Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby Basket in progress

The hooded baby basket
The basket to house all the baby toiletries.

This baby basket is small compared to the ones that i usually make.. it has a hood which makes the construction a bit complicated.Nevertheless i know i am going to have fun choosing a pattern ..Frills and piping is a must,and perhaps some strings tight into ribbons to attach the hood to the main body .A lot of possiblities ..Right this moment I am having qualms getting the right solid color to match the main fabric.The color is a bit loud therefore i need something more subtle to tone down ..Hope i can find some yummy fabric from my store room (my own in  house collection bought from all over )as i am too preoccupied with curtain jobs .,,and running around the department  stores and leaving my work station for long hours is definitely not in my agenda..Will feast your eyes with this beauty real soon..Do drop by for more updates.....

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  1. Rose, kDee tak sabar nak tengok hasil baby basket tuh...... :)