Saturday, June 9, 2012

Meditation on Saturday.Take some time off to arrange and tidy up the fabrics

These newly acquired fabric stacks  have been sitting beside me at my desk for almost 2 weeks waiting for me to pick the right could be a baby quilt,a tote bag ,a quran cover,kitchen,bla,bla..there is a long list of orders...
I am having a tough time deciding what bag pattern or quilt pattern to do and which material to pick and whose order to start with....
These stacks sit in my store room..But mostly are curtain fabrics in small meterage and small bits of cotton great for patchworks. They are all relegated to the back of my mind and my sight as for now and slowly losing my interest and waiting to be given away to the old lady..who visits me occasionally to "clean up" my stash,,See the line up of nagoya plastics below...more sheers pieces.They make nice frills for basket makeover.But there is just too much and i am giving it away as i am in dire need of the space,, 

I am trying to hold all the solid color fabrics(top most shelf) in one place for easy reach.This arrangement is great for starters..The shelf sits right at the back of my desk also at the entrance to the store..

But unfortunately after folding and unfolding i still could not decide.Fortunately and for sure they are now nicely fold and neatly arrange till my next pondering...A good peck on my back for a clean job..hihihi

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