Friday, January 6, 2012

Minggu ini pulun buat tea pot cozy and the like....

Tetiba dapat sambutan hangat untuk runners,tea pot cozies and latest toaster cover.Ini sebahagian dari work in progress

Ade yang ready....

This runner is made from remnant curtains..The owner request me to make do with whatever remnant scraps that is left..The actual curtains were ready last Hari Raya..So that explain why  the flowers are not centered in the middle.
I really enjoy making all these cozies.After a month of curtain making this small project is very therapeutic..By the way i use 6mm sponge for batting for all my cozies.Easier to handle and less bulky than fiber...also a good pratice for my new staff...


  1. siti ,cozies tu semua buat sendiri

  2. Salam, tumpang tanya, batting tu beli kat mana?