Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A beautiful window like mural to curtain up....

Look at this beautiful window....

I have been given the task to install a curve curtain trek and sew a simple sheer...I have no idea how to sew the curtain...Haish! Can anybody help???

Monday, September 26, 2011

A male seamstress...?

 Today a guy called me at 12.30 saying that he wants to fill the vacancy which i advertised for the past 3 weeks ..Hmm..usually the sound of a male voice over the phone just puts me off..!But there was something in his voice..or is it just  me who is desperately in need of an assistance..that made me say"Yes!please come for the interview today at 2pm"..this is the third candidate who came to be interviwed..

So his vital statistics are:.

1) 21 years old male perakian --Yes,muda belia and energetic

2)    1 year sewing experience,likes to quilt...apparently my lady seamstress was quilting when he drop in...he claims he has a better way of quilting!hmm cakap besor pulak orang perak nih!....but i kind of like his confidence..

3)  Can handle the high speed and can thread the over-lock machine with no problem at all...cakap besor lagi...this guy is selling himself..mesti lah kan..kalau tak flaunt his skills aku pun tak hingin nak hire dia..

4)  Can also handle the hand drill and install curtain-tracks....a big bonus...macam mintak cincin zhulian tapi dapat cincin emas 916 tulin....wakakaka...nampak nye masih ade sinar mentari di celah2 hujan renyai kan...syukur alhamdulililah...

Wow,this guy is god-send!So what do you think....shall i or shall i not hire him?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Love-hate relationship with Gemsy..

Meet my old friend,Mr.Gemsy who has been with me for almost 10 years..He is an over lock machine.An over lock sewing machine will cut the edges of the cloth as they are fed and give a clean finished seams.

I just love this guy as he is so versatile and has gone a long way with my sewing business in hemming,decorating and reinforcing many projects.Ade jugak orang panggil sergers...huh...lagi senang cakap orang melayu kite mesin jahit tepi lah!

Oh and he runs fast and flurry...1000 to 9000 rpm...depending how hard you hit the presser foot..so you have to be fully alert and focus closely when you are at it..

And if you are in the same business as me it is advisable to have two...and make sure you constantly service them as often as you do with your normal sewing machines.

I hate it when the thread gives a way as threading and overlock machine can be a real pain in the neck ..especially if you have old eyes like me and you are hard press for time and you are in a middle of a nearly - to -finish job.....and excitement is getting the best of you...

Theres a video on how to use the normal over lock machine..sesiapa yang berminat bole le bertandang ke http://www.howcast.com/videos/454071-Sewing-Machine-Stitches-How-to-Sew-an-Overlock-Stitch

Friday, September 23, 2011

Its a bright sunny Friday

Funny how the weather dictates my day..Wet days will see me indoors glued on my sewing chair while the bright sun will see me galavanting the stores or admiring beautiful homes ..Thanx to  this business which keep me sane..  more like and expensive hobby to maintain...hahaha
Rain or shine,life is beautiful.Thank you allah.

A scenery at Botanical Gardens..deserted winding road..breathtaking..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A recipe for insanity

Tight dateline + busy schedule + a retiring experience staff + endless calls and interviews from inexperience seamstress.....grave kick off for the week....

Friday, September 16, 2011

Holiday time again...

Another public holiday on a friday...so that makes a long week end..I should be happy because hubby will be home much longer and Mr.Youngest is back from college.At least the house is filled with more fun and laughter till sunday,,But this Hari Raya open house gathering is getting me sick ...sick means real sick..I get stomach upsets after each meal...and the frequent visits to the toilet in the middle of the night is robbing me of a good night sleep.Nothing wrong with the food,its just my poor old tummy adjusting to the normal meal schedule after ramadan.

And on top of it all it is raining ..how i wish i could just snuggle quietly in bed and watch a nice movie...I could hear dear hubby calling me downstairs..I am off to another  open house gathering...its just a few doors away...hmmm..my poor tummy.

Goodnite friends..Have a well rested week-end..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Some fabrics in animal prints..

Hari ni bercanda  dijalan TAR mencari kain untuk buat hammock sugar glider..Dah bosan dengan kain fannel or fleece yang bunga2 bungaan kat Nagoya.Jumpa kain corak animal tapi immitation lah not pure animal coat....hahaha..mana mampu..lagi pun i am strictly against cruelty to animal.Bole tahan kain velvet fur ni.Kalau buat throw cusions or chair cover pun cantik rasanye..

All together there are 9 different prints..saya rembat semua corak...Anybody interested just visit KAMDAR, Tuanku Abdul Rahman.They are all in 60 inches width selling at RM10.90.Shopping was a breeze..no crowd ,no traffic jam....wow! i like shopping after Hari Raya.....ringan sikit otak nih bila dapat jamu mata dengan kain2..Singgah di setiap textile store sepanjang jalan TAR...Cuaca pulak redup..bole berjalan sampai ke petang...naseb baik ade apptm at 1pm di work station...kalau tak dah terbakar lah wallet daku ni...

Kalau ade sesiapa nak beli hammocks,bonding pouch and sleeping pouch do drop by http://almiraashlin.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The pelmet story..

Enough updates on my staff problem..Life have to go on kan....

For the past few days i have been working on two pelmets for a customer who is also a dear friend of mine.Her daughter is getting married in November..So she wanted a face-lift for the house curtains .I did her curtains about 7 years ago.And she has been holding on to it for that long.

The pelmet on the left is 7 years old while the two sets on the right are the new ones that i have just made.

She wants the new pelmet in the same pattern as the old ones.But i just added some frills on the heading tape.Attaching the bias at the edges of the quilted pelmet took a lot of time than the quilting.I cut 4 inchs strip bias and fold into 2 inch before binding it neatly  on the raw edges.

I made the V sharper...The night curtain for this pelmet is in the same color as the grey fabric which i used for the frills , back lining as well as the bias..The night curtains were bought by customer ready made during her visit to Indonesia a couple of months ago..

So would you like to know the budget?For two sets of pelmet measuring 88 inches x 39 inches at a cost of only RM360...materials are from NAGOYA.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My crazy head says i need to make decisions real quick..

What do you do when you need to make decisions....?I will start listing down all possibilities..Next i speak to ALLAH.....i know He listens to me..but it is so difficult to hear His reply..so i will start making coffee.....

Then i will make garlic toast...

While nibbling  the toast and sipping real strong coffee i will continue to stare at the list again...Hmmmm....i still don't hear any bell rings...Oh what the heck.I am hungry again.Lets dig into this yummy food pulak..

Perut dah kenyang ...tapi masaalah tak selesai jugak..tambah masalah lagi ade lah...
I am gaining more kilograms ....Haish!I rest my case for now....and pray harder....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sorry for the sporadic updates in this blog...

This is what happen when there is too much to handle and not enough hands to go around....the work station looks like it has just been washed a way by a strong wind..messy,messy,messy..Blame it on me self..I am causing all this mess..Macam mana tak messy..siap potong satu fabric,lari to second cutting table and grab another material..no time to clean up..fly to the third cutting table...all waiting for super maid to clean up.Unfortunately i am running too fast and maid who comes only twice a week is on leave.. It is in times like this i wish i have tentacles,(8 arms will do just fine..)I think i am going to be late in delivering orders...i am short of 4 arms..

On top of it all there is a slow response to my sos advertisement for extra staff.All those who called wants to bring home work to do on their own leisure time...And the calls come from Pucong,selayang,kajang...semua jauh2..kerja cipot aje..Haiyah!!Hmmm..whats a girl to do huh?

Life has to go on...on  gear 3 lah kan..not too slow  but definitely not fast enough to meet datelines.....

Sorry no photos to share as the office is  in a terrible mess...Maybe tomorrow will post the pelmet valance which is in progress...and hopefully  the office will look
more presentable..This update is just to indicate that the owner of the blog is still around kicking well...Thanx for dropping by although there is nothing much too read about..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nykolett is hiring two seamstress to join in the sewing fun

The potential candidate should at least be able to comply to the following minimal requirements stipulated below:

1) can handle the high speed industrial machines...sewing machine and the overload machine as well..
2) Likes to sew...all kinds of curtains,comforters,cozies,bed skirts,runners,cusions,....list is endless lah..
3) able to work 5 days a week from 8 am til 5pm in Nykolett work-station..no bawak2 balik kerja ke rumah.....no overtime...can!t afford to pay pun....

4) and of course have loads of patience and love to craft...

Salary paid will depend on experience lah kan...Sesiapa berminat bolih walk in for interview..Kene lah tayang sikit kebolehan anda dengan menjahit satu langsir at my work-station.....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Runner and table top cover.

This runner is about 7ft long and 18 inch width resting on my side cabinet at the dining area.

This is a lacy coffee table cover..

This table top cover is in the same fabric as the side cabinet..a table for 6..but there is only 4 chairs shown here as i need the space huhuhu..

I have utilized all the laces bought from china..Kalau ade sesiapa nak ke China bole lah tolong belikan. .Puas cari disini tak ade jual pun...........................

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Holiday and celebration is over.......well almost..

Today business resume as usual for the second day on our normal working hours at 8 am till 5 pm.I spent the whole day yesterday running around from chow kit road to Jalan Kenanga to get sewing supplies for my shop.Macam2 yang da habis..My first job is to get ready 30 pieces of single bed skirt (quilted) with one pillow cover also quilted all in white ...persiapan untuk bertemu ALLAH...kata mereka yang order.Elok jugak kite beringat-ingat kan...Today i manage to cut two sets of the bed-skirt in between breaks treating friends/ customers with hari  raya cookies at my office...

Three bales cue up.

One set in  pogress

Oh Yes...on a different note.....kalau ade sesiapa yang berminat untuk membeli pouch for Sugar Gliders sila lah ke website my daughter at almiraashlin.blogspot.com..She is so obsess dengan binatang kesayangan nye and da buka kedai on line.Hmmmmm...penat lah jugak maknye melayan...Kalau mak tak support siapa lagi kan...Sudi-sudi lah singgah ya....The pouches are soooo lovely...again.. kalau mak tak puji siapa lagi kan?