Saturday, November 3, 2012

Batting for making comforter

I have written about this topic many times.I would like to share it again especially with Phui San..

Light batting for blanket and interfacing for bag making
1 inch polyester fiber for making comforters..the end product will be fluffy  and much heavier as oppose to the light batting
Two examples of  project using light batting...great for blankets...

And if you opt for the 1 inch fiber....
This is the end product if using a 1 inch polyester fiber..notice the fluffy effect at the borders
To view more projects using 1 inch polyester fiber ...visit the following html:


  1. How much light batting for 1 meter?

  2. Salam. Tumpang tanya, kat mana boleh beli light batting and 1 inch polyester fiber ni? Ada kedai yang you boleh recommend?

  3. do you have a 2~3 inch(thick) fiber?
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