Saturday, December 22, 2012

About crawling babies...

Sorry for the sporadic updates.The reason being i have been away from my work station for a total of 8 working days to mind my 9 months old grandson whose nanny is on a long medical leave.During my absence my two assistants had to take charge and any communication was over the phone,even then only text messages were allowed as i do not one the little nugget awaken by the frequent noise call alert..putting him to sleep is quite a hassle..For the same reason i only have photos taken of my darling Aaron(not sewing related..hahaha) during the 8 days duration.I will only share 3 photos.Anything more will be a bore to readers and bad for my curtain blog image..hahaha

Looks like an angel when asleep,by the way everything around him is handmade except for the little blanket (bought from Jusco ..)
Getting him interested in books...
With my youngest son...they both share the same birth date..
The best part of minding a crawling baby is i have lost a few pounds especially around the tummy (due to the crawling exercise) and Aaron has taken up my lost  pounds due to my constant feeding..hihi..Have a lovely weekend dear readers..


  1. putih dan comellah aaron... ikut neneknyer yerr

  2. I'm trying to imagine you crawling Rosni...and what a fun way to lose extra fat :)

  3. waa... 8 hari boleh turun berat badan? kenapa berat saya tak turun2 kak? hihihihi..