Tuesday, February 5, 2013

3 layered multi - colored ruffle crib skirt...

Today i would like to share the satin ruffled skirt for a baby cot 75 x 135 x 25 cm  of size .Materials and pattern  are customer's own .I made a slight modification from the actual pattern which calls for 4 layers and made this skirt a 3 layered instead.As the required drop is a mere 10 inch ,i have divided the frills of length at 3 inch for first and second layer and finish off at 4 inch for the third layer.That way it makes me easier  to control the frills.Anything shorter than 3 inches is going to make the process and my life too complicated.The process took a solid 2 days to complete..I utilized 1.5 meters of each colored satin fabric , 1.5 meters plain cotton for the top and 1.5 meters for the part beneath the frills..

This bumper pad was made much earlier...

I really hope my dear customer is happy with the final product as much as i have enjoyed making it with my team.

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