Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In comfort zone again

It has been awhile since i made a queen size comforter.The thing about making quilts, especially big ones,is that they a little bit time consuming.And when it involves new sewers with no experience,it takes a much longer time than usual.But like it or not work has to be done.So take a look of a comforter in progress.

Just simply quilted in squares of 6 inches for the comforter and 4 inches square for the pillows.


  1. Salam. Sis, brp henggit ye nak tempah quilt Queen size?

  2. wasalam Han Aja....tempah RM250 aje with 4 sarung bantals and one fitted sheet.Kain customer's own..

    1. Lamanya la tak jenguk kedaimu, kakak..