Thursday, July 3, 2014

14 cushions for collection

Its the 4th of ramadan ..The weather has been very kind...bright sun in the mornings and heavy downpour in the evenings.Alhamdulliilah..Bless us all for the numerous good fortunes Allah has grant us..Let us build up a good character in this holy month and bring our inner souls closer to Allah...Insyaalah

Work is progressing well in my work station..More cushions  and bedding orders and less curtains to sew..

Here are 14 cushions order done..Fabrics were supplied by customer..

20 inch x 20 inch
20 inch x 20 inch
16 inch  16 inch
24 inch x 24 inch

Fabrics are from Laura Ashley and Blendworth Collections,England..They are remnant fabric from curtains.

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  1. suka sangat yang biru bunga sekuntum sekuntum tu kak... sejuk mata memandang... #iLoveBlue