Saturday, September 12, 2015

Crawling to update...

 I guess i am short of time or perhaps i am more comfortable jotting at instagram. You can follow my daily updates in my instagram Rosni Latiff..Many will definitely agree with me on this point that maintaining an ig account makes life on the fast lane a fun one..Nevertheless since i started this blog to document my journey in the sewing world,so here are some updates since the last one..

5 tote bags 
These totes are repeat orders from Puan Hamizan.She chosed all the fabrics from my fabric album..Each tote can accomodate 5 diapers size medium and  2 bottles.

Baby basket wrapp in snow white cotton fabric
This mosses basket in white colored fabric is for Puan Naziefah who just delivered a baby boy yesterday.Her mum chosed the sheer fabric for the skirt and requested lace embelishment on the edges of the frills.

A set of curtains for a new house
These are curtains for Puan Zaharah who just moved to her new home in Puchong.Its a 4 bedded house.All are french pleated curtains.

Aww...thats about all the fun i had for the passed weeks with several patchwork runaway projects slot in between which will need a whole new posting next time.Thanx for dropping by and have a great weekend...