Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jom Jahit Apron dengan TiniHani.

My apron is ready..It actually takes only a few hours to get done....the frills were left over from a comforter project which i work on a couple of months ago.And since this pattern has been my old time favourite.. making it was a breeze...tapi terkial-kial lah jugak..sebab kejap2 kene  tukar benang

I have attached a velcro for easy wear..i am always in a hurry to get the cooking tying with my hands at the back is quite a hassle..

And since i get bored easily,i have made mine in two but matching colors..sort like reversible gitu....there is also small pocket in the middle... on the green side... to snuggle my hand phone.

The floral frills are fabric from ELYZA,the plain green chintz is from TEJANI HOLDINGS
The yellow fabric with vegetable motifs  is from ELYZA

Maybe now i need to change my curtain valance at the kitchen...huhuhu

For more curtain  patterns hop to TiniHani

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lace talk

Sorry gals.

Todays talk will bore you ...penulis pun da penat jadik bibik mengemas tak habis2..naseb baik tak tulis wordless wednesday aje.....................

No curtain talk..

But it needs mentioning,and equally important.....

It is what we do at the end of our project to give it the finished, polished look....


4.5 inch in width
5 inch in width.
Bosan tak dengan post ini?

You have been warn,so jangan complain ekk...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

With all my recent energies focussed to my studio cleanup life has been very busy.

I am not going to lie but my compulsive hoarding tendencies have created a lot of curtains,cusions ,tea pot and blender cosys,table cloths,slip covers and not forgetting uncut materials being accumulated over a span of 10 years.As much as i like to create and sell but sometimes certain things just couldn't get into the hearts of every one and thats the reason for the mountain of stash.As at today there are about 50 over boxes and about 10 are awaiting for takers.I like to work on the simple priciple that if things are being kept for more than 5 years  then it just have to go...A few people are coming to view tomorrow.. ...hopefully my babies...... my stash.. will get new owners...sob,sob,sob...

And on to a more lively tone...take a look at this sweet little craft..

It comes in pairs...

Such tedious work and it cost only RM2.50 for a set of two..

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lazy monday.....

Its  true that Sunday is a day of rest...............but  i have been working every sunday for the last three weeks...yikes..tak kaya jugak tapi syukur hidup bahagia seadanye. .,and today it has taken its toll on me....this morning          

I practically drag myself to soon as my girls were in i made a detour home,that's the bonus of being your own boss......of course i drop by the food court and had the most sinful nasi dagang for was so delicious and there goes my diet...ok no dinner tonight..huhuhu

I only return to work almost at closing time at 5pm.So not much work done..  Now lets just share and see the love seater with the new covers i made last week..

and not forgetting the handrest cover for thr torn slip cover..

After fixing the hand rest cover
And the next  reformation work would be this old girl below..

Whatever happen to the back rest....i wonder...and whats a girl to do?..throw out the old chair?nooooo...the chair is stil sturdy good...or sent for re -upholstery...thats going to cost a fortune pulak.....ayoyoyoyo

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Installation of magnetic snap button.

For my sister in law Su who requested me on a tutorial for installation of snap button....i found an easy to follow tutorial Made By Rae.

I thought i have mastered the technique but while trying to post this tut i  realised my mistake when i actually press the tabs inwards instead of outwards( at step 6)...oh lalalalala.... how careless of me and i deserve a slap on my face for  failing to follow such an easy tutorial!......i think i have done about 10 snap buttons as of today..wonder if it will make any difference....will it fall off easily...?time will tell....naseb baik all bags are for my personal use...

Happy sharing Su...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lumberjack check took over the stripes;;

For many years these cushions..for a love seater seat.. were in white and blue stripes...but the owner wanted a change of color but still need to  maintain stripes effect so i suggested the lumberjack checks in grass green with lines of dark brown, and perhaps a tinge of cream...will post the full pics once i sent them over to her house soon.

I also made a back rest cushion 25 inch x 9 inch in ivory  cream to match a wing chair which is place at the side of this love seater.
Material is Indian cotton from ELYZA.

Friday, February 18, 2011

More funny shape cusion ready..

This cusion has funny corners that makes it quite a challenge to cut and sew...Lucky theres only one ....i call it teardrop...

2 front views.
A long zip is attached at the back.
Choice of fabric is customer's own

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gathering of scraps for the apron sew along with TiniHani.

While in the midst of moving to my new work station i am in high spirits to join the apron sew along spree with TiniHani.Come take a look what scraps ( big ones...)i found in my mountain high stash.

Well mine will be a reversible apron and large enough to cover DH huge body..He gets domestic once in the blue moon.So i am hoping that he can fit into this apron too,but the frilly edges will definetly annoy him.Oh well i am the one who frequents the kitchen so its me to decide isn't it.And since the shop was a bit quiet this morning i even manage to put the bits and pieces about high spirits...ahah,ahah,ahah

So looks like 60% is ready.Should be completed before the dateline...28th february...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A new cover for my check book?

Yesterday i saw a beautiful checkbook cover  here.

......and was drooling over it for the past couple of days...which makes me one to replace my too male looking checkbook i made..the first, so excuse for the not so polish make a couple of months ago..

When i am not carrying the checkbook i like to keep it in a zippered like long purse...but when i go to the bank to do any transactions i prefer a simple slip on cover to avoid the hassle of zipping and unzipping..but somehow the color doesnt appeal anymore...hahaha...sebab jealous tengok Venus de Hilo punye canteks sesangat,senang aje nak buat...but must choose something that is not too girly and catchy.. next before going to bed project..Rasa nak buat hari ni cuti maulud....tapi DH is in the house..shhhhhh

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hollang Lace di Andaman Ukay Pedana...

For those who have been following my babblings since the new year,you might still remember the holland lace that needed extension... its already up this morning..But it was a really windy day and i had problem trying to keep the curtain steady for this photo shoot..So after fighting with the wind.. here it is...

Curtain at the kitchen
This lace is hanging at the Bay window in the main living.
There is a 19 inchs drop valance in front of the lace backdrop.
Now i will take you into the guest room pulak..Also in  lace but this lace is Ipoh mali....not too bad bila dah jadi...

A simple french pleat with frills on both elegant..
And i also sew a table cover for her dining in cream ( material from ELYZA) with a boxpleat drop of 10 inchs..The red lace in the middle is also from Holland.

Should have remove all the decorative things on the maroon lace for a better shot of the lace..but segan pulak dengan puan rumah...hihihi

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Adious Roller Blind,hello VALANCE

Look at this beautiful roller blind.Today ,oh yes another working sunday, am not complainig,love the monetary return..huhuhu,i had to bring it down for Puan Roseminah to make way for the traditional curtain valance.So here are the pics..

This is the roller blind..has been in this kitchen more than 5 years i reckon.The price now can easily fetch about Rm500.
This is the newly curtain valance.(double layer).Cost only RM350 inclusive of the single alluminium trek and installation.
Here is another 2 panel valance in the same kitchen area.Costs Rm200.

Friday, February 11, 2011

My daughter was a HELLO KITTY fanatic..

Caution..this is going to be a long post..

Do you all remember the Hello Kitty fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio......Once upon a time the trademark hit the whole world like wild fire..Bukan budak2 aje kene target...mak budak pun terikut2 sama....Semua product kat major superstores have Hello Kitty adorn on almost everything,dolls,clothes,jeweleries,comforters...the list is endless kan.....

So tadi masa i berkemas my ARKIB...(aka work station...hahaha memang macam arkib negara... jumpa( tak hilang pun..cuma long forgotten).
 another organizer belonging to my daughter
Sedih tengok betapa buruknye organizer ni di mamah usia...sebab tu lah da masuk arkib i made this when my daughter was 13 years old...she is ...going to be 23 years old...unlike the organizer my daughter is getting preetier...kalau mak tak puji siapa nak puji..hihihi..dah 10 years old but still look sturdy except for the colour which has faded tremendously..I brought it home this afternoon,wash it thoroughly....naseb baik tak koyak///and thanx to the glorious sunny day it got dry within a good hour and a half.Now its hanging on the window of her room...she is in college...kalau dia ade dia akan menjerit....dia tak suka bende yang dah buruk...

Sue from My Botang Crafty Corner wants to know how i make the back sturdy.Simple aje..i just quilt the old fashion way using sponge..lebih murah and firmer than batting fiber.And then i insert a rod on top so that it can hang majesticly without toppling when the pockets are fully stuff.The length of the rod should be just the size of the organizer.

Some of the rods that you can use are...

The humble curtain track.

The alluminium rod that are also use for roman blinds.

The S shaped wire

Just make a small opening on the top of the organizer and slip the rod through the opening like this pic.
The small opening.

Here i have inserted a white colour curtain rod and the S shaped wire.
Sorry  i can't show you how i put the rod in..No camera man to help out..After its done you can handstitch the little opening back in place.

Another alternative would be to sew tabs using velcro like the following pics.

See nicely hung...but somehow  i prefer putting the rod inside the organizer.. will look more sturdy..