Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I will be seeing a lot of green right till Christmas.

Yup!more green materials  headed into my work-station today in preparation for the up coming christmas wedding.

Now tengah fening nak pikir what curtain styles to adopt.But i will always bear in mind that simple pattern goes a long way. Must choose something yang tak  jemu di pandang mata..and at the same time not too monotonous but eye catchy..So must go google and blog hop around the globe to get inspired..How was your TUESDAY..definitely not as green as mine?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Another extended weekend..the Muharam break

This extra holiday is most welcome...i am catching up on lost time here in my distorted garden doing the needful fight against white termites.I have soaked this once upon a time beautiful tree at the roots with  TERMIFOS 212..and while at it i did some weeding.cutting and rearranging the potted plants..Managed to fill 3 bags of size X-L plastic garbage with dead branches,leaves and dead snails...Now i am wondering if this tree can still survive.. I have tied the tree to keep it upright and fight against the strong wind that comes every evening  with the rain..so much effort to keep this tree stand still and continue life....

My beautiful philipino grass are all taken by termites and daun pegaga is growing wild....better this way than just leaving the ground empty with  earth..looks like the termites do not fancy daun pegaga.Tu yang tumbuh subur...

Dan ganjaran nye setelah penat bermandi peluh di taman anai2,i bought 3 pairs of cosy slipper/shoes all from SUNGAI WANG PLAZA...macam bebudak lah pulak..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sharing Thursday...

The two bales of embroidery crushed voile sheers have just arrived...and now for some serious cutting.

Two bales.. one in dots and another bale in 3 leaves design.
How do you cut a thin slippery fabric which just refused to stay put on the table..?

I like to do my way....And this is how it goes:

First get the desired width..

Then make a small cut.
Then try getting a strand of the fabric thread and pull slowly till the thread give away.You might have to do this a couple of times till you reach the end of the fabric..You will now have a straight line .

Then with a very sharp scissors you can cut following the lines left by the  pulled thread...be careful not to cut your shirt beneath the sheers ehh..i do it a couple of times...hmmm
Rest assured that you will get a perfect straight line..

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More windows to curtain up...

somewhere in Gombak,early yesterday morning.......renovation works still in progress though....I need to upload the photos thus enabling me to visualize the curtain style to adopt..When there are 7 bed rooms, 7 toilets,2 living areas and two kitchens to furnish with curtains you can easily get a stray.So these photos are my savior.

The old curtain has collected dust...

This old curtain at the wet kitchen really need a rest..

At the same time i am going to have fun getting a curtain fabric to match this beautiful refreshing green bed skirt.Such a beautiful striking green.A fabric with a touch of shimmering silver black and a splash of green will be a great combo.

And these beauties were delivered last friday somewhere in Bukit Setiawangsa.But unable to post the photos as job has not been completed.Stay tune for updates..

Friday, November 18, 2011

The package has arrived safely ..

i am happy that mummy Noraihan  is delighted to have received her order which arrived today  on time before the baby's arrival..

but I was quite shock at the postage charges..a wobbly RM42.Phew.POS MALAYSIA cekik darah betoi!Mana ade berat sangat pun....maybe next time i will have to fold the package and make it look smaller.Since the bundle is light i have been charged for space taken...if only i had the time to re packed the whole thing...but then raihan will miss the thrill of receiving before the baby arrived...so i just paid the postage................

These two baby diaper stackers were ordered by Wynn from bangi...Hope she likes it.So wynn,bila hang nak mai ambik?
First time i am using felt material to personalize my hand mades..easily done..but did not like the hand stitching part..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The green mosses basket cover set is ready..

As at this evening the basket cover and the baby changing mat/blanket is done.The 2 pillow covers, bolsters and straps for the handle will be ready first thing tommorrow morning.So Puan  Noraihan Isa,i will be posting this bundle to you tomorrow afternoon ..To malacca,to malacca..harap2 sampai sebelum raihan bersalin anak yang ketiga.

For Puan Noraihan Isa...Merlimau,Malacca.
And the roman blind is also done...entah berapa kali kene tetas sebab yang tukang jahit budak baru belajar..fail maths agaknye ke langsung tak amik SPM....lalalalala...kesian saya ..tension gitu!

And i also receive an order for two sets of baby nappy holder from dearest friend Wynn,Bangi....

The material chosen is from Elyza ..Room For Kids'

Almost ready...am contemplating to embellish the top with decorative buttons....wynn...shall i ,shall i??

Monday, November 14, 2011

Line up WIPs for the week

I never experience Monday blues like i always do when i was serving the government  about 15 years ago.Infact i miss my work station on weekends.Although i can still sew at home but i am darn  devoted to my family. I feel so blessed to have  my own quiet place to doodle with the fabrics , maximise my creativity time and not having to worry about cleaning up after making all the mess ...i leave the mess to my bibik who comes twice a week to clean up..another blessing!

Enough of the ramblings.And what have i been working on off late....Curtains for the 3 storey house at Bukit Setiawangsa..

French Pleat curtains in blue and pink..( pink fabric on background)

French pleat curtain and a pelmet valance for the living

French pleat for dry kitchen and a roman blind in the same greenmarket fabric for the wet kitchen

The pelmet valance for living and the roman blind still in the design stage..
And not forgetting an order for a baby mosses basket set..consisting of
a basket cover,a blanket,two pillow sleeps,and two bolsters...
The baby mosses basket already quilted.

The baby blanket being quilted.....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Exceptionally hot sunday...

If you are in a sedentary occupation / hobby like mine you don't get much physical exercise except for  the stress involve in making points match as in quilting and sewing straight lines which does pretty much make roll exercise for the eyes...and so
my enthusiasm for a few stretches of the arms and legs are always  spent in my petit garden.And when the sun is shining hot i could not resist a few lingering moments in my sanctuary.

For many years this christmas  like tree has been the apple of my eyes till early this morning i notice the slight slant to the left.

Haish!....detected white termites...running up the poor tree..

I have engaged the SELAYANG PEST CONTROL to do the usual pest control service every three monts.Well the house is almost termite free and now i know where they are having fun  taking refuge in my garden at my expense...So looks like the whole garden needs some cleaning up job.Good excuse to get new plants,trees and new flowers...and some good money flying away too....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Its FRIDAY again...11.11.2011

I have so much to talk about but just too little time to spare on  these lappy keys.I just don't know where to begin,I always make it a point to update this little space of mind every day but i just got carried away with the goings of the day..and the next thing i know i have past 2 days without documenting anything here..Haish!

Lets just talk about today.Dah lupa pulak the happenings of two days ago..Got these from skynet.

From top-down,sheers for living,love for pink room,blue teddy for boy's room and pale gold for main Living..

These are part of the curtain materials for the 3 storey house at BUKIT SETIAWANGSA..Materials for kitchen will be arriving tomorrow  and Madame of the house still has not decide for material in master bedroom .So in the meantime the day saw me cutting all these gorgeous materials till late evening.

I also want to show the first bed skirt done by my male sewer.Not too bad except for a few crooked piping which needed repairing and rectified in a jiffy.Come take a look...

And in the meantime theres another order for a mosses basket for Puan Noraihan Isa from Malacca.She is almost due and this order came at about 2.30pm today.Quite a short notice.She requested a basket in plain material and the choice of color should be able to fit both a baby boy or girl.So i took some time off from my cutting table and flew to NAGOYA and found a color which would be fun to work with.

Is this lemon green...?
Image from google.

I can never work with just one solid color.I know i had to match the green with some stripey material.Sikit lagi tak ambil kain polka dot'sebab takde color  yang match pun.

Not sure if i can get the baby basket done before the baby comes.I will definitely try my best though.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A bundle of joy...

The baby blue basket set is finally ready..with a little bit of difference...

There is a fitted sheet beneath  attached to the main body..

Oh yeah...fitted sheet in polka dots..

Actually the fitted beneath is optional..The frills  in ABC looks equally sweet by its own .,but i didn't like the sight of the basket peeking under the frills as my seam-boy cut the frills a wee bit short..so that is why i cooked up the fitted to cover up...hmm clever job but cost me extra meters of polka dots...