Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bed skirt for a single bed in plaid fabric

This 5 meters material was bought from jakel with a width of 92 inches.It could accommodate:1 fitted sheet,1 divan bed skirt and 2 pillow covers.The material was a little bit short for the borders and piping embellishments for the bed -skirt and the 2 pillows..

Size of mattress: 42 inch x 76 inch x 6 inch thickness
Drop of bed skirt frill: 15 inch.
Plaid Fabric              :  5 meters of 92 inch
Stitching cost            :  RM80


  1. cantiknya.. suka ropol2 bedskirt tuh

    kak, camna akak jahit pillowcase tuh? keliling tuh binding or patchwork tuh?

  2. thanx Mila...yang border is binding...potong kain 6 inches x ukuran keliling pillow.., bila da lipat 2 you will get a border of about 2 inch.. ade mitered corners at 4 penjuru.

  3. suzie.....memang manis gagah untuk bilik teruna