Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tutorial for a baby/toddler bolster..

I am happy to say that i have finally completed a tutorial for this little bolster to share with fellow friends.Special features are a piping and a zipper closure.

You will need these fabrics:

You can  start affixing the zip :                                                                 

Next,prepare the cording/piping .

      There is a nice video on how to sew with piping here

You can now attach borders on both sides.

You now need to prepare the small cirle fabrics to attach on both end sides of the boster..In my case i have used the stripe blue fabric.

The fabric circle measures 4.5 inch diameter.You need to draw an inner circle of 2.5 inch diameter.Then attach
 the border at this marked  line,like the pic below..

Voila! have successfully completed the baby bolster.. try this again and again till perfection..all the best..!!!


  1. nice tutorial kak.. tak pernah jahit bolster cover dan tak pernah juga try cording tu.. will surely come here for referral suatu hari nanti.. :D

  2. tak pernah lg try bolster yg ada zip camni. nampak cam complicated jer tang bulat kat hujung tuh hihihi.. in shaa Allah.. boleh try pasni