Thursday, April 10, 2014

8 lavender *purple*or is it plum*color round cusions in the making..

What a sight...8 cusions done...customer request for 15 pieces.The making of these round cushions really tested my patience to the max....The heavy weight velvety fabric and the short time given to complete was the main hindrance.But thank Allah for the my many years experience( which no money can buy ) in this soft furnishing line , eight was done in 3 days and voila......

This is before  fixing  the buttons at the navel..

and then the buttons were need an 8 inch long needle, a durable thread and not forgetting a strong arm to do this.

This is after fixing the buttons

These are 20 inch x 20 inch square cushions,also ordered by the same customer.These square cushions are so simple to make and done in a breeze.,,making them is my cup of tea....oh lalalala

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