Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why the long silence you may ask.......Look at all this boxes of door gifts..

And finally all is done..well almost...hmmmmmm

By saturday all these boxes will be filled with the gifts and hopefully i can get a good rest for the nikah ceremony on the 10 october.   And in the
meantime work goes as usual in NYKOLETT....
A few sejadah muka for a close friend.The size is 12.5 inch by 18.5 inch.

 2 sets of single bed comforter for SUZANAH.Only one shown here.


  1. lovely kak rosni! hope everything goes on well .. have a good rest :)

  2. salam kak ros.. sibuk dengan nak event nak menerima menantu nampaknya yer.. saya pon dah lama tak masuk sini