Thursday, December 18, 2014

A pretty stack

Look what i grab during my shopping hunt for white fabrics...houndstooth pattern in 5 colors..( definitely not in my to - buy - list ) i am such a lucky fabric worm ..

Houndstooth design in 5 gorgeous color

White cotton textile in 60 yards roll ,

Its time to hit the sack..Goodnite and assalamualaikum..May tommorow be better than today...Hasbi Robbijallalah....

Monday, December 15, 2014

Quilted baskets for baby goodies

3 baskets were brought in last thursday..These are new baskets to accommodate baby things and customer request for quilted cover ( quilted inside and outside) which can be casually removed for washing and likewise easily slip in again ..The fabrics were provided by customer and these are the second set of baskets after her first order  as at http://nykolett.blogspot.com/2014/07/galore-of-baskets-for-newborn.html#comment-form.

And here are the 3 baskets..

And the fabric combo:

The animal print fabric will be on the exterior while the stripes will be on the inside'.

So i started working on the first basket which is the smallest.I am trying to give the traditional ruffles/frills a rest and try something new.Those little dresdens which i have been doodling during my lazy hours have somehow put on my thinking cap..I am looking into possibilities of making sort of dresden frills...if i refer them as"frills"too.

And this is how i envision  it will turn out to be...

These dresden frills are easy to make but needs a lot of time to put together..but i nevertheless love making them.So i better hurry up and not waste much time as i have promised to get all baskets done by month end.Be sure to drop by and see the transformation of all 3 baskets..

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Green Hexy Quilt....

This hexy quilt is going to take up the whole week to complete...and of course there will be a few mini projects strewn in between to break the otherwise monotonous mood.

The quilt measures 7 ft x 7 ft..It will have 4 pillow covers also quilted measuring 29 inch x 19 inch.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Am seeing red since last week

Here are 2 projects completed with lots of red hues in dots,checks and mini apple prints,tall giraffes..One is a baby set for Anis Azura who is almost due with second baby and the best part is i have completed today not knowing its her BIRTHDAY!...I was really taken by surprise..

And heres a picture of the 8 pieces baby set comprising of baby blanket,bumper pad,fitted sheet ,matress cover and 5 little pillows..

And if any of you have been following my updates,for the past weeks i have been doodling with my ever increasing stash of scraps.I made another quilt this using the QAYG technique .

The quilt is good to use on both sides..I have used a few techniques pick up through watching videos  by GourmetQuilter..Just hop over there for zillion tips on quilting,piecing,color matching,circle making........endless lists...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Feeling good when you can made something from scraps..

I have dug up my dresden basket and started topping up more dresden to make a table runner..Here are some stash which i have cut and sewing 16 blades will make a block..

I might just need 3 blocks to make a 64 inch length table runner for my dining.Now i will need to quilt,find a nice fabric for the backing and think of an awesome patchworh style border to finish up..This simple project is a really cool way to unwind from my otherwise routine curtain sewing.

Friday, November 21, 2014

More mindless sewing

Got carried away doodling with bits and pieces of fabrics'.I am still over the moon with patchwork quilts.This time its just a small size quilt great for baby changing diapers or a few minutes rolling playtime for kiddos..Its a great way to dispose strips of fabrics.I started off by placing 5 inches square fabrics( a total of 25 pieces) with a gap of 2 inches,followed by 2.5 inch x 5 inch ( a total of 50 pieces) strips at both sides and finish off with long strips of 3 inch x 33 inch..

The inspiration in making this quilt is from http://passionetcouture.blogspot.ca/2012/06/how-to-make-easy-quilt.html...I nevertheless made some minor adjustments to maximise my own scraps of varying sizes..I had such a lovely time finishing this little quilt..

Friday, November 14, 2014

Having fun with remnants from previous projects..

I feel as though i have just recovered from drowning under my stashes..Every time i finish a patchwork quilt there will be more remnants in bits and pieces..This patchwork is getting too addictive and i just cannot stop.I am neglecting my other works.I think this need to stop!Promise i will stop after just this last piece...Here is a show off..

This is before attaching the borders

They are finally done..

Being a project from remnants,..even the backing fabric consist of two tone polka dots..i like to maximise usage of all fabric available...hihihi

This time the binding was done by hand as oppose to my usual machine stitch.Some how,i
 kind of like the feel of hand sewn borders on my quilt.More of this style coming up soon..,thats for sure...

Friday, November 7, 2014

A cradle in flowy white skirt..

This order is from Puan Irina,Bungsar..She brought in a baby basket with a stand and even provided a pattern to follow.As usual i can never mimic  other crafter's creation 100%,but nevertheless i complied to the request for fabric in white,big bow,frilled hood...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My qayg done to wrapp up the month of october.

This post is a continuation of my last post and you really need to read them both to have a full understanding,haha..I followed the technique of quilt as you go along from Jera's blog here.
The quilt was completed after 2 weeks..It measures 65 inch x 78 inch.And here are some photos to share..

I did some simple quilting in the ditch just to catch the backing fabric which is in pink polkadot with white background.I like the feel of minimal quilting as it gives a soft fluffy texture to the whole quilt.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

October showers..

I felt as though it has been raining,all day,all month this october..In between the downpours,mycurtain projects for a december wedding ( almost done and will show off soon ) and running around minding my beautiful nieces ( while their parents are in Meqah for a good solid 42 days ) i have  been messing around with my beautiful bountiful supply of scraps..( THANK YOU ALLAH,for this blessings..)

In my high spirits of reducing and maximising usage of scraps i have been blog hopping  http://quiltingintherain.blogspot.com/.
I am quite way ahead of the sew along finishing 20 blocks in the 2nd week of the sew along..

Now i will need to quilt each and everyone of these beauties (that is if i can find the time to quilt or else it will be presented just as it is ) Next to think of the right color for the borders and binding and get back in line on  the sew along to see how Jera finish off..So what is it going to be..?Yes you are right..Lets see how the quilt will be like..Looks like its going to be a lap quilt..

So,who is complaining about the rain.. i am just hoping for more sunny hours in a day to dry my clothes..and in the mean time these scraps are going to keep me busy beside Mr Bro for many many years to come...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Purple and pink..

And yet another baby project.This time is a duvet cover for a baby size quilt measuring 40 inch × 30 inch..accompanied by 2 bolsters and 1 pillow cover.All inserts are provided by customer.

Yes,they are for a baby girl as pink and purple are always associate to the female gender..

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Reminiscing the past

I never had the chance to sew beddings for my own children..When i was young ( i.e during my child bearing age ) i was busy juggling my career and raising my 3 children.Sewing was never in my list of things to do but always at the back of my mind.,and now 30 years later ...i am making up the lost time and opportunities just sewing practically anything.And lately i have getting a lot of orders making sweet baby quilts,bed covers ,pillows ,bolsters,bumper pads....the list is endless...The feeling of making something from my hands and putting them in my small humble shop and then selling it or sending them to the new homes really fills that little spot in  me that being just  a housewife and mother does not fullfil.I must say making quilts are slowly distracting me from my curtain business ..Haha...i am contemplating resigning from making curtains but not closing down just yet.Just give it a couple more years ...Now back to sewing passionate quilts.....

Here is 2 more sets of baby bed covers order from Puan Zafirah who is expecting a new baby girl soon..Each set consist of one baby matress cover,one bolster cover and one pillow cover..Sizes are for toddler.

This is the purple elephant fabric which is english cotton bought from Dchomel,Taman Melawati.


 And this is the princess fabric ,also english cotton from Dchomel.Hope Puan Zafirah is happy to receive these sets ..Thank you for this order..I will be posting them to Negeri Sembilan soon.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The first week in october.

Some beautiful curtain fabrics arrived early in the week for a medium size appartment in Bungsar..                  

Fabric from Elyza...Urban texture Vol 6..Shimmer white and Shimmer Azure

The Living is done...The curtain has an 8 inch border at the side and the base in contrasting colour.

This is for the Master room..Fabric from Elyza...Evita Volume 2 ,Elite, V4,Shell and Olive

All completed and ready to deliver.They are just simple french pleated curtains.Lets hope we get to see an image of it hung on the respective windows.....

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A cusion and quilt making week..

In fact every week i will be making cusions and quilts in between curtain projects but this week is extra ordinary as i am short of one staff  so the main task was focus on just cusions and quilts.
And here are some photos to share..

Thats about it.Short and brief updates...its getting harder each day to maintain this little space of mine.Soon i will just be posting my works which will speak well by itself..bear with me.Thanx for dropping by..