Monday, May 28, 2012

Baskets makeover

It has been quite sometime since i last make up these rattan baskets...have almost lost touch of the techniques and steps in doing.The materials are leftover sheers.I like to utilize all my scraps..Since the theme for the occasion is pink fuchsia i have chosen small floral trimmings with soft touch of dark pink.Wonder if i should embellish with ribbons or bows in stark fuchsia..or just leave it simple...after all they are going to be filled up with gorgeous looking door gifts... i don't want my basket to over-shine the pretty door-gifts...

3 baskets are done...She needs 4 baskets.....another one to go....Hmmm..short of one basket....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday rambles....

What is it with patchwork ..?Its addictive..All these were done many months ago,smells like it has been sitting in the closet for many years....closet smell...Definitely needs a good wash after quilting....and when will the quilting work start???search me...i have no idea.With all the curtain orders lining up for Hari Raya,when can i find time to quilt..I have a good mind to sell these patchwork pieces..Anybody interested out there????

This is for the standard pillow size and there are 2 pieces.

size of each hexy is 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch..the ready patchwork is 86 inch x 86 inch

This is for the standard pillow size and there are 2  pieces

Size of each hexy is 1 inch x 1 inch...size of ready patchwork is 78 inch x 84 inch.

Each patchwork took a good 3 months to complete....

Friday, May 25, 2012

And the material therapy continues...

Look at some of these gorgeous material ......all  are Bellaboo Design from Bangkok.....bought at Dchomel,Taman Melawati  aje lah...tak kuasa nak melalut sampai ke utara nun..

The animal print has been taken

Fun orange combo

Small floral fuschia

Butterfly and black dots

Daisy on pink

Daisy on mustard

soldier print

 If you are interested all  are priced at RM20 per meter cut..postage not included..

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Green pelmet..

The new pelmet

The old pelmet...without fringes because it has been stripped off and transfered to the new pelmet on customer's much in the spirit of recycling old curtains.....

Monday, May 21, 2012

The ugly looking plastic stool has a frilly skirt now.

Who says a plastic stool cannot look pretty...Look at these beauties....

All 6 pieces are done for a customer who wanted to recycle her old curtains

This is the only one in box pleat and with ribbons.

Quilted at the seat and piped..the piping follows the shape of the seat which like hexy looking..

All covers have  4 strings sewn beneath which are tied neatly on the legs of the stool to prevent it from slipping. not throw away old curtains,,,recycle them and have fun along the way..

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The making of hexagon quilt...the old fashion way,no fancy expensive machine involved..

This is how they looked on the wrong side

They keep growing every day if you are a hard working and passionate sewer..

The ready pieced measures 60 inch x 98 inch..takes about 16.5ms of fabric,lots of hexy paper cuts,1 box of staples,countless threads and 3 months of hand stitching with tender love....but to some it is laborious work..kikiki

Just determine the backing material....i need a material and a fiber piece size as large as or slightly larger than the hexy piece..i chose a pastel pink light cotton and started attaching  them by running stitches

The backing material is ready stitched to the fiber.Don't worry if the stitches are not of the same length.They are just temporary stitches to guide you on the peddle when the quilt is machine stitch..

Now let the fiber side face up to you

Now put hexy piece over the fiber and start stitching the 3 pieces (back,fiber and the hexy piece)

This is going to take a good solid an
hour and a half before it goes on Mr.Juki....will keep you all updated.Stay tune and be sure to visit me again next week for this project...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some curtain fabric arrived today..

it is for an appartment at 1 Jelatek...Grey background with turqouise blue like medallion print.. 

Just a simple french pleat..will be ready tomorrow and hang on next tuesday as planned.

And what i am more interested in sharing is this lovely baby quilt ,..the colour is loud and cheery......

This kind of borders with  mitered corners are a real test of patience...

Am still not happy with the looks wonky...will do the pillows tomorrow..Drop by here to see the finished product.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Robert Kaufman arrived today...i am smiling wide

My stars must be shinning bright.This is the second week i am laden with english designer cotton.Here take a look..

The owl and stripes is Robert Kaufman while the white love and plain orange is from Kamdar
And what is it going to be?....well is baby related...

Better view here
Thanx Alin,for this order..

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday sopping...oops *shopping*

Heading to kim loong for my sewing supplies.Funny for the past 10 years i have been his loyal customer..despite the fact that new stores of the kind have sprouted elsewhere i still seek his service.The shop is so small,dusty and it is just impossible to find anything..but being a long time customer i sort of know where *my* supplies are being kept.Certain things..such as fiber.. are kept in the store at the 2nd floor..So you just need to indicate the amount of meterage needed and the assistant will run up and reappear  about 15 minutes later with it ready wrap.
They have about 5 assistants but during busy days you still have to service yourself and find your own supplies.I do this all the time during my visits which is about twice in a month..Mind you,don't be disillusion by the condition of the is quite completely stock with all the sewing supplies ..Be it for bag making,curtain making,dress making.......some of the things which i need...
Top most 1 inch thickness polyester fiber,beneath is white felt which i also use as batting for certain projects...felt is @RM7pm
Fiber batting for comforter making in 5meters@RM12pm.

Sponge batting for cozies project ..Selling @4.80per piece.

Loose fiber for cusion inserts @RM12pm

ok..have to fly off now...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Appartment di One Jelatek...

This sliding door is 18ft wide and 90inch drop,needs 25 meters of material to curtain up..This old curtains need to be changed...

The pattern is just a simple french pleat in 3 pieces,..the left and right will be push to aside and the middle piece will be tied like in the photo,,no borders for the new curtains coming up soon..

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A reversible changing mat for baby of Nur Amalina

Yesterday i was delighted to receive Michael Miller cotton fabrics from Nur Amalina who has requested me to make a changing diaper mat and a diaper bag .The materials are bungalow stripes and dino dudes..

A handsome duo.Great for baby boys,but the cheerful colors can definitely suite both genders

And today i push aside all curtains and started doing the changing mat..The yummy fabrics were too delicious to put on hold although the baby is due many more months ahead..I could have just settle with the ordinary rectangle shape but my creative juice was dying to try out something new.So  i prepared the template and started quilting..














I was rather short of the bungalow stripes fabrics so i have chosen the polka dots and the bright lime green for the frills.
Next project in the waiting.......

Cosmo diaper bag sixe XL
This huge bag is going to be fun will be ready real soon.For updates do visit