Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday bliss

Today i will finish up the last bits of curtain orders..The raya songs heard through the radios is driving me into the raya mood.By 12 noon everything will be done and i am off for a long overdue rest full weekend and a week long holiday till
the 4th of september..There will be lots of shopping, cooking , entertaining and visiting relatives and of course dressing up prettily in new baju kurungs.....mencurah2 duit mengalir..adeh!

 macam bebudak lah pulak..nasib baik tak join in the kids bakar mercun and main bunga api...baru betul nenek to be vogue!wakakaka.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Fitri with your loved ones...take care...don't eat too much rendangs... i am off till september..Bye for now!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Can you just hear the end of ramadan creeping up on you ?

Today i went shopping for Mr Youngest 's baju melayu..Hmm.It was only ten minutes past ten am.But people are flocking the deparmental stores already so early.,and i thought we were the early birds.I never like crowded places.Lucky he did not waste much time scouting around and found one that suits him well in a jiffy and by 11.30 we were out of the store..

And we will continue the shopping spree next weekend at Sungei Wang Plaza for some shirts and pants.They have so much choice here and not forgetting a much denser crowd....

And the sound of fireworks are increasing during the nights..despite the endless caution and reminders in the papers and Tv...people are still burning fireworks out loud ,children losing fingers through carelessness and vendors selling in the open market...When will all this end..?

And with all that said....the saddest part of all being .................
ramadan is actually slowly leaving us....@sigh@

Thursday, August 18, 2011

On the 18 th of ramadan...

Another 12 days to Aidil Fitri..How time flies kan..I am wrapping up work at the office..Tommorow will complete the last valance and by next week i have time to do my own house curtains..but somehow the old curtains still look majestic up on the track.Why waste money..Maybe i will make  some new throw cusions on the sofa to usher into the new year...saja aje nak menghabiskan duit..Haish!nafsu...

Anyway today some cusions were completed.

For Datin Zaiton...4 cusions and 5 sets french pleated curtains

For Puan Ani..2 cusions 21inch X 11 inch
And not forgetting i have make a lot of progress on The Cosmo Bag..Today i did a lot of ironing on the interfacing.Phew this is really a huge bag..Well i was aware of the ready size before venturing into it..But since i have never made this big size bag i was quite determin to give it a try..Memang giant bag..Rasanye malu nak bawa beg sebesar ni kemana pun.Memang will use it to store my scrap fabrics lah jawab nye...Yes..It will be my fabric bag!

Spent a lot of time affixing the band and the handles.

Big botommmm...

Nice and need interior pockets

The big and the small...

I think i need another session to complete this bag..Can't wait to get it done...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No electricity today..haiyo yo!

Due to the heavy rain yesterday the thunder struck my electricity housing and i had to wait for TNB for inspection and later had to get the electrical man to fix the fuse.A good 4 hours wasted ..I had earlier given my seamstress the whole day off thinking that it would take the whole day to rectify the problem..

And as for me i thought it is a good time to dive into Amy Butler's Cosmo Bag.So i spent the whole morning cutting and cutting and cutting...endless cutting..and by 3pm i ran out of interfacing and that is when i call it quits for the day.

I am utilizing all my big scrap for this cosmo bag..takut tak menjadi beg besaq ni.!

Not so productive today.But i am quite contented that i have begin cutting all the pieces and now i just need to get my ration of interfacing and in the mean time will definitely have to visit the various tutorials and reviews in the web before starting any serious sewing ...So i will fly off to Chow Kit Road tomorrow morning to get some craftysupplies,interfacing is first on the list!
Better get home quick.I never like spent time alone in my office.Tada!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two full days spent at home...

Bestnye dapat bermalasan di rumah sepanjang hari tanpa menghirau waktu berlalu..except bila dah nak dekat pukul 5petang ..i will start to cook like those chefs in  the AFC channel...You have been Chopped...aha,aha!

But don't get me wrong..lazying means not just seating on the sofa with both legs up in front of the TV.My version of lazying in the house is having time to myself and doing household chores which my two -days- only-in a week- maid left unattended.Yes!doing house work can also be therapeutic at times.

Hmm ..although my maid comes at 9.30am and finishes at 3pm on tuesdays and fridays and works like there's no tomorrow..(bless me!)...there are certain things i like doing my own way...

...I did a lot of scrubbing on the stoves ...two oven stoves and one microwave oven the two fridges.
...peeling onions,gingers , blending ,  and later storing them in small jars all ready for cooking time in the evenings..
...and the best part of it all is cleaning the fish,chicken ,beef ,prawns,veges and assorting/packing  them in equal eating portions for the family.

Funny how this little preparations done well ahead of time saves me a lot of hassle and makes my cooking a breeze before berbuka time.And when all is done i will just reward myself with a short nap till 5pm when it is time to hit the pots and pans and start cooking for berbuka...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dining chair covers in progress..

A quick update before i go to the battle field......nak masak untuk berbuka hmmmm........

Remember tak the dining chair which i posted a couple of days ago?One set is ready.Five more to sew.

The seat is hard marble..uncomfortable and makes the chair heavy,

The chosen fabric to match the kitchen valance and the table cloth.

There is a small pleated box pleat to give a neat polish look..and piped all round the back rest,

A two inch border all round the edge of the 10 inch skirt.There is a small pocket  with a chair pad insert on the seat to give the comfort and fluffy effect.

That is as much as i can write.This is injury time  ...have to fly to the kitchen real fast..Enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A pink basket... for twins?

A week ago a grandmother came with the baby basket below to my shop.I was not present a that time but my girl was there to service her.I think this is the third time i am making up the same basket.The first was in pink , the second in blue and now she is expecting twin grandchildren...hmmm..i was wodering if the twin girls can both cuddle into this small basket.She wanted a pink basket and it was totally up to me to decide the choice of material and pattern.

Anyway i knew i wanted to try something different..And since i have to keep to a small budget which means no pillows,no blankets but just the basker cover i thought i wanted to deliver something quite different from the last two i did..So after oggling on the web i decided to do the box pleat instead of the normal machine pleated frills.And i used two tone materials for the box pleated frills.And the outcome is quite pleasant..

I think the 4 ribbon-bows make the basket look very pretty and dainty..I hope it is pink enough for the granny..But somehow i feel the color is a bit sallow...Don't you think so.?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Home alone again....

Every soul in this house has return to their own nest..So i will be on my own til saturday..The two newly weds are in Muar and presumbly on leave til tuesday.

Berbuka dengan lauk recycle lah jawabnye...Sempat jugak singgah kat mini bazar ramadan on the way balik tadi..Konon nak cari kuih manisan untuk berbuka ..Ade lima stall.Tapi semua jual bende yang sama aje..Tapi sebab dah dapat parking best2 betul2 depan bazar might as well rembat a few kuih.My favourite has always been the egg caramel grab 2 pieces...itu aje!

Ok..and now some updates on work done at my office..First,  lets take a look at a friend who is my constant companion since my childhood days when i was learning to recite ..Yes!The Quran.Well today i made her a new cover all in green and with roses..

Most of the pages are slightly torn.And some pages holds my tears mark..I learn to read the quran from my mum who is so strict.One verse wrongly read were rewarded with a pinch on my peha..Aduh merah lebam!Tu yang menangis sampai menitik2 kat quran..Bebudak sekarang untung.Mak panggil ustaz kerumah untuk mengajar..Selamat lah dari kene cubit dan dijerit hihihi. 

And the four pillows are ready for Kak Ummi..

Two pieces in embroidery and two pieces in plain lavender.

And the baby basket in progress....

This basket will be in pink with box pleated frills on the outside and quilted on the inside.

This dining chair (6 pieces ) is waiting to be covered in the floral vintage  material from elyza with matching table cloth and valance.

And more sheers que ing up..
Thats about all the work to be done before i close for raya...I think i have ample time.....insyaalah...if i don't fall sick again...touch wood....

Friday, August 5, 2011

Looking back over the years

A couple of weeks ago i received a call from a very warm gracious lady customer who  have been with me since year 2005.I curtained up her 8 bedded bungalow house in year 2005..I also did the bridal room  for her only daughter's wedding which took place at their home the same year on christmas day.And in the year 2008 i was called again to decor the wedding room for his eldest son...but his wedding reception was held at a renown hotel..

On christmas day this year ,son no 3 is tying the knot. And since the wedding is going to be on the home ground....all curtains need to be changed as the theme will be green.
Hijau pucuk pisang...pistachio green,apple green lime green...".Every window should be curtain up with a touch of green." says Datin.
Oh yes,it is going to be a green wedding in the garden.So our 2 hours meeting on last Wednesday was very fruitful as she has chosen all materials.Well this is going to keep me occupied after raya.In the mean time i need to think of the various curtain styles for each area and to come up with the costing as i definitely need some advance cash to start the ball rolling.

Come lets take a peak at the curtains which i made 6 yeas ago.I had to snap the photos to refresh my memory.I don't want to be cooking up the same pattern  this time around.Oh please excuse for the disheveled way it has been hung by the maid after washing..Agak nye i kene bagi kursus mengenai cara-cara menggantung langsir pada bibik terhormat..But the problem is everytime i pay a visit here theres always a new maid....Adeh...

At the main living
At the second living near the grand piano
At the stair case going up...
The girl's room...before her daughter got married she stayed in this room.
Dining area
Dry kitchen...
Son no 2's room
Son no 3's room

Not posted here are the 7 toilets ,the master room.,maid's room (which is out of bounce at that time) and the bridal room which is under renovation..Looks like my hands are full for the next couple of months.Sure need extra staff after raya.Wish me luck ..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Simple curtains for my petite kitchen....

I am so happy that 60% of wip is done at the office..and now i can concentrate a bit on my own shabby home.The most important area that needed attention is my wet kitchen which was renovated a few months ago.At first i thought a simple valance in plain sheers would suffice as i wanted the kitchen to be bright and sunny with lots of natural light peeping through..But suddenly i could not bear the hot sun during the evenings..especially now that it is the month of ramadhan where i spent my entire evening cooking up good food for the family....So i installed the roman blind which gives me the option to bring the curtain down during the exceptionally hot days .. and so here it is...

At first it was just this valance

And then came the roman blind..this is how it look when pulled down.
and when raised slightly up..

And when fully up is like having two valances....hahaha notice the wall cabinet which did not appear on the previous photos but suddenly appear in this one.?Well my installer just got it installed while i was uploading this post....and yes i notice he has put it a little bit too high..That calls for another small cabinet below..perhaps!

The materials for the blinds were from table cloths which i bought recently.