Thursday, January 22, 2015

Third week of january..

Time is ticking too much to do,so much to learn,no time to get all documented..In between classes (  those which i am the teacher,but mostly i am the student ) are some work done besides other little projects..

Some curtain eyelets in progress..

These are for an appartment at Gurney heights ,Bukit Keramat..Fabrics are from Tejani Holdings,Ipoh..They will take up a 5 inch header and silver eyelets, going up on to silver rods and graced 2 sliding doors in the main living..

And some round cushions with buttons on the navel were done too...all  eights in velvety matte  fabric..24 pieces more to get done....( i wonder why she needs 32 pieces all in the same tones )..but they will be done! By the way a good one meter fabric with 60 inch width can produce 2 of these beauties

Here is a photo courtesy from customer who is a wedding planner..

 And my favorite pass time,disposing of scraps again and again...a never ending task...more hexy pillow covers..

A little imperfection on the right...but its ok...the mission is to do away with scraps..Mission accomplished and someone is going to have a lovely sleep on a pillow hexagonly pieced with tender loving care.


  1. cantik sarung bantal hexagon tu... sebelum join dengan border, akak akan potong ke hegon tu? mcm saya plak nak potong.. hihihi...

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  2. yes,,,kene potong and kemas keliling untuk dapat ukuran yang kite nak,,baru cantum border,