Sunday, October 26, 2014

October showers..

I felt as though it has been raining,all day,all month this october..In between the downpours,mycurtain projects for a december wedding ( almost done and will show off soon ) and running around minding my beautiful nieces ( while their parents are in Meqah for a good solid 42 days ) i have  been messing around with my beautiful bountiful supply of scraps..( THANK YOU ALLAH,for this blessings..)

In my high spirits of reducing and maximising usage of scraps i have been blog hopping
I am quite way ahead of the sew along finishing 20 blocks in the 2nd week of the sew along..

Now i will need to quilt each and everyone of these beauties (that is if i can find the time to quilt or else it will be presented just as it is ) Next to think of the right color for the borders and binding and get back in line on  the sew along to see how Jera finish off..So what is it going to be..?Yes you are right..Lets see how the quilt will be like..Looks like its going to be a lap quilt..

So,who is complaining about the rain.. i am just hoping for more sunny hours in a day to dry my clothes..and in the mean time these scraps are going to keep me busy beside Mr Bro for many many years to come...


  1. wow.. seronok projek ni..! dalam kesibukan kalau dapat buat projek suka2 ni mmg seronok kan kak.. :)

  2. assalam kak,
    nak tanya, lapik kt bwh patch tu guna apa ya? sponge nipis ke? border pun kene letak lapik juga?kalau cantum nanti, tak berketul ke kt joint dia? saya pernah buat guna sponge nipis tp just for a small item like pot/fridge holder...sori byk tanya...tq in advance :)

  3. Wassalam Akmal...Lapik bawah kak guna soft polyester batting..Tak bole guna sponge for this project sebab sponge panas....Kalau buat pot holders its ok to use sponge..Yes,borders pun guna batting..Akmal pegi lawat blog quilting in the rain...ade tutorial nye..