Saturday, January 14, 2012

Triple layered frill curtain

This curtain is hung in the changing room area.The curtain track measures 135 inch with a drop of 36 inchs..This is the only angle shot i could get as the petit room is packed to the brim  with boxes and clothings hanged in single file of two rows..hmm does it sound complicated..?Can you vizualise the condition of the room..Sometimes it is just impossible to show off my work as the surrounding does not compliment each other..

And back at my work station i have been arranging my mountain of  scraps .Also a sore sight!Is there such a word.I really miss my own bibik....she seems to have an extended holiday..

Today a customer brought in this girly,sexy looking chair..

She was not able to choose the right colour fabric and need my advice.So i will be visiting her place at Puncak Athenaeum..Aduh!seram nye nak ke sana..
If i get to choose the material i need to view the dining area baru dapat feel ape color yang mesra....looking forward to meet this friendly lady...

Selamat bercuti di hujung minggu friends..

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