Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Room069,Level 6,Prince Court

Hari ini tolak ketepi semua kain,gunting,tape measure dll.Last night got a brief message from a dear friend asking for forgiveness n to pray for her speedy and safe operation.Memang tersentak abis..Baru 2 weeks ago berborak bagai nak dah masuk hospital.Anyway she underwent a minor surgery at 8 am this morning,everything went smooth without anymuch complication.Alhamdulilah..Tadi when i visited her at 2pm.she was already counscious from the bius,but still a bit sleepy..The 2 pillows size 21"x 11"that i brought along came in handy as she cuddled dearly to her heart as the room was very cold.Sorry,takde gambar lah pulak.Hai orang tengah sakit,tade mood nak bergambar.Anyway Kak Jam,semoga cepat sembuh,dan rajin2 le makan ubat ekk.Merasa lah jugak i menjejak Prince Court Medical Center,Hospital 5 bintang tuh...

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