Saturday, April 18, 2015

Reducing stash

In my line of hobby/work,accumulation of stash is unavoidable..So in between my main curtain projects,i always maintain 2 or 3 mini run away task just to administer the mountain high left over pieces of odd sizes fabric.In the end i will end up with  coasters,quilts,runners which are all done through patch work techniques.Here is one of my  on going stash projects...

In order to minimize work ,i took the liberty to purchase a ready made single quilt bed cover guard to be the main frame of my subject matter.Then i started arranging the many blocks which i have been working on religeously on a daily basis.For this quilt,i have focus on my pin wheels and 16 patch squares and keeping each block to a size 10 inch square block.

I have completed the piecing and now i am thinking of the best simple technique to cover the seams.I might adopt the applique style and used decorative stitches as embellishment ..

And so i am a good administrator of scraps...and now what am i going to do with all these ready projects?.They are also piling up...i might share the beautiful piles in another post....

I arranged 3 blocks horizontal and 5 blocks lying vertically.

Then i arranged a bulb like image fabric measuring 5 inch x 6 inch .

And  i proceed with the vertical colorful stripes measuring 5 inch x 10 inch and the green with white dots fabric measuring
10 inch x 6 inch..