Thursday, March 31, 2011

We have just moved...

the place is in a terrible mess..unpacking and rearranging is the main actvity throughout the day..but today i still manage to cut some curtain materials for an appartment at Kelab Villa,Bukit between short breaks..But no photos to share till everything is set up and looks at least presentable.

I also realised that my posts is getting sparse lately,i know.. i really miss my small space here and sharing my moving out activities.I will make it up to you when the time is right and my body hurts..side effects from the excitement of packing/unpacking ...subside..

And now for a goonite sleep till the wake to another sunshine..Toodle peeps.Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I will be getting my new studio tommorow....

Due to budget constrain only the studio is new...but not literally new..painted like new hihihi...everything else in it is is almost 11 years old...hmm antic lah konon..orang kata lagi lama lagi mahal kan....

anyway,ever since i realize i need a new place i have been browsing the internet for ideas on how to utilise small space to the max.When it comes to sewing the adage " a place for everything and everything in its place "is so true.I don like to set up and having to put it away everytime i want to sew.This precious time is better spent on sewing up a bag..I have been drooling over pictures that i wish to have in my own studio.The first ...maybe the only thing that i don"t have... on my list would probably be a thread organizer which must definitely be dust free ,reachable and professional looking.I saw one that suit my taste at Elaine's sewing studio.

May be i will get dear hubby to build a replica of Elaine's thread home.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Don't take photos at night...

But since i am sooo busy during the day,and this is going to last for the next couple of weeks,i had no choice ...taboo or not..snap,snap,snap... so this Alin's huge diaper bag..this photos were snap at 10.30 pm..She wants it in Paisley blue as she is expecting a boy..

This huge bag is 12 inch tall,base is 10 inch x 16 inch and 22 inch wide at the top opening.There are 4 pockets inside and 4 more on the outside.

The strap is 31 inch long
expandable side pockets for baby bottles.When button is unsnap you get a bigger pocket.
When button is snap the bag size is reduce and vice- versa. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

All done and up hanged!

Yes..Curtains for Suria Jelatek has been successfully completed..Unfortunately i cannot share the photos because apartment  is still not furnish...bukan setakat takde kerusi dan meja...hmmm lampu pun not install...therefore all the photos did not turn out well...But at least the roman blinds look ok,as the master room is facing the hot morning sun which enable me to snap some good quality photos to share.

When the blind is fully down
When its up what you get is a valance..its like getting two in one
This roman blind is located in the master bedroom.The door at  the side is leading into the toilet.Normally i do not recommend a night curtain at the back of a roman blind as it  is quite redundant..just sheers would suffice.But since the room is overlooking closely to another skyline apartment i feel a thick curtain will yield more privacy during the day when the blind is pull up.But it is still a matter of individual preference.

Its Friday...i need an intravenous happiness drip today..

With all the goings and happenings and not forgetting the final thorough packing before the move on 30th March,Wednesday,plus the running up and down setting up my show room at SURIA JELATEK..i think i deserve a treat and shower myself with the good things in life..

All i have to do now is to decide which part of my life deserves the slice of joy..

....a new perfume
....a stalwart in my bedroom
....a new addition to my mountain high bags
....a powerful collagen supplement..haha

hmmmmm decisions,decisions,decisions..yang berwarna hijau dan   merah tu akan mendapat lebih perhatian huhuhu

Thursday, March 24, 2011

So much to talk about,so much to show off but.....

ever  since i sent my lappy to be cleaned up...kene spam tak pasal2.....suddenly i can't upload photos..aarrhhh.....dah lah aku habis duit 50 hinggit to clean ,beli pulak alvira anti virus 49 hinggit.. masih hampeh!,,Orang yang terror bab2 ni not at home pulak till the weekend....Whats a girl to do ehh!?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Semalam jadi penunggu.....boringnye...

The week started with the installation of curtain tracks,rod and roman blind for 07-01-block A,Suria Jelatek Residence...ini cerita semalam...I had to supervise work just to be sure they are done to my specification..It is time like this i wish i own a portable broadband... almost 3 hours baru siap..bole mati kebosanan..Well,you can't have them all...The knocking and drilling didn't allow any kind of decent conversation among,the owner and 2 installers.....Well ..while that is going on at Suria Jelatek,back at my work station work was taking shape...Today is the third day working on this project and i am happy to say that we are 80% done..All the french pleat night curtains and day curtains are ready hung...and what is left are those which needed fine tune details....

Some of the ready curtains piling up awaiting for my quality control check

The Goblet with fabric button
The eyelet  curtain
The Roman Blind..without the system

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hari ini ku mampu senyum lebar..........dah dapat the best so far..

No more snail browsing after this....i hope..

TM  UNIFI......THANK YOU DEAR are the best!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Its done!Can't believe it ...completed 4 days ahead of schedule..

PUTRA APPARTMENT  completed officially today.,despite being short of staff have been absent for the past two days to be at the bedside of an ailing can i turn down her leave...that would be evil...isn't it? But i have to fill in for her pulak.....alamak.......

Its a bonus if you being boss can also sew...oleh kerana kita pun sama2 menyembah mesin ..siapa kata boss duduk mengarah aje ehh...??? itu yang dapat complete according to schedule....way ahead of the scheduled time...bless me and the finale is the kitchen ...

But the real reason why i bulldoze through these PUTRA APPARTMENT job ...had lovely time while at it because i can't wait to dig into these yummy fabrics.......

The night curtains parading...
The sheers line up.....
No roses this time around..... 

 They are all for 07-01-Block  A,SURIA JELATEK RESIDENCE...Yay...gotcha!

And the patterns line up swirling around in my head are:

Box Pleat with cascade
Roman Blind
Ruffled scallop

Must sound greek to some ehh...anyway stay tune for updates..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to insert the single needle hook ....

As at today we have completed the two sets of Pinch Pleated valance.This is how they look ready fold.

Just lay the ready valance on the table,the back facing up along the edge of the table.
See..theres a tiny pocket at the base of the header..
Just slide in the needle hook gently,no effort needed if you do it correctly..
One in...another almost done...Simply done..This valance is 120 inch long and takes about 33 pin needles.
A few pin hooks already affix here....more to be done..

And heres a show of the last Tango Bells valance in PURPLE

This is going up in  the children's room...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jacquard for her living...2 sets,one of her choice ...and another of hubby's choice

Am still working on PUTRA APPARTMENT..This jacquard in natural cream is nice to work with and gentle to the eyes....apa tak nye...dah berhari2 mengadap bunga rosese,mata pun letih dan berbunga2 jugak...satu botol eye drop dah kering duk cucur kat mata...

In Taupe...darker side of cream...her choice..
In natural cream...hubby's choice...
This is the pinch pleat valance in the making..ini sebelum di pinch...
Yang ini selepas di pinch dan jahit di tengah...
This is the view at the back ,Theres a tiny pocket at the pleats to slot the single hook.
At the same time the PINK TANGO BELLS are also ready for the audio room.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What is the right hooks to use...

Hari ni jom kite bebel pasal curtain hooks..I think a lot people have seen drapery hooks,but not every one knows how to use them correctly.So the most common hooks used in most homes are the 4 legged hooks.Come lets take a look.

 The four legs when inserted into the pockets of the curtain header will form the three beautiful pleats.
But depending on the pattern sometimes you might need to use the single legged hooks.This ready machine pleated curtain call for the use of a single hook..This pattern is great if you are a busy working wife/mother as you only need to insert into one pocket of the curtain tape.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Its Monday...and back to work!

Today we begin sewing the floral materials for all 3 rooms in my current project at PUTRA APPARTMENTS.We started with the master room.As much as i like roses,but this is a little bit too much .....for my tired eyes...huhuhu....Just to break the monotony of the floral design i have opted to use plain material for the details like the bias and the ribbons on the ready valances..I am not revealing much now, but i am so excited to get it done with... hahaha...... but maybe  a slight peek...and the valance pattern for all the 3 rooms is TANGO BELLS..Only the  master bedroom is ready this evening....size of window is 94 inch width  by 92 inch in length ....valance drop is 20 inch.

The Blue Tango Bells
The Night Curtain is in Big Roses.
 At the same time the 2 pelmets for Madam Senior majlis tahlil are also taking shape.

The V shape is in the middle .

The top pelmet on the left is 95 inch long and 18 inch drop,while the bottom pelmet is 118 inch long and 18 inch at the V,Both pelmets are 15 inch at the shortest and 18 inch at the V and the two ends.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

How much does it cost..........?

to curtain up a 3 bedded appartment at PUTRA APPARTMENTS,TAMAN SETIAWANGSA..ALMOSTS 60 meters.. ! this much material...see below...

at approximately RM4700.! for a fully ELYZA range of fabrics excluding curtain tracks,and stitching costs. Except for the living area which takes up a 3 layered curtains...which is the night curtain,day curtain and a valance...,the rest of the house suffice with just the night curtain and valance ,kitchen included.

so today i spent time cutting fabrics for all the three  rooms..cutting was a breeze as they all share the same style... What is left is just the living and kitchen...will try to find a suitable pattern for both areas over the weekend,already have a few playing in my mind waiting to be purged out.....
 Target time to complete is before the 24th March....

Blue for the master room,purple for the children's room,pink for the audio room and red for the kitchen.....OOOPS ..And gold  for the living .....looks like all colors have been taken.

Hmmm and what about the patterns...? THAT...YOU HAVE TO stay tune for updates ok gals...

 I am off for a well rested has been a tremendously blast week for me..BYE!

Friday, March 11, 2011

More on pelmets and a brief tut on how to attach tabs...

As i have promise myself today i went hunting for fabrics at NAGOYA..So manage to grab materials for 3 sets of pelmet and polyester cotton sheers for the solat room.I think i am going to meet the dateline for Madam Senior's tahlil on the 24 march.And heres a peek...

The 3 pelmets are ready cut

These tulips are for her solat room

And here is a show on the work process for attaching  tabs on a curtain......

For the tabs cut 6 inch x 12 inch strips as much tab as you want

This long strip measures 3 inch x the width of the ready curtain.This is use to close up the tabs ..and let me term it as the header.
Place the tabs at 5 inch apart.At the same time attach the header along the way to cover the base of the tabs.

This is how the tabs look ..the header is still not stitch yet
The female velcro is attach at the V of the tab and the male will be attached on the front side of the header at the base of the tabs.
Now is the time to stitch up the header.
And you are almost done...the only thing left is to attach the male velcro on the front top of the header.
The male velcro is sewn  at the base of the tab and  top front of the header

Hahaha....kelakar tutorial kali ni...Hope i did not confuse anyone.By the way will show how to construct the V shaped tabs in a later entry...