Saturday, April 18, 2015

Reducing stash

In my line of hobby/work,accumulation of stash is unavoidable..So in between my main curtain projects,i always maintain 2 or 3 mini run away task just to administer the mountain high left over pieces of odd sizes fabric.In the end i will end up with  coasters,quilts,runners which are all done through patch work techniques.Here is one of my  on going stash projects...

In order to minimize work ,i took the liberty to purchase a ready made single quilt bed cover guard to be the main frame of my subject matter.Then i started arranging the many blocks which i have been working on religeously on a daily basis.For this quilt,i have focus on my pin wheels and 16 patch squares and keeping each block to a size 10 inch square block.

I have completed the piecing and now i am thinking of the best simple technique to cover the seams.I might adopt the applique style and used decorative stitches as embellishment ..

And so i am a good administrator of scraps...and now what am i going to do with all these ready projects?.They are also piling up...i might share the beautiful piles in another post....

I arranged 3 blocks horizontal and 5 blocks lying vertically.

Then i arranged a bulb like image fabric measuring 5 inch x 6 inch .

And  i proceed with the vertical colorful stripes measuring 5 inch x 10 inch and the green with white dots fabric measuring
10 inch x 6 inch..

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


These are night curtains and sheers for the living area of a house at Bukit Rahman Putra.The fabrics were bought at Jakel Mall.The scallop and tail valance is for the door going into the guest room..

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hello sunny April

What a long break of postings..blame it on my long schedule and plain laziness...Nowadays its much easier communicating through facebook and instagram..But of course i feel more at home right here..So let me go straight to work accomplished since the last posting..But please bear with me...this is going to be one silent movie with loads of pics...

A set of singapore pleated night curtains for a house in Ampang Jaya

A floral comforter set for a queen size bed

A hexagon comforter for a single bed

A matress set for a newborn...this is flying to Adelaide

Towel embroidery for a baby

2 basket liners and top cover

a coverlet for my Bro done using the patchwork braid style.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Working with whites....

White embroidered textile are just great for beddings and its pureness is just apt for babies.So a baby mosses basket was wrapped in this white cotton fabric.

I also made 2 pieces matching drawstring pouch to carry all the cute baby stuffs...I just hope the mum is happy with these beauties...

Saturday, March 7, 2015

What i have been up to....

....doodling with the braid template.I bought this lovely quilt kit  at Spotlight early in february and i spent the long extended CNY holidays building up a 56 inch by 60 inch lap quilt ..This comes with a step -to-step instructions / tutorials from cutting to piecing ,sashing,bordering and till the final stages of quilting..Here are some photos which show the various stages that got me through fun and joy..

The kit

The instructions

Lining up before sewing the long strips together

A good spread after sashing

quilting in the ditch
hand binding.

and its done!

a little embroidery..to label the quilt.
Another quilt going into my collection bin,no way its going to leave me..I really enjoy the process and i hope i will be doing more of these braid quilts.If you are interested to do this style ,you can visit https://www.pinterest.com/explore/braid-quilt/...for more ideas and tutorials.After completing this project i realised that you don't really need a template to do the braid,although the template just helps you to bypass the trimming stages..See how Melissa did hers at http://www.myfabricrelish.com/2013/02/the-french-twist-quilt.html.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Work done in february

Life is really on the fast lane..February flew like the wind.I will now glue myself onto this comfort chair of mine and update all the little things i sew that bring so much joy to me ..

These are 2 coral shaped decorative pillows  ordered by Ezarina Aziz for Wishing Weekend.You can visit her at instagram @wishingweekend,
This is a lovely coverlet for my table top..I have made this using the 10 degree wedge ruler recently bought from a good friend of mine..You can visit many more design ideas using this technique at www.philippsfiberart.com.
This little toddler quilt/lap quilt was done using the braid template i bought from Spotlight,Ampang.It comes in a kit  and an easy to follow tutorial.I will post a more detailed images of the stages i went through to get it done in another post

This baby wrap in shocking pink is for an aqiqah ceremony on the 7th March.This is the 3rd basket i have decorated for puan Hajah Hamidah who is quite a regular customer.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hello hot sunny february.......

I am a little bit overdue updating this little corner of my life..I am having a great time at the homefront and catching up with orders aplenty at my studio.Better late then never.Heres a little update on activities that filled up my days leaving  me with no time for immediate updates over here...

6 more round buttoned navel cusions for Meta Luxury Ventures
6 round button navel cushions for Ezarina Aziz from Wishing Weekend

Blackout night curtains for Puan Suzanah

Curtains were hang at one unit appartment at Gurney Heights...Two sets of eyelet curtains for  the living area and one set of night curtains for the bed room.

Striped motif for the night curtains in french pleats

Eyelet curtains for the living.

Fabrics for the main living is from Tejani Holding ,Ipoh and the night curtains in the bedrooms are sourced from Elyza..

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Third week of january..

Time is ticking too fast...so much to do,so much to learn,no time to get all documented..In between classes (  those which i am the teacher,but mostly i am the student )..here are some work done besides other little projects..

Some curtain eyelets in progress..

These are for an appartment at Gurney heights ,Bukit Keramat..Fabrics are from Tejani Holdings,Ipoh..They will take up a 5 inch header and silver eyelets, going up on to silver rods and graced 2 sliding doors in the main living..

And some round cushions with buttons on the navel were done too...all  eights in velvety matte  fabric..24 pieces more to get done....( i wonder why she needs 32 pieces all in the same tones )..but they will be done! By the way a good one meter fabric with 60 inch width can produce 2 of these beauties

Here is a photo courtesy from customer who is a wedding planner..

 And my favorite pass time,disposing of scraps again and again...a never ending task...more hexy pillow covers..

A little imperfection on the right...but its ok...the mission is to do away with scraps..Mission accomplished and someone is going to have a lovely sleep on a pillow hexagonly pieced with tender loving care.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Curtains ready to deliver..

I have done sewing all curtain fabrics bought last monday at Jakel..Today i am happily wrapping them all readily installed with curtain hooks .Here are all of them,quite a bundle of joy...

I just need to do the tie backs..,oh yes i overlooked that little tiny detail which cross my mind while packing .Will get them done in a jiffy...curtains will look incomplete without tiebacks.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Moving out sale at jakel

I spent the whole morning at jakel with a good friend...She grab quite a handful,who would'nt with discount slash till 75%..Here are some photos to share..

So i am going to have a lot of fun running my shears through these lovely fabrics tommorow.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

first january,two zero one five.....

A new book, several new pages....the  same old me....

I am testing updating using my samsung tab for the first time.Wow this is cool..

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kelas menjahit sarung bakul serbaguna ..

This post is dedicated to my all face book friends in the group Perca,Reja dan Barang Kitar Semula..a couple of them has requested for a tutorial class on " How to sew covers for multi - purpose basket "

Tutorial fees is RM200 and open to all sewers with basic knowledge of sewing though those  with intermediate sewing skills will be at an advantage..Light food and refreshments will be provided..Participants will just need to bring their own sewing kit comprising of basic essentials such as needles,pins,threads in natural color ,pencil or tailor's chalk ,ruler and perhaps a note book to jot down a few tips  and also a good camera to capture the detailed sewing process

Sewing machines and other sewing materials (baskets and 2 fabric combo)will be provided.Please take note that all machines in my studio are high speed and a good handling experience on the participant side would be an advantage too.

Participants are also encouraged to bring their own sewing machines if they feel much comfortable with their own..

The class is scheduled as below. I would like to keep a small group ,minimum of 2 and maximum of 4.That way i can give quality time to each participant..

Date  :  9th.January..2015

Time :  10 am til 6 pm

Booking Fees :  RM100 will be needed to be transfered to my account for buying of baskets ,                                   fabrics and fiber...and full payment to be settled on tutorial day

Participants can start booking from now til 5th January 2015...Please whasapp me at 018-9690661 or call me personally at 013-3886313 for more information..

Rest assured that by the end of the day you will be delighted to bring home a fully clothed basket .. 

Some photos to share: