Friday, December 25, 2015

The last update on a beautiful last friday for the year 2015

I should be blogging more regularly next year once i am more settled down in my new studio...Oh i think i did not update my latest status being that i have moved to a new premise and have infact started work there although workers are still touching up on the last bit of painting..

Anyway,while the new studio is getting in great shape,the old place needs to be tidied before handing over to the landlord..Oh wow!A lot of things need to be disposed as i have moved to a smaller studio..I am giving away a lot of cabinets ,old curtains,curtain scraps,old sample books...etc,etc,etc

In the mean time work need to proceed as normal as maintaining 2 studios can be quite taxing on me..I will be the happiest person on earth once the old studio is handed over fully by 1st March2016...i have 2 months spring cleaning to do...

Here are some sewing i managed to get on camera despite the busy  schedule i am running..

this is a tall order for night and day curtains
15 cusion covers of varying sizes
a baby basket set which have already reached the owner in Kuala Terenggannu

This is about the least i can blog about.Will keep you all updated next year..Thanx for dropping by and do follow me on instigram ig rosni latiff for more regular postings..