320 later...tarah.........

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am doing a little house ...oops! shop cleaning soon....a few giveaways..over at NYKOLETT.

You just have to pop over here and leave a comment...Stay tune for updates...and as of today i am close for the weekend..and off to kuantan.....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Vroom,vroom,vroom....and off to his new master!!

As off tomorrow this humble Kancil will service his new master in Kuantan.Better grab a few pics as proof that he was delivered in good presentable shape huhuhu..

Front view...

Back view....

And side with that my dear Mr Youngest..plis take real goodcare of your good friend Mr.Kancil..He is a real handy man....

Feeling thankful for.....

........these beauties swimming freely willy happily
........a small business to keep me busy
........a healthy mind and body
........a happy family
........a husband who loves me upcoming holiday with my collegemates
........and to ALLAH who never fail to listen to me and answers my prayers along the way...
........amin,amin rabillalamin....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A quiet and constructive day happy i am..

Today i have started doing Datin Zainun's curtain.The night curtain is fully lined while the valance is simply an
upside down V machine frilled valance...emmmmm have i confused anyone..well just watch these photos closely..

And take a look at the fully lined night curtain.

And the embroidery scalloped edges sheers..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another galloping day.....AWwwww

I have been a busy little bee today but managed to juggle work and  running domestic errands all in one go!....I have only myself to be blame for procastinating and keeping things to the last minute...Better not spell out the details as they will only reveal my unorganised trait.Anyway at the end of the day i managed to accomplished all jobs that needed my attention...Now i can just relax and put a wide smile on my face ...

Monday, June 14, 2010

A pathetic day at JPJ and PUSPAKOM.

Believe it or not ,i spent three and a half hour at JPJ just to transfer the ownership of  a second hand car from the previous owner to my own....huhuhu...lain kali elok beli krete baru aje ....meenyampah betoi!!!Galloping from the borang counter.then to the insurance company,to the pesuruhan Jaya Sumpah and then to PUSPAKOM and then back to JPJ counter....Phew!!!tercungap2 lah jugak turun naik tangga JPJ..Dah lah duit keluar macam ayor.....So my son dearest plis make sure all this effort is worthwhile...CGPA nothing less than 3.5 will definitely worth the effort...tak habis lagi cungap tu...this weekend nak kene hantar pulak krete ke kuantan....

Reach my shop at 12.30pm..Bila mata nih terpandang 2 cadar  yang telah siap dijahit,hati nih senyum dan berbunga kembali...Lihat lah dua cadar Suzannah yang dah siap.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Am missing this view...


A scene from KELAB GOLF BATU PAHAT.I wish i can get up every morning to see this at my backyard..wishful thinking....dream on old girl...........

Just the same sewing over and over again.

Haven't been showing off my sewing lately..a lot of distractions...among other things  like supervising workers upgrading my room at home plus running around looking for second hand Kancil for Mr,Youngest transport in Kolej..So Shimah is left to monitor work at my shop...and updating this blog is not included in her job specification!huhuhu.

But my room is finally ready!I have my own blogging area in my almost finished tiles,new paint.and now awaiting for my new wardrobes..Will show off my small nest when its 100% completed..and to a more serious tone lets take a look of some work in progress,

This is Suzannah's single bed comforter .She requested for 4 sets with 2 pillow covers each set.Lets take a look underneath.

Its plain cotton underlayer..Like getting two comforter at the price of one..By tomorrow one will be ready.

And this is Pn.Laila's pencil pleated scalloped valance.Can't take a full view as it is sooooo long!The scallop are halved at the two ends.Here let me show one end.A very simple but sweet valance and takes up a lot of meterage though....A light weight material will compliment the whole presentation.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Acara kemuncak of our visit to BATU PAHAT was HAURA's WEDDING.


Nostalgic Sunday at Low Piak,Sekolah Rendah Tengku Mariam,JPS,Minyak beku and Stadium BATU PAHAT.

Only 4 hours left before the wedding after which we are heading straight home and we still have a few more destinations to peek.

We had an early breakfast at Low Piak which consisted of a traditional nasi lemak cooked in pure coconut top up will the normal ikan bilis,kacang,sambal with a choice of ayam goreng or sambal sotong.What makes this humble warong different is the gulai lemak putih with sayur kobis n longbeans which is served as side dish with the nasi lemak...Yummy.yummy..Simply delicious and fabulous!!!Sorry no pictures were taken cos all three of us were too busy dipping into our plates..Thanx Zai (owner of the warung who could still recognised My Better Half)for the warm hospitality at the warung.

Then we were off to Minyak Beku,residents of Batu Pahat says that the tiny well here has a significant past.For details sila lah ke website nye ,ya..Ini lah gambar2 yang sempat dirakam..

Monday, June 7, 2010

Had a brisk walk down memory lane over the weekend.An update of the first day...SATURDAY

Last Saturday the 3 of us (Miss 2,My Better Half n my goodself.. of course)took a trip to Batu Pahat which was our home for almost 8 years..from 1992 till year 2000..A lot of fond memories were weaved during this short 8 years stay.But our visit this time was more of fullfilling a wedding invitation...the bride being Miss 2 best friend. while the mother of the bride taught all three of my chidren recite the Quran.So that was how close the bond between the two fdamily.Well...theres so much to talk about and lets just start with our arrival to our place of stay...The Batu Pahat Rest House..huhuhu
Being the first week of the  school holidays most of the good hotels were we had to settle down to the humble Batu Pahat Resthouse at Jalan Tasek.So sad to say this run down building has been neglected for such along time..The rooms were unkept..As soon as we open the door ,our jaws dropped.Miss 2 started listing down things to buy to make our one night stay comfortable...among other things the list included fitted sheet,pillow cover and the pillow as well,towels.....emmmm after adding the cost of all the things we bought to the Rest House bill its almost equivalent to a one night stay in a 4 star hotel!
After getting all the things in Miss 2 lists we went to Miss 2 favourite park during her chilhood days.Too bad my two sons were not able to come along..Off to Tasik Y..

Friday, June 4, 2010

Eh,eh...dah jumaat ya! whooshhhhhhhh.....hyper laju minggu ini....

Orang kata kalau rasa cepat masa beredar maana nye kite ni teramat sibuk dengan kehidupan.Oh !it is so true..dikedai sibuk dengan tempahan...dirumah pulak pening dengan kerja2 menaikkan taraf bilik tidur ku...and finally dah siap pun mengetile(laying of new tiles) and to get the cabinets done and the meantime baju2 masih bersusun dalam kotak...adeh...!!

Now lets take a look of two fabrics from IKEA brought in by Farah for her 2 sets of roman blind.
This serene blue is for her roman blind in her master bedroom measuring 78 x 67.Dah ready this morning.

This multi coloured star fabric is also from IKEA for her children's room.Also a roman blind and ready this evening.As though i don't have enough things to do i manage to grab my long abandoned selvage project and finally got to make it look like "something"....a bag ...maybe?!Tapi tak jadi jadi hahah.
 Maybe a tieback with tassel will  do the trick..

Hahaha,looks a bit funny though..One lesson learned from this project  is never put off a job that you have started cos catching up is a daunting task..