Saturday, April 23, 2011

Talk on tie-backs...

This post is specially for RINA from PPR,SERI ALAM,SUNGAI BESI..Rina is interested in attending curtain classes but is hampered as she is breastfeeding her child..So i am giving some tips in curtain making.I will provide answers to Rina's questions in 2 parts.Here are the answers for Part One.

Part One...Tie backs

The purpose of curtain tie backs is to pull curtains to one side and to let  in some air and light in through the window.

You can make tie backs in matching fabric to your custom-make window curtains.Most of the tie backs i make at NYKOLETT work-station is 3 inches in width.But the length of the tie-backs really depends on the amount of curtains being pulled to the side.So the best is to sew and hang the curtains first and then measure exactly the ideal length with a fabric tape measure.

But in general for a one panel window ...that's about 55 inches in width..the ideal length for tie-back would be 20 inches.The width that i normally choose is 3 inches.For a sturdy look,i use interfacing of 3 inches.

Please visit me here to view some ready made tie backs in NYKOLETT work station.

The end of Part One....stay tune for Part Two ya.....Have a well rested week-end!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

In my quest to shape up things at the new place,back home is a totally different story..

Since Dear Hubby was posted at LCCT for a small project and renting at NILAI and became a weekend hubby,Mr Eldest..who got married last october and moved out...was called back and moved into our home to keep dear MAMA..thats

Mr Eldest was so delighted to move back into his child- hood room with the love of his life...his Darling Wife..

So when Mr.Youngest..who stays in a kolej in Kuantan doing Architecture,comes back home during semester break,he doesn't have a room to call his own.Dia akan berkampung depan TV in the main living.And on the many occasions when he return home he will bring along his project works which also take up almost a third of my tiny living...what a scene he creates in the living...semua orang dalam rumah akan stress betul!And so the home improvement project is the 2nd day of work in progress..

Come let me take you for a messy walk into my small home improvement project here.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I miss bag making so much.

Ever since i move to this new work- station,and ever since i shower myself (to me it cost a fortune)with


book,i didn't have a chance to make a bag...not even one small measly pouch or wrist about buying a book for inspiration huh!Hope my customers tak lari and give up waiting for their bags to be ready.Sabar ya kawa-kawan semua!

Dah tu tiap2 hari duk menyusun barang dan moving shelve or cupboard....masih belum dapat the ideal arrangement...susah jugak kalau dapat satu rumah terak (ini bahasa orang perak...pick it up from Dear Hubby ,maksud nye besar kot) and selang seli pulak dengan mengejar customer and buat quotation..By the time i reach home i am totally knock out!Sempat jeling aje kat buku si AMY tuh!

I hope i can finish up my Sew along-applique....pun dah tiga hari staring at me seeking attention.Harap2 dia tak senasib dengan my bag making venture..

When i return to my work station at 3pm this evening,all the ready curtains were piling up waiting for my quality control check.Sayang betul kat my 2 girls.They are such conscientious and hard working.But sometimes i wish they can slow down a wee bit so that i can catch up with my cutting sessions.Nak ambil photos pun tak sempat ,dah almost shutdown time (maksud nye tutup kedai for the day...takut ade orang ingat nak bungkus bisness pulak ..huhuhu..touchwoooood)So jamu lah mata dengan baby mat ni ya....the only thing that caught my attention this evening...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sew long appilque update..

I think i am beginning to get the feel at doing applique..messy lah sikit because i can't get the right tools.I have abstain from buying any kind of helpful gadgets..Baru pindah to my work station ....duit dah keluar macam kene lah make do with ape2 yang ade in stock .Tapi kalau berhasil lah applique ni baru lah justified to buy all the sewing aids..

Read about my venture into this new hobby here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A saturday night filled with good food,great company ,astounding loud muzik and stupendous dancing..

Yesterday i accompanied Dear Hubby to attend The IEM 52nd Annual Dinner & Awards Night, at JW Marriot Hotel ,Putra Jaya.Seronok jugak sesekali dapat menikmati makanan dan dilayan pulak seperti tetamu khas di hotel 4 bintang or is it 5 ke?..kurang priksa lah pulak.Officially started at 8.30pm and we left the ball room at 11.15pm and reach home at about 12.30 midnight...Continue reading here..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shopping Thursday

In the midst of reorganizing my work-station i could still find time to join in a shopping spree along with my good dear buddy Datin Natasha..Well actually i needed a break from my workplace.When she requested my company to guide her in choosing curtain materials for her house i welcome the offer with open hands,Its like going shopping,choosing materials of my choice....
of course keeping in mind the color  scheme  of every room...and having someone else foot the bill....hihihi isn"t that lovely..And as though that is not enough i have been given the pleasure to decide the patterns for every room.

And percaya tak,Datin Natasha spent only RM 850 on  materials to curtain up one living room and 3 bed-rooms....this unbeatable rock bottom price can only be obtained at NAGOYA.

Take a look at the gorgeous materials here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Listing today's activities ...

7.55 am........Open my work- station

8.15am..........Had the most sinful nasi dagang at Taman Setiawangsa Foodcourt.

8.45am..........Waited at the door of the post office for it to open..15 mins to 9 am seemed like eternity .......... to  pay    daughter's broad ban,which has been 3 days overdue.

9.15am..........Went to Giant to grab some titbits for office coffee corner.Thank god Giant is just on top of the Post Office.

10.00am........Went back to work-station to send ration for office coffee corner and to brief maids chores for the day.My maid comes twice a week that is on Tuesdays and Fridays.So it is of great importance to detail out her duties for the day.

Also manage to cut 22 meters of organza sheers for customer staying at Sri Ayu Apartments...this is probably the only task sewing related for the day...............kalau hari2 macam ni kene lah tutup

11.30am.....Landlord drop by to pass me the tenancy agreement to be sign.I had to pay the the stamping fees RM50..biasa lah tu kan..She brought along her handsome son ..a lawyer brief me....i could feel my two seamstress jumping at the back trying to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous looking guy.I don blame the girls..its not often we get handsome visitors...selalunye mak-mak aje yang datang bertandang..jarang2 mak bawa anak lelaki yang tahap adult...kacak pulak tu!

12.30am.....went to Ulu Kelang to collect customer's long cusion seater to sew the cover.

1.15pm......Back at my work - station.Had my zuhor prayers.

2.15pm......A plate of rice and ikan bakar was already doodling in my head...but no chance at all..2 customers came and we chatted about curtains and fabrics till 4.30pm...

4.35pm......had my asar prayers on a growling stomach.

5.00pm......Close my work station.

It rained heavily..waited till 6.30 for the rain to stop..Had a hearty lunch-dinner with dear hubby..the menu was nasi putih with paprik,telur bungkus,siakap masak tiga-rasa and sup daging..Memang nak membunuh diet i.kakaka.Kalau mati pun takpe...kenyang makan..

Thats my Tuesday story..How was yours??

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A little pampering for me self

After selling 10 bags i think i deserve to be pampered and so i bought this..For months i have been googling at the book and although i did not enjoy reading the feedbacks from fellow blog needle friends (BNF)i was determined to own one.

Well whatever made me buy this awesome book even though the instructions were not easy to understand..?.Continue reading here.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Too hot to handle.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.The weather has been unkind..or is it this new work place ,no trees to filter the hot sun..maybe i need to transfer some of my potted plants from home...or it could be me going through the menopausal stage..kakakaka

Whatever the reason is i better not try to figure it out.I am better off keeping myself busy digging into these lovely materials waiting to be transformed .Go visit me here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello there all my Blogger Needle Friends.

Sorry for the long silence.Having a blast reorganizing my work station.Thank Allah the move went pretty smooth and none of us broke any bones while at it!

Come over here to get a peek at my new place.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Today i ran around like a chicken with the head cut off!

trying to manage everything and living up to people's expectations..Nothing much accomplished,but back at my work station i could finally see my room .Thanx to my ever hardworking maid who finally manage to clear the pile of boxes and putting back things in the right perspective.

The best part of having this new work station is perhaps the bay window in my cutting room.Somehow bay windows have a great feature .I have curtain up many bay windows but when it comes to decorating my own i am at a dilemma...The window panes are tinted.Which means to say that curtains will be  just merely  decorative purpose.Will definitely visit a few websites on bay windows before deciding...Still no photos to share...