Friday, April 20, 2012

The PELMET@SCALLOP valance....

Actually,being a simple down to earth person, i don't really fancy this pattern as it is a litlle bit 
flamboyant..But since the demand is high at the moment so we at NYKOLETT tried  on the pattern and the outcome is quite satisfying.Somehow it makes my small living area looking even smaller...I might have to change the decor on my sofa to rhyme sweetly with the new curtains or else everything will look all messy....clash of too many conflicting colors..
And the bows don't look right.Maybe i should revert the color..the maroon on the outside and the printed fabric on the inside..


  1. Ros, cantik nyer..... tentu complicated nak susun dan masa nak put both in position. Tahniah Ros... simply lovely!!

  2. Thank you KDee...memang memerlukan ketelitian menyusun sebelum dilekat ke pita..a good first try..but need to improve on the scallop..terexcited lah..