Friday, April 5, 2013

Another ginormous hexy quilt...124 inch x 86 inch

Looks like its done and finished...Awww...but its not completed..Need to hand quilt at all the floral hexies.Take a close look.. 

At this stage only the green hexy has been stitched..Need to do the floral part so that the patchwork is tightly anchored to the fiber and the backing fabric

Back view


  1. bilalah masa akak jahit hexies besar camni yer? kagum saya... saya dah seminggu buat hexies, baru takat 20 inch lebih kurang huhu

  2. oooo... besarnya.. tabah sungguh nak mencantumnya... :D

  3. Hai Mila...the cantuman of the hexies is a combined effort with a friend..pun 3 bulan jugak siap.The quilting part is also a group effort with my darling assistant.Kene work smart lah kan..Now i am trying to hand quilt the floral hexies...Nak polish my hand quilt..hahaha..

  4. Zila....memang besaq...Nak menyiapkan pun berbulan-bulan jugak....