Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy in stitches..

Work flowing as normal....but updates are slow as dear daughter is not a blogger..As for me,i am watching from a distance and enjoying my newly stress,no datelines,...just pure leisure sewing..will talk about this episode in a separate update.

Here are some lovely  job done since the last update...

You can hop over into our instagram for more regular updates..nykolett_interiors

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Updating from my new premise..

Five months after the great move to our new business premise ,i now finally found the time to sit and relax while tapping on my lappy keys.Its not just physical move to a new building but i have literally handed my business to dear daughter to manage....

Friday, December 25, 2015

The last update on a beautiful last friday for the year 2015

I should be blogging more regularly next year once i am more settled down in my new studio...Oh i think i did not update my latest status being that i have moved to a new premise and have infact started work there although workers are still touching up on the last bit of painting..

Anyway,while the new studio is getting in great shape,the old place needs to be tidied before handing over to the landlord..Oh wow!A lot of things need to be disposed as i have moved to a smaller studio..I am giving away a lot of cabinets ,old curtains,curtain scraps,old sample books...etc,etc,etc

In the mean time work need to proceed as normal as maintaining 2 studios can be quite taxing on me..I will be the happiest person on earth once the old studio is handed over fully by 1st March2016...i have 2 months spring cleaning to do...

Here are some sewing i managed to get on camera despite the busy  schedule i am running..

this is a tall order for night and day curtains
15 cusion covers of varying sizes
a baby basket set which have already reached the owner in Kuala Terenggannu

This is about the least i can blog about.Will keep you all updated next year..Thanx for dropping by and do follow me on instigram ig rosni latiff for more regular postings..

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Patchwork obsession..

When there are lots of scraps lying in my bins,patchworks are a great way to turn the little pieces into new fabrics..It could be just simple 4 patches to the more intricate half square triangles..And when you are accessible to all the free tutorials in the web,a wide range of patchwork patterns  are always at your disposal..

I am now tagging along with friends  on a sew along  project base on the farmer's wife sampler block 1930 book..It is a year project and has just started for a month in october.I hope to learn  a few new tricks and gather lots of techniques in paper piecing and sewing using templates.Will tallk more of my works on this sew along in a seperate post..

Here are a few images of my patchwork projects..some are done,and many more are work in progress..

Friday, October 30, 2015

About baby baskets

Someone was asking if i can create a baby carrier which is light weight,nice to touch and easily tuck in the closet when not in use..The normal conventional baby baskets are a bit heavy  and difficult to store as they take up a lot if space..And so heres what i have been toying...The idea i got from toys r us doll carrier...And so i created this๐Ÿ‘‡.

I am still working on gauging the right size.This is a little bit small in width and length..The height is just nice at 9 inch tall..Will do another size which should be slightly bigger than this..Stay tune for updates...

Friday, October 23, 2015

i am still around and MADE a lot of things during the long silence...

Among other things , six dining chairs were transform looking handsome  in white red checkered fabric bought from IKEA...It has box pleats on all four corners and piping all round the seat area.

And want to know how i utilised the tiny bit of remnants?...I made covers  for  the fridge holder and my  customer was delighted..I am still waiting for a photo of the fridge all clad in this little stringed covers...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Crawling to update...

 I guess i am short of time or perhaps i am more comfortable jotting at instagram. You can follow my daily updates in my instagram Rosni Latiff..Many will definitely agree with me on this point that maintaining an ig account makes life on the fast lane a fun one..Nevertheless since i started this blog to document my journey in the sewing world,so here are some updates since the last one..

5 tote bags 
These totes are repeat orders from Puan Hamizan.She chosed all the fabrics from my fabric album..Each tote can accomodate 5 diapers size medium and  2 bottles.

Baby basket wrapp in snow white cotton fabric
This mosses basket in white colored fabric is for Puan Naziefah who just delivered a baby boy yesterday.Her mum chosed the sheer fabric for the skirt and requested lace embelishment on the edges of the frills.

A set of curtains for a new house
These are curtains for Puan Zaharah who just moved to her new home in Puchong.Its a 4 bedded house.All are french pleated curtains.

Aww...thats about all the fun i had for the passed weeks with several patchwork runaway projects slot in between which will need a whole new posting next time.Thanx for dropping by and have a great weekend...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Patching up an almost broken basket....receiving a 4th newborn....

So i have been away,,...i was needed elsewhere ..well,life gets in away sometimes...between several health issues in the family,some long festive holidays and not forgetting some staff problems here at my studio,i am back at my little place here tracking down the things i create making life sane.

Lets just start the ball rolling with this mosses basket.....

Its literally breaking up at the handles...
Do not be alarm...i will hide them prettily;;
Its done....
Oh yes i know....its kind of hard to believe you are looking at the same broken basket all wrapped up...But this basket is not safe to tote around dear Mum...Dear mum also requedted a nursing cover with boning at the neck..I used english cotton in dark hues  to distract some forbidden eyes while nursing in public plavces..

Boning at the neck and adjustable strap.
One large pocket down front.

And 4 sets of curtain and a set of roman blind for a bew 
house ....

Fabrics are from Spotlight brought in by customet.

Another dear customer ordered a baby mayress set with quilted blanket for her first grandson receiving next month..
A set of baby quilt and matress cover...basket and basket wrapp are not included..

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The ninth day of Syawal

We are still in the festive mood but this is my second day at work.Work have started after the week long of hibernation.Some curtains were done and just need to install the hooks and they are ready for collection.Heres a show:

They are curtains for 2 different houses..The order came on the last week of ramadan and only now its done๐Ÿ˜€..

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Welcoming the month of ramadan..

Alhamdullilah...All praise is to  Allah..

It has been a crazy busy weeks here at my studio.I am trying to wind up all curtain works in this first week of ramadan..The reason being that our working hours will be shorten during fasting month to make time to get back home the earliest possible and welcome iftar and terawih prayers.Looks like i will not be able to achieve my target for this first the curtain orders keep coming in from last minute customers who almost knelt down on their knees begging me to accept their orders.Well as long as the orders are for simple french pleats i will not have to worry much..#keepingfingerscross#

The second and third week will be focussed on making covers for all size cushion ,chairs and foot stools.

And in between those tasks i will need to complete some  diaper bag and baby quilt set for a set of mums who are almost  on the family way .

So let me  just share 2 main projects accomplished (besides other works) during the past weeks...

2 sets of cover for NV50 and NV950

A queen size comforter set.

In the midst of completing the above job,i managed to hold a Patchwork and Quilting class for a student.The patchwork adopted the quilt as you go along technique .Will blog about it in my next posting...Stay tune dearies....

Have a bless ramadan to all my muslim readers..

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Confession: I Have a tall stack of curtain orders...

piling up at one corner of my studio...,5 , 6 (may be more ) baskets of patchwork pieces ( in the form of hexies,9 patches ,dresden,,) pieces of scraps picked up from daughter's sewing room...several bag tote patterns to try..blah,blah,blah

( a big thank you to my loyal bibik who patiently clean up the messes i leave behind in my marathon run to catch up with my long list of to do crafts)

i have no illusions as to how far my super powers can strive..Allah knows best...

Ahem,'s a show off of ( tongue twister,or is it a bad english word usage ) the things i  made and the reasons for my long hibernation...

These are pinch pleated curtains for Surau ArRashidin,Puncak Setiawangsa.

4 decorative pillows.

5 single scallops.

Quran cozy.

3 inserts fiber filled.

Duvet cover.

2 pillows for  niqah.

And 3 bags with me looking all stress but delighted..See how much fun i had during my long silence.....stay tune for more updates,,

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Reducing stash

In my line of hobby/work,accumulation of stash is unavoidable..So in between my main curtain projects,i always maintain 2 or 3 mini run away task just to administer the mountain high left over pieces of odd sizes fabric.In the end i will end up with  coasters,quilts,runners which are all done through patch work techniques.Here is one of my  on going stash projects...

In order to minimize work ,i took the liberty to purchase a ready made single quilt bed cover guard to be the main frame of my subject matter.Then i started arranging the many blocks which i have been working on religeously on a daily basis.For this quilt,i have focus on my pin wheels and 16 patch squares and keeping each block to a size 10 inch square block.

I have completed the piecing and now i am thinking of the best simple technique to cover the seams.I might adopt the applique style and used decorative stitches as embellishment ..

And so i am a good administrator of scraps...and now what am i going to do with all these ready projects?.They are also piling up...i might share the beautiful piles in another post....

I arranged 3 blocks horizontal and 5 blocks lying vertically.

Then i arranged a bulb like image fabric measuring 5 inch x 6 inch .

And  i proceed with the vertical colorful stripes measuring 5 inch x 10 inch and the green with white dots fabric measuring
10 inch x 6 inch..

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


These are night curtains and sheers for the living area of a house at Bukit Rahman Putra.The fabrics were bought at Jakel Mall.The scallop and tail valance is for the door going into the guest room..

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hello sunny April

What a long break of postings..blame it on my long schedule and plain laziness...Nowadays its much easier communicating through facebook and instagram..But of course i feel more at home right here..So let me go straight to work accomplished since the last posting..But please bear with me...this is going to be one silent movie with loads of pics...

A set of singapore pleated night curtains for a house in Ampang Jaya

A floral comforter set for a queen size bed

A hexagon comforter for a single bed

A matress set for a newborn...this is flying to Adelaide

Towel embroidery for a baby

2 basket liners and top cover

a coverlet for my Bro done using the patchwork braid style.