Sunday, November 1, 2015

Patchwork obsession..

When there are lots of scraps lying in my bins,patchworks are a great way to turn the little pieces into new fabrics..It could be just simple 4 patches to the more intricate half square triangles..And when you are accessible to all the free tutorials in the web,a wide range of patchwork patterns  are always at your disposal..

I am now tagging along with friends  on a sew along  project base on the farmer's wife sampler block 1930 book..It is a year project and has just started for a month in october.I hope to learn  a few new tricks and gather lots of techniques in paper piecing and sewing using templates.Will tallk more of my works on this sew along in a seperate post..

Here are a few images of my patchwork projects..some are done,and many more are work in progress..


  1. kak.... meleleh air liur tengok patchwork akak.. bila kumpul begini lagi kagum jadinya.. memang kena tabikkkk springggg...

  2. Thanx zila....mmg berantu buat patchwork ni

  3. berapa harga ye yg atas tu ... cukup kan utk buat alas baring ...

  4. The top most is a runner for table,not for baring.Yang 2nd and 3rd from top is baby size quilt for baby lepaking...