Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It has been a bit quiet here ...

I have been overwhelmed by the multitude of activities running around here at my home ground as well as at my work station.By the time i reach home i just want to be in the comfort of my room and snooze...For the past couple of weeks every thing needed my whats new  ehh! The renovation work at home is getting into the third week ..All the dust and the shifting of furniture closely against the wall to make way for the workers has make my once comfortable home a ghastly sight.I am glad every thing will be completed by tomorrow once the door to the new room is installed.So in the mean time i have to stay quietly in my room throughout he night as i just could not tolerate the smell of new paints and the dusty furniture in the living downstairs.

But over at my work station,its a totally different scenario.My two girls are such great workers.They have completed tremendous work without much supervision.Curtains for Datin Natasha is done and up.Bedskirt for Su's brother's wedding in Singapore on 15th.Mei is also ready...another queen size bed skirt in white is also completed for Puan Ani.

But too bad i am not able to post any photos just too tired.But not to worry.I will soon upload the photos once i get back my blogging the way i can't wait to complete the sew along applique ...looks like i have been left far behind..

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