Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Patching up an almost broken basket....receiving a 4th newborn....

So i have been away,,...i was needed elsewhere ..well,life gets in away sometimes...between several health issues in the family,some long festive holidays and not forgetting some staff problems here at my studio,i am back at my little place here tracking down the things i create making life sane.

Lets just start the ball rolling with this mosses basket.....

Its literally breaking up at the handles...
Do not be alarm...i will hide them prettily;;
Its done....
Oh yes i know....its kind of hard to believe you are looking at the same broken basket all wrapped up...But this basket is not safe to tote around dear Mum...Dear mum also requedted a nursing cover with boning at the neck..I used english cotton in dark hues  to distract some forbidden eyes while nursing in public plavces..

Boning at the neck and adjustable strap.
One large pocket down front.

And 4 sets of curtain and a set of roman blind for a bew 
house ....

Fabrics are from Spotlight brought in by customet.

Another dear customer ordered a baby mayress set with quilted blanket for her first grandson receiving next month..
A set of baby quilt and matress cover...basket and basket wrapp are not included..

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