Friday, February 22, 2013

A grandmother's story...haha...don't read if you are not a grandmother....

This morning i got up and the first thing i always do is to make my bed..I was amused with the galore of pillows all piled up in different sizes,colors and pattern..Ha,ha...During bedtime dear hubby always shove them on the floor we each take only one.He says we don't need too many pillows..he dosen't realised that he takes 3 pillows to rest his head on while watching TV before dozing off.... and i keep adding new ones every year just to test my creativity,( AND ALSO TO SPITE HIM,not to worry..he doesn't read my blog...and even if he does ,who cares...hahaha) there is a new addition that being  THE BUTTERFLY HEXY PILLOW

I got the pattern from google sometime ago but have forgotten from which website..Anyway what i really want to share is not just the pillows but the story of the BED.I first slept on this bed when i was 25 years old...And 30 years later,after getting 3 kids and a grandson...the bed is still striving strong..

LONG LIVE MY BED.....hihihi

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends



  1. Cantiknyer hexies butterfly tuh kak.. keliling tuh guna piping kan...

    My hb dont like to many pillows too, only one and any extra will end up on the floor, even the bolster. Itu yang malas nak menambah bantal tuh hihi

  2. yes mila...piping aje keliling...sejak kawin kak memang tak guna bolster...hihi

  3. Barang lama memang tahan kan kak.. kalau barang2 sekarang sekejap je dah punah.. asyik nak membeli jer.. huhuhu...