Friday, September 17, 2010

Second day at work after the long break...mengantuknye,kuih raya jadi mangsa lawan mengantuk..

Some of the work awaiting to be completed.
This is 10 kilo loose fiber to be turned into 20 pieces 16 x 16 inch cushions.
One of the cushions already stuff with loose fiber and being weight.
Some of the ready cushions....While i am busy with the cushions,Kamariah my new staff is preoccupied with the single bed comforter for Suzannah..
This is the top view being stitch to the fiber..excuse for the blurry photos..blame it on my sleepy eyes...As for the 2 pillow covers..they are ready..

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  1. Hi Nykolette/Rosni!

    I have the embroidery done for the bath and hand towels for both the bride and groom. I hope to work on the hand towels tonight, and have them packed up and ready to mail out to you by next Saturday. I will let you know once they have been mailed out.